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Can roulette computers predict numbers and help you win?. If some one would buy a roulette computer i would recommend FFZ and switch ...

Roulette computers - do they really work? - The eBay Community
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Roulette computers are hidden electronic devices you use at the roulette wheel to predict where the ball will land.
The devices are not new and have been around for decades.
The best site that explains exactly how they work is although this page is the simple version.
Demonstration of Prediction Device: The below video shows a public demonstration of our.
The player clicks the button when the zero is at the reference point for the first and second time.
Next the player clicks the button when the ball is at the same reference point.
Then the computer calculates how long the ball has left to fall, and what number will be underneath the ball when it falls.
Of course the ball will bounce 9 or so pockets, and this difference can be set on the computer to adjust for the bounce, so that more accurate predictions are obtained.
You can only beat very old wheels this way.
If you want to know more about the science behind this approach, see the free visual ballistics video and Making Your Own Roulette Computer Anyone can make a simplistic roulette computer.
Just pay a budget programmer.
It will take them a day or so of programming and testing.
Modern roulette wheels are roulette computer buy more difficult to beat.
The guide at explains the major challenges you face in beating modern roulette wheels.
Buying a Roulette Computer There are numerous roulette computers you can buy.
And keep in mind that buying a roulette computer is no different to buying a roulette system, so most are scams or at the very least, nowhere near as capable as the seller claims.
Expect competitors to lie their butts off about each other.
Of course they may be telling the truth too, but you are going to need to sort through a mountain of garbage to determine what is true or false.
And in the end, most of the garbage has no relevance.
And expect them to try and mislead you and take advantage of your lack of knowledge.
Most sellers never give live demos for this reason.
You can expect any excuse, to avoid providing a demo that supports their claims about their proiduct.
This applies whenever you buy any product.
Unfortunately the Internet is littered with such garbage.
You need to do your own research and find the truth for yourself.
June 4, 2013 at 11:53 pm Hi there, I was scammed by the Mark Anthony Howe Roulette Computer.
Now I see other people he scammed are read article his scam software for free at Dont get scammed.
Download his roulette computer for free and see what a lying fraud he is.
Also read and its all there.
It shows through in what american roulette shinya fujiwara says.
I noticed now he says they werent his real computers or something like that, yeah right.
A scammer has to protect their scam.
I dont have time to go to other casinos, they are 100 miles away.
You can do well with these computers but the conditions need to be just right from inattentive staff to easy wheels.
Yes scatter is very important.
Every computer except my uber and hybrid models assume the ball will fall in the same way, regardless where the ball falls from the ball track, and regardless of rotor speed.
Only my computers are able to isolate the specific spins where the ball will fall in a predictable way.
Say you predicted 5 spins, and you could only possibly be accurate on one of them.
The computer needs to know which spin that is.
Again only my computers do this.
It is not a simple task because the ball deceleration rate is always changing.
On this note too, only my computers adjust for the changes.
The seller you mentioned does this all the time.
The only way you can know is see the computer before buying.
See the computer comparison chart at and I can show you in-person each of the features mentioned.
I can also show you computers here other sellers to compare, or bring your own.
Unfortunately scams are everywhere and scammers will always tell you whatever they must to sell.
You can assume that everyone you roulette computer buy told is a lie, and verify claims for yourself.
I bought a computer not the one you have and could not make any money with it.
The wheels in my casino are different to the supplied dvd disc.
Computers might have been ok before but not anymore.
The casinos use better wheels now.
Maybe what you say is true that your are different but I dont have money to spend to find out.
Just that if anyone wants these you need to have good wheels and I never found any.
I just wasted my money and people should be careful before buying any of this technology.
Really great material and Roulette computer buy probably wouldnt have gotten the other computer if I saw it first.
I really thought I was buying a good computer because myrulet site has professional information.
Im interested in your computers but need to know more.
How are the used versions different?
The prices are very different.
Do they have warranty?
Why are people selling them?
That seems like a red flag.
What if yours turns out to be only as good as vb too?
Then I will have wasted more money.
If I knew there was no risk I could raise the money.
A better page to understand the differences is which is very thorough.
To answer your questions, some of the used computers are the same as their current models, but most are older versions and cannot be upgraded because they run firmware that isnt compatible with the latest software.
In other words, it is like having a new version of PC Windows but it wont run on a MAC.
Some of them have warranty remaining.
The most common reason for someone selling a computer is they cant travel to casinos where it is legal as roulette computer buy as they wanted.
If you buy with the intent to use it overseas, be realistic about your obligations back home and how much time you can really dedicate.
You can bring the other computer and test it on the same spins as mine.
Or test it on the recordings of the public demos on my site.
There is so much information and conflicting info all over the net.
Best Https://chakefashion.com/roulette/how-does-fap-roulette-work.html figure is you need to see them compared on the same spins.
It would be the only fair comparison.
I will give you one thing, you definitelt seem most credible.
I think you handled the personal attacks on you well.
There is conflicting information about everything on the Internet.
You just have to do proper research.
Yes testing on same spins is the best way, which is exactly why I encourage people to bring other computers to my public demos.
I link waste time refuting the nonsense before but not anymore.
Anyone only needs to find out for themselves instead of believing nonsense posted under fake names.

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Roulette Computers – Beat Roulette
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Can roulette computers predict numbers and win?
roulette computer buy

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For roulette multiball roulette computer to predict the winning number, roulette must. So we don kopen purchasing a roulette computer only for sale application.

Roulette Computer Testing - YouTube
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Roulette Computer For Sale
Roulette computer Acrobat 4

Free Spins
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And while roulette might be one of the most popular of the Vegas games,. From that data, a small pocket computer could calculate the odds and let. using a real casino roulette wheel, which he did by buying his own wheel ...

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Roulette Computer For Sale
Learn The Only Roulette Systems That Give You a Legitimate Edge.
The More You Play, The More You Win.
Casinos have tried to ban these systems.
The only limit to your profit is what you can win, without being detected.
Forget what you think you know about winning roulette.
I'll explain the truth about what really works today.
You'll see real proof players are winning consistently.
But it isn't for everyone.
In fact most players don't have the mindset for professional play.
If you're lazy and expect to win without effort, this is not for you.
But if you're prepared to dedicate time and effort, you can earn a lot more than any 9-5 job, and in a fraction of the time.
Take your time to carefully read everything here.
You'll see ample proof including detailed information, videos, TV documentaries, government research and more.
It can take you days to go through everything.
But it's worth it if you're serious about finding something that works.
Dear Roulette Player, You already know most systems are useless.
The typical "increase bets after losses" nonsense doesn't work.
We'll show you a system that really works.
You'll see real proof it works in today's casinos, and is practical for you to make real money.
And if you need more proof, just ask.
But first, please understand I wont sugarcoat anything.
You may find my wording "abrupt" or "unprofessional".
You might not like some of what I say.
I'll tell it like it is.
I know you're skeptical and have no real idea who I am.
Or maybe you've "heard" of me, but you don't really know me.
And everyone tends to claim they're an "expert".
But you can or meet me in person, even if just to know me better.
And I can easily prove everything I say here.
If you're still dabbling with nonsense like hot numbers, cold numbers, repeaters, betting progressions, streak tracking etc.
None of that crap works because your bet selection has the same accuracy as random.
It is explained in detail at.
Most players get stuck on the same losing approaches for years, without ever understanding why they eventually lose.
I'm not going to waste time further explaining why most systems lose.
The page above does it well, but still most players either bury their head in the sand, or don't understand the really simple logic.
If you sincerely read all the page and it isn't clear to you, then you probably aren't smart enough for professional systems.
If you're serious about finally finding something that works, stop messing around with junk every professional in this industry knows doesn't work.
Start looking at what really concerns casinos.
See what professionals in the industry say about professional players.
And consider what casinos do to make winning harder, because it gives clues to what really works.
I'll explain it all to you.
Again take your time here, but it's not for everyone.
Most players remain stuck in "fantasy land" and repeat the same old mistakes for decades, without understanding why their system eventually loses.
If you are new to all of this, you probably already stopped reading.
Chances are you've heard of at least some of it, but don't yet know the real story.
Sometimes you hear of professional roulette players winning fortunes.
But you may have dismissed it as luck, or perhaps thought the wheel was old and defective.
Sometimes it is luck.
Sometimes the player simply found an old and vulnerable wheel.
And sometimes it's the result of techniques we teach, which beat most modern wheels whether they're new or old.
Roulette is being beaten every day.
You just don't hear about often it because most players stay under the radar, and casinos don't talk about it in public.
It's also hard to find accurate information, because virtually every website about winning roulette is written by casino promoters with no experience in professional systems - or equally inexperienced people on forums who relay inaccurate information.
It's not because it's difficult.
It's because most players are lazy with unrealistic expectations of winning without time and effort.
My system works, and it's easy to prove.
But most players are lazy and searching for the "holy grail" system to beat 100% of wheels without ever losing.
If this is you, source to burst your bubble but it doesn't exist.
Many roulette games aren't even real roulette at all - they're just glorified slot machines with computer animations.
When I say "roulette", I'm referring to the only real roulette, which is a physical roulette wheel.
I don't claim my system beats every wheel.
It beats MOST modern wheels.
It is also practical to use in real casino conditions.
But it's not magic.
If you make mistakes, you'll probably lose.
I also want to make clear being a professional player isn't "easy".
But often it's hard and boring work.
And it doesn't always pay off.
Sometimes you waste time and money.
But do it right, and you'll profit more than any 9-5 job.
A typical 9-5 job sounds like a great idea.
And it suits most people.
It's steady and predictable.
But you're paid peanuts while your boss makes a fortune.
The tax man takes half your income for 50 years, then you retire old and grey.
If you're lucky, after a life of struggling, you'll own your own home.
Alternatively, if you run a successful business, you'll work harder but your income isn't limited.
You can work your own hours, and answer only to yourself.
Basically it's greater freedom, but with greater stress and responsibility.
You must also be self-motivated, or you wont do the required work to profit.
This is like being a professional roulette player.
However, as a professional roulette player, you don't need to play "full-time".
Plus there's no "paperwork", and usually no tax on winnings depending on where you live.
If you do everything right, you'll likely profit more from roulette than your existing job.
Still I suggest not quitting your job.
This is because income from roulette is unpredictable.
Most players keep their existing jobs, while playing roulette part-time to supplement their existing income.
While you can earn a fortune playing roulette, most players aim primarily to become more comfortably financially.
This is easily achieved.
If you're lazy and don't follow instructions, you'll probably waste your time and lose money.
And you'll probably blame me instead of yourself.
Nothing about it is overly difficult, unless you're used to simplistic losing systems where you track hot numbers and double bets after losses.
Some players understand everything they need to start profiting from day one.
Some players never understand even basic principles usually a language barrier, or they are simply too lazy to read.
You don't need prior experience with roulette or professional techniques because you get unlimited free support.
But we expect you to first thoroughly read the instructions.
So let's assume you follow instructions, and put in the time and effort.
The only real limit is what you can win without being noticed by casino staff.
There are many different factors that determine how much you earn.
Sometimes you'll find winning very easy, and sometimes quite difficult.
You'll do best if you focus on the easiest wheels, instead playing on the first wheel you find.
Some wheels are so easily beaten you'll wonder how casinos don't know.
And other wheels are virtually impossible to beat.
Most wheels you'll play on are not particularly difficult to beat, but you must still know what you're doing.
We've made the system as simple as possible.
Most players find it easy enough, but some players find long hours in the casino too tedious.
Most players are prepared to put in time and effort.
But some players have unrealistic expectations of effortless millions.
If you understand English perfectly, you'll find the instructions clear.
If your comprehension of English is poor, we can't accept you as a player because you'll probably struggle with the instructions, and supporting you would take twice as long.
You don't need to be a genius, but you still need reasonable intelligence to understand the principles.
We often compare learning the system to learning to use a smartphone.
It's new information and can be overwhelming, but none of it is complicated.
It's just a matter of learning what to do.
If you are already familiar with advantage play in any casino game, you'll probably quickly understand and be ready to play from day one.
If you've never even played roulette before, it may take you a week or so of reading and practicing.
You'll win as long as casinos don't detect you.
If they detect you, they'll change things to make winning harder.
But it's easy enough to avoid detection.
You cannot realistically win millions in a night without being noticed.
Once casino staff notice you, they take steps called "countermeasures".
These steps make winning more difficult for professional players.
Then when you lose or leave, the casino resumes normal procedures.
Then the dealer may be instructed to spin the wheel rotor much faster.
This actually helps some systems, but it reduces the effectiveness of most systems.
The surveillance staff will watch you closely.
If you continue to win, they'll try something else like change the ball.
If that doesn't work, the'll continue to make changes to try and make you lose.
But if nothing they do is working, eventually they'll ask you to leave.
The obvious question is if the casino can do things to make you lose, why don't they do them all the time?
Casinos constantly apply some countermeasures all the time.
For example, frequent dealer changes make techniques like "dealer signature" more difficult.
Advantage players aren't the "casino's worst nightmare".
Yes, they're a threat that must be dealt with.
But they are never going to bankrupt casinos.
The first known case of advantage play was Joseph Jagger who exploited wheel defects wheel bias.
He profited a fortune.
But eventually the casino changed the wheel, and his winning streak stopped.
Still he made an enormous sum, and is known as "the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo".
Casinos don't apply particular countermeasures "all the time" because they make roulette an overall less profitable game for them.
See further examples below, with explanations on how the countermeasure makes winning harder, but overall loses casinos money.
The other 4,999 players are typical losing players.
It makes sense for casinos to roulette computer buy their profits from the 4,999 players, and apply countermeasures ONLY if an advantage player is detected.
Then when the advantage player leaves, normal procedures can resume.
This maximizes the casino's revenue.
What Casinos Do To Make Winning Harder and why casinos don't do it all the time EXAMPLE 1: SPINNING WHEELS THE "ROTOR" FASTER How it makes winning harder: The faster the rotor, the less effective most professional systems are although sometimes it actually increases effectiveness.
Why casinos don't apply it "all the time": European studies determined gamblers find roulette more appealing when the rotor is slow.
This is presumably because slower rotors make the game more fun and exciting.
And the more fun a game is, the more players bet, and the more the casino earns.
EXAMPLE 2: CLOSING BETS BEFORE THE WHEEL SPINS How it makes winning harder: Some systems require players to measure the rotor and ball speed to predict the winning number, then make quick bets.
Such techniques are impossible to use if bets close before the wheel spins.
Even closing the bets earlier can make these techniques ineffective.
Why casinos don't apply it "all the time": Almost all casinos allow bets for at least a few seconds after the ball is released.
This is because many gamblers continue betting, while the ball is still rolling.
This speeds up the game, more money gets wagered, and the casino profits more.
This simple procedure of allowing late bets maximizes the casino's revenue.
Late betting is very common for players, so it doesn't normally arouse suspicion - unless you're a professional player who got greedy.
There are many other countermeasures that make winning more difficult.
But again casinos normally apply them only if they suspect you're a professional player.
If you follow my instructions properly, then you can win significant amounts without ever being detected.
A large part of the instructions focus on avoiding detection.
The instructions also explain all the countermeasures used by casinos, and how to deal with them.
I teach "advantage play".
This is the term casinos use to describe "professional systems that work".
Google it if you need, but don't believe everything you read.
There's a lot of old and inaccurate information.
The best known form of advantage play is CARD COUNTING.
But card counting doesn't usually work anymore because casinos use automated shuffle machines that re-shuffle cards between games.
You can still get an edge with sophisticated shuffle analysis techniques, but not with all shuffle machines.
We know because we've developed computers that perform automated.
And besides, you can get a much higher edge with roulette anyway.
Advantage play techniques exist in almost every casino game, including roulette.
All advantage play techniques have one thing in common: they attack the mechanism that determines the game outcome.
In roulette, it's the wheel.
Put another way, you can't change the payouts.
In roulette for single numbers, the payout is 35-1.
But you can study the wheel to determine why the ball lands where it does, and exploit this knowledge for an advantage.
An advantage means you win more frequently than random bets, so you overcome the house edge for consistent profits.
And it's really not that difficult.
Almost every wheel can be beaten one way or another.
Yes, almost every wheel.
But beating wheels at home on your kitchen table is different beating wheels in real casino conditions.
This is because real casino click here make many systems impractical.
For example, you can't easily study 5,000 spins in a real casino.
It takes too long because spins occur once every 1-2 minutes.
However, there are numerous legitimate techniques that beat enough wheels, and are practical in real casino conditions.
You don't beat 100% of wheels, but don't need to.
If you believe roulette is probably the most difficult game to beat, you're be dead wrong.
It's in fact nearly impossible to design a wheel with totally unpredictable spins.
Remember, the house edge is only a small -2.
It would be great if one simple approach worked everywhere.
The reality is an approach can be perfect for one wheel, but useless for another wheel.
For example, visual ballistics is a technique where you use eyesight to estimate when and where the ball will fall.
But it requires you to bet after the wheel spins.
And sometimes you can only bet before the wheel spins.
Or maybe there isn't enough time for you to predict the winning number then bet.
This would make visual ballistics useless.
It is important to understand our "system" is not just a "one method suits all" solution.
It's actually a combination of separate systems.
The system you use depends on the wheel you play on.
I know this isn't as convenient as you'd like.
But a single method that beats every wheel doesn't exist.
Reality is what it is.
However, it's not as complicated as it may sound because there are only TWO main systems you'll use.
These are explained below: System 1: Predictions Before Ball Release Approximately 90% of our players use this approach.
It gives you predicted winning numbers to bet on BEFORE the wheel spins.
It beats approximately 30% of wheels with an edge between 1-15%.
Typically you start getting an edge after around 10 spins, although it starts small and gradually becomes larger.
Your "maximum edge" is usually achieved in 50-150 spins per wheel direction.
See the below video for a summary of what's involved: System 2: Predictions AFTER Ball Release This is known as "visual ballistics" "VB".
Basically you first identify suitable wheels.
Then with a particular technique, you estimate when and where the ball will fall.
It's not as difficult or impossible as it sounds.
There are various visual ballistics techniques.
One of the simplest working approaches is explained in our free email course.
You can purchase numerous visual ballistics courses from other vendors.
We often purchase other courses to see if they are any better than ours.
At this stage, we've found our techniques to be overall better.
Many visual ballistics techniques are great in theory, but unsuitable in real casino conditions.
You shouldn't need superhuman abilities.
If rotor speeds are different, you'll can AVOID the correct wheel sector instead of hitting it.
This means the edge against you is even stronger than the "house edge".
The problem with this if a new dealer starts closing bets earlier, you wont have time to get predictions and bet.
The more accurate a VB system is, the more difficult it is to use.
And if it's too difficult, you'll make mistakes and probably have no effectiveness.
Our VB system has high accuracy, but isn't too difficult to use in real casino conditions.
Most players can become competent in one day or so of practice.
A simple approach adjusts predictions, so accuracy is maintained for each spin.
I'll show you real proof my system works.
You can never get enough proof when it comes to gambling systems.
Almost all are scams.
How do you know a system is or isn't a scam?
Sweet-talk is proof of nothing.
Most scammers mix truth with lies to convince you.
Winning sessions look great, but you wont see their losing sessions.
https://chakefashion.com/roulette/super-casino-roulette-rigged.html, it would take literally months of play to see statistically significant results.
So forget video proof.
The exception is if you have other data to back up results, like being able to predict when and where the ball will fall in a way that can't be fakedOR data indicating even losing predictions were consistently close.
They are just images.
The only way to beat RNG is if it's flawed, and winning numbers aren't random.
You might find a poorly run online casino with flawed RNG, but it's very unlikely.
And such a poorly run casino would be small, potentially illegally run, and probably wont pay winnings.
RNG roulette is not real roulette - it's a slot machine with fancy roulette animations.
Besides, if anyone had a system that beat all RNG, it would be worth BILLIONS, and could disrupt and potentially destroy entire industries.
For example, tracking "hot numbers" doesn't work because past numbers have no correlation to future numbers.
The only exceptions are physical anomalies, such as a wheel defects known as "bias" causing some numbers to win more than others.
But hot number tracking isn't the right way to exploit roulette wheel bias.
If the seller doesn't give you any details of the "working principle" you can verify for yourself, they're probably being dishonest.
If you have a legitimate edge, the more you play, the more you'll earn.
Progression is like a loan that must be eventually be repaid, with interest.
It keeps you winning for a while, then eventually a losing streak wipes you out.
They are very easy to fabricate.
And even if they're authentic, the testimonial could be provided after a player's exciting winning session.
Even if the player had been winning for a year, that could be just 500 spins.
How many times have you won for a while with a new system and thought it worked, until you lost later?
Also it's easy for scammers to pay for video testimonials, or have dishonest friends give testimonials.
They are easily faked.
Often "system sellers" write false positive reviews of their own system, and false negative information about competitors.
The manipulation is often elaborate, so don't believe the first thing you read.
Expect them to blatantly lie about each other.
At the very least, expect them to distort any information.
Anyone can hire a Lamborghini for a day.
And cash could be from anywhere.
Anyone can even buy stacks of counterfeit cash for next to nothing.
Generally scams run with fake company names that can't be verified on government websites, or are unincorporated businesses.
If you can't verify the legal existence of a company or business name with a government entity, it's probably a scam.
Also scammers almost always prefer "unincorporated" businesses.
This is because corporations are subject to much stricter legal and ethical standards.
Also unincorporated businesses almost always have relatively low profits, indicating they aren't well-established and can disappear overnight.
If a business earns a substantial sum, it would need roulette computer buy incorporate to minimize tax.
We've all been scammed before.
The last time I was scammed was by someone in-person.
And he seemed like a lovely gentleman.
Everyone seems nice and honest when they're trying to scam you.
So forget the person and how they behave, and consider what's being said, and how you can validate their claims for yourself.
Even if you verify small things, it gives you clues about their honesty.
If they lied about small things, they'll probably be dishonest about more important matters.
Some scammers ask to play in your online casino account with your money for part of the profits if they win.
https://chakefashion.com/roulette/apollo-brown-rhythm-roulette-beat.html sounds like a great idea to have a "pro" playing for you.
But the risk of loss is entirely yours, and the scammer has nothing to lose.
Only let someone play in your account if they deposit their own funds.
After all if they're using your account and ID, and they claim to have a winning system, the risk should be theirs.
They could fabricate any reason, but use your own judgement to determine if their reasoning is plausible.
I'm not saying completely discount everything a seller provides.
Just don't believe everything you see or read, either on their website or others.
But have a healthy level of skepticism.
A scammer wont tell you they're scamming you.
They'll be on their best behavior.
You'd want as much proof as possible, so I've provided all reasonable proof below.
Take your time to carefully check everything.
You should still be skeptical and do your research.
There are parts that could easily be fabricated.
But the best proof you can get is testing for yourself, which is what you can do.
But the reality is none of it is 100% solid proof.
Even the 7-day trial allows you enough time to test perhaps only 2,000 spins.
It's better than nothing, but 2,000 spins is still not "statistically significant".
This means positive results could still be "luck".
So you'll need to consider all the proof combined, including parts that are just background information about advantage play, then make an educated decision.
If you want extra proof, just ask.
If your request is reasonable, I'll happy provide it.
You receive a different part of the course via email every day.
There's nothing we can say that you probably haven't heard before.
So instead of providing you with a list of proof, you can just test a simplified version of our system for FREE.
There are approximately 30 parts to the course, and a new part is sent every two days.
Proof doesn't get any better than testing the full version for yourself.
You'll be able to test the phone version of the software, which enables you to bet BEFORE the ball is released.
This software version is quickest and easiest to use.
You can test it even at live online roulette casinos.
Tutorial Video: How the Software Is Used NOTE: The trial version is of the PHONE version of our software.
It is easier to use than our WEB version, but is not legal everywhere.
Only the WEB version is legal everywhere because no electronic devices are used in the casino.
So if you test our PHONE version, you can easily test it from home with LIVE ONLINE ROULETTE CASINOS even with free "play money" accounts.
This trial isn't free because when it was free, many people requested multiple trial accounts using fake names.
If you want a free trial, see above.
We have a background in physics ourselves, but we hired an independent physicist to validate our system's effectiveness.
The report was originally intended for government authorities who may question the legitimacy of our claims.
The full uncensored report and contact details of the tester is available to any government authority upon request, although you can download the censored version.
I rarely have time to do demonstrations anymore, but below are recordings of previous public demonstrations.
The two below are for my roulette computers, although soon I'll upload one for the roulette system explained on this website.
NOTE: The roulette computers are NOT the system explained on this website.
They are completely different.
But recordings of the roulette computers at least allow you to see we really do hold public demonstrations.
Public Demo 1 +120% Edge This video shows a win on almost every spin when betting on 15 numbers.
Betting 15 numbers is the ideal situation, although we could have easily bet only 1 number.
It is a current model John Huxley Mk7 Wheel with a Velstone ball track, and is considered to be one of the "most random" modern wheels.
So sometimes I conduct live webcam demos like the one above.
Why do I provide videos of roulette computer demos when they aren't the system explained on this website?
Because it allows you to see we know what we're talking about, and the level we're involved with roulette prediction.
More people beat roulette than you hear about.
Perhaps for roulette computer buy 1 player that is noticed, hundreds other professional players aren't ever noticed.
It gives you an idea of how quickly a fortune can be made with the right formula, and how the only limit is what you can win without being detected.
The edge our system gives you is much greater than the edge achieved by this team - and you don't need a defective wheel.
Roulette Prediction Methods That Work This documentary shows https://chakefashion.com/roulette/roulette-gem-tv-show.html variety of methods used, but the most relevant is the electronic roulette prediction technology.
This is a separate lab test from a UK government lab.
This report explains testing they conducted to determine how predictable roulette spins actually were in specific conditions.
They found a substantial edge was possible, even with very basic prediction methods that are the equivalent of the FREE system we provide on this site.
The testing focused on roulette computer.
But the tests were done only with a basic roulette computer, which gives approximately the same accuracy as basic "visual ballistics" techniques.
These are techniques that allow you to estimate when and where the ball will fall, to predict the winning number.
It's really not as difficult as it first sounds.
Every roulette system comes with positive testimonials, but they are too easily faked.
The testimonials I've provided are recorded from phone conversations.
You can decide for yourself if they are genuine or not.
NOTE: The majority of players prefer to keep the system to themselves and NOT give testimonials.
The above players are some exceptions.
Player names are not disclosed to protect their identity.
However you can speak to these and all other players via the player only forum if you become a player.
Written testimonials are easily faked.
But you can speak to most of these players yourself via the player-only forum once you're a player: "My partners and I have been using your systems for over 4 years now.
Prior to using his system I was a blackjack card counter but the use of continuous shuffle machines reduced opportunities, which is why I searched for alternate methods.
This is with a few of his different systems and not just his software.
I say earned and not won because it doesn't come effortlessly and it should be clear that some people would find the system hard work because you must commit proper time which gets monotonous.
But the systems absolutely work and I'm very grateful for everything you has done for me.
I still find it hard to believe and keep waiting for someone to ask me to leave.
What you have done for me and my family is something I cant explain.
To anyone considering the system, it really does work.
I have made my money back many times over and highly recommend it.
It might not be a lot but I am VERY happy with this because I know I can do it over and over.
It is true that you can only get away with a certain amount before they start to notice you, but so far I am doing this part time and I am just astonished at the results" There are countless articles and lab-test reports published throughout the Internet, which clearly indicate roulette is a predictable game.
The casinos know roulette is being beaten, and they know professional roulette strategy players are a real threat.
But they rely on detecting professional players before they win too much.
Below is a collection of news articles.
Some of the information is inaccurate, and it explains barely a fraction of the principles that make roulette beatable.
However, it at least give you a better understanding that roulette is indeed predictable.
If you thoroughly research roulette strategies, you'll find most websites that provide gambling tips advise known losing strategies like the Martingale.
But you'll find the credible websites, where the writer has real experience with beating roulette, will advise application of physics.
Click images to open articles in new window: Whenever other roulette system sellers release credible-sounding methods, we purchase them to see if anything can be learned.
Many roulette strategies are sent to us for free by my players.
Below are some of the books and systems we've acquired over the years: Not all have value, and in fact most don't.
Anything new would be applied in our systems, and you would benefit from this.
However, we can honestly say none of these resources offer improvements for our system.
Our own research is more extensive, but below is a list of some of resources from others: Laurence Scott: We have both of his volumes and his software.
The main technique is very similar to the free visual ballistics course we teach.
We respect Laurence but find his techniques unsuitable for modern conditions.
The book is written in German so needs translation.
Ultimately it is very similar to Laurence Scott's material.
Casino Game Protection by Steve Forte: This is a very large book written for casino staff to "protect" their games from professional players.
It's a great resource for both casino staff and players, but it deals with older techniques.
The sections on roulette strategies are mainly about visual ballistics, bias analysis and roulette computers.
Only the very basics are explained.
Our websites provide a much more extensive explanation.
The Romeo Project: This is a book that explains one group's efforts to develop a roulette computer device.
The algorithm they present is almost precisely the same as the typical roulette computer algorithm explained on roulette-computers.
Every roulette computer uses much the same algorithm, with the exception of our Uber and Hybrid models see and Don Young's Infallible System: A high profile system that will only ever work if the wheel is heavily biased.
Again this is just some of the material we have acquired.
Our players have also sent us countless other systems and even roulette computers for free.
System sellers usually don't trade as a corporation because, unlike standard businesses, corporations and their advertised claims are strictly regulated by the authorities.
If you are cheated by a standard business, the authorities will tell you to take them to court which is rarely a viable option.
If you are cheated by a corporation, the authorities have a mandate to investigate for you, and they take it very seriously.
We have traded as a corporation since 1999 and will always roulette computer buy so.
As such, if you found our claims to be visit web page, you could simply report us to the regulatory authorities who are obligated to investigate us on your behalf.
So as we've traded as a corporation for over 20 years, you can be more assured our claims are accurate.
ABOUT OUR STAFF Our staff consists mostly of contractors, rather than "employees".
This is because the work we need done is irregular and unpredictable.
I'm Steve the main guy.
Most other staff are listed below.
I wont give their full names because I don't want them attacked and harassed by envious "competitors", as I have been.
Amir OpenVPN server management : The phone version of our software uses encrypted networks with OpenVPN software.
Amir manages the servers, security and users.
They had a strong background in advantage play to begin with.
Occasionally they'll assist me by responding to player's questions and support tickets.
At one stage, Ron with his two partners leased my company for a year as at the time I had other commitments.
Over the past 25 years, we've worked with over 1,200 individual players.
Many of them have made and continue to make valuable contributions that help us stay ahead of casinos.
In particular, some players are ex-casino staff who have access to material that normally only active casino staff have.
This can be as simple providing details of game protection seminars they or associates have attended.
In some cases, we've even received the algorithms used by automated roulette wheels to better exploit particular wheel models.
We are the world's leading authority on roulette prediction.
While such a claim may appear conceited, it is likely fact.
We don't just teach players to beat roulette - we do it ourselves.
Take the time to call and speak to us personally, even if just to get to know us better.
We have nothing to hide and are happy to answer any questions.
You'll find us approachable and friendly.
Calls must be scheduled.
See our for details.
Interview with Visual Ballistics player This is an interview with Laurence Scott, who was a professional roulette player decades ago.
Although our system documentation explains Laurence's best system we give him credit where duewe provide a better system - our approaches are more accurate, and more practical to use.
There is some inaccurate information in the recording.
But it at least gives you some good background information about advantage play and roulette.
Perhaps my favorite part is where Laurence explains how one of his students says he doesn't have time to learn the techniques, and asks if Laurence could just tell him the winning numbers.
The problem is it shows the student had no understanding of what advantage play is, and how many players expect results without time and effort.
Unfortunately many players are like this.
If you aren't prepared to read, study and do the work for yourself, this isn't for you.
Show me any wheel, and I can beat it using online 0 10 c method or another.
It's actually nearly impossible to design a roulette wheel that does not produce at least slightly predictable spins.
But merely "beating" a wheel is not enough.
It must be beaten in "real casino conditions".
So it must be both effective AND practical.
This is why we say realistically you can beat about 50% of wheels link today's casinos, rather than almost every wheel.
The wheel designers know it.
The casinos know it.
So casinos hire consultants https://chakefashion.com/roulette/roulette-casino-reglement.html advise them.
However, casinos rely on detecting professional players before they win too much.
The idea for professional players is to profit discretely.
We use the phrase "Milk the cow, don't kill it".
Remember, the house edge is only slight -2.
It is not particularly difficult to achieve a +5% edge on most wheels.
And this is ample for reliable profits.
Back when cardcounting hit casinos hard, cardcounters got excited about even a +1% edge because it made them millions.
You'll do far better than any cardcounter ever has, and in a fraction of the time.
Yes there are things casinos can do to make winning virtually impossible.
But again they don't do them 100% of the more info because it reduces their revenue from typical losing players.
So most casinos apply countermeasures only when professional players are suspected.
Then when the player leaves, the casino resumes normal procedures.
Most casinos hire consultants to advise them about how to limit profits of professional players.
Entire seminars are dedicated to help casinos protect their revenue.
Most of our players are in the USA and play 00 wheels.
The strategy is low risk.
Knowing where to bet next takes seconds.
For bets before ball release, the software even gives each wheel a rating before you play so you can focus on the most profitable wheels.
Anyone can use the system regardless of knowledge or experience.
This includes current model Cammegh and John Huxley wheels.
Simply enter data about spins and it gives you charts that tell you when and where to bet.
But you do NOT use computers inside the casino unless you use the optional Android version.
You get all the support you need.
This includes phone, Skype, email, ticket help-desk, clear tutorial videos and ebook instructions.
Often it is hard work, but still very rewarding.
You can profit while traveling.
We focus on use, so we don't need the system anymore.
But it is still effective so it is better to sell it to others for a reasonable price than let it sit unused.
We could provide all kinds of "proof", but the best proof possible is testing for yourself.
Yes but only if the wheel is real.
Most reputable online casinos offer real wheel roulette.
We prefer real casinos ourselves, so don't maintain lists of suitable online casinos.
However, many of our players only play at online casinos.
You can contact them via the player-forum to ask them which online casinos they find best.
But most players prefer to keep this information private, unless you share something in return.
Otherwise Google "live dealer roulette online casinos" and you'll find many.
Also if you prefer playing from home, the overall best option by far is the www.
For more read more see This depends on variables like where you play, and approach you use.
Typically your edge starts after 10 or so spins.
From this point, play is usually profitable long-term edge.
However, the more data you have before betting, the more accurate predictions are, and the more profitable play will be.
So we advise you to start larger betting only after maximum accuracy is achieved.
This is usually within 50 - 150 spins per direction.
A good approach is initially make small bets.
Then gradually increase bet size after wins, and as your edge grows stronger.
We include optimal systems for betting either before or after ball release.
Most players prefer to make bets BEFORE the wheel spins.
Because the vast majority of roulette players lose.
And when consistent winners are detected, the casino applies countermeasures to make players lose or leave.
This limits a player's income.
So you can't easily earn millions without being detected.
Ball changes don't make you lose.
They just mean you need an extra chart to adjust your bets.
More detail is below: If they change the ball, but it's the same size and color material then it makes no difference because the ball will still bounce the same way.
A different ball of the same type still changes some elements, but the system easily deals with this.
If the ball is a completely different size and color, then you will need to use a betting chart specifically for that combination of ball type and wheel.
There are mostly 4 main balls types ever used in the world.
And the to main types are teflon white and ivorine pale yellow.
The type of ball is easy to identify and our instructions includes photos, so ball changes are not a significant issue.
Almost every wheel can be beaten with one method or another including roulette computers.
Our system beats about half of modern wheels.
There is no system that beats every wheel.
But you don't need to beat every wheel.
When a wheel isn't "beatable", the problem is not usually the wheel itself.
It's usually factors like the wheel spins too infrequently to be practical.
For example, a wheel that spins once every 5 minutes would take too long to play on.
One spin every 1-2 minutes is acceptable.
But sometimes the wheel itself may not produce predictable enough spins.
This can be for many reasons.
For example, our system considers a variety of different patterns.
Usually patterns combine to improve predictability.
But sometimes different patterns conflict and cancel each other out.
The result is an edge that's too weak or unstable.
Every wheel produces unique patterns.
No two wheels are the same.
Even two brand-new wheels with the just click for source design can produce very different patterns.
You may be able to beat 90% of wheels in a controlled environment like your home.
But the real casino environment is different, which is why about only 50% of wheels in casinos can be beaten.
Assuming you use the optimal systems: If you make bets before ball release, you'll need any reasonably modern device with internet.
It can be PC, Mac, Android or iPhone.
You access the web version of our software via our website.
You don't need any additional hardware for the web version.
If you use the phone version software, you'll need a reasonably modern Android phone you can also use free emulator software on Mac or PC to run the Android app.
If you play only online, you wont need extra equipment.
But if you play in real casinos, then you'll need some additional equipment like an invisible wireless earpiece so you can covertly hear predictions.
The additional hardware is affordable and easy to find.
If you make bets after ball release, you don't need any PC or phone to use the techniques.
Of course you'll need at least a device to read the tutorials and watch videos.
Any modern device can do this.
You can expect between a 1% to 15% edge.
There are many variables that determine your edge.
You'll average roughly 5-7%.
As long as real wheels are used, roulette will likely always be predictable enough to beat.
Roulette wheel designers are gradually changing their designs to make winning harder, but nothing significant has changed in the last 10 years.
And nothing significant is likely to change within the next 10 years.
If you bet before ball release, about 5 seconds.
If you bet after ball release, then it will vary between spins.
And you determine when you want predictions.
So it can be as early or late as you need.
Generally you aim to get predictions about 3 seconds before bets close, which maximizes your accuracy.
This gives you time to bet 1-3 numbers.
Our tutorials are designed with complete beginners in mind.
Most players find it easy to learn and use.
But difficulty is also a matter of opinion, so we suggest take our trial to know basically what's involved.
Also everyone learns at their own rate.
And it depends on how much time you dedicate.
Below are typical examples of how long it takes: Player who's already experienced with advantage play: Learns most parts within a few hours, and would probably succeed if they started betting for real.
Player starting with no experience, but understands English well, and learns quickly most players : Learns most parts within a few hours, but has a few questions for support staff.
When they are answered, the player tests over 1-2 weeks.
By the 3rd week, they achieve reasonably consistent profits with real money.
Results improve over time as they continue to learn.
Player starting with roulette computer buy or no experience, and poor English comprehension: After a few days of reading instructions, they have a reasonable understanding only of the basics.
They ask support staff for help, but the questions are vague and unclear.
Providing support is time consuming.
After a few weeks of learning and testing, results are mixed because they don't properly understand critical points.
Progress is slow and tedious, but results gradually improve and become more consistent.
It may take them many weeks of learning and testing before they consistently profit in casinos.
In some cases, they'll never fully learn even the basics, and wont achieve good results.
NOTE: As per our Terms, unfortunately we cannot accept players with poor English skills.
It takes much more time to provide support.
There's no real bankroll requirement.
You can bet as little or as much as you want.
You can even start with 50 units, and chances are you'll profit.
However, understand anything can happen in the short-term.
So even a winning system can and does have short-term losing streaks.
Simply the more you play, the more assured your profit is.
To safely overcome temporary losses, you should have 200+ units.
The only real limit is what you can win without being detected.
Basically the more time you dedicate, and the higher your stakes, the more you'll earn.
Consider what happens with ONE player on ONE table.
Casinos have a -2.
But still, sometimes the player can win even with a losing system.
The casino understands this is a short-term loss, and they'll eventually make back the money.
Now let's say the player is a professional.
Like the casino, they still have some short-term losses despite their edge, but recover with continued play.
However, their edge is even larger than the casino's edge over normal players.
Their edge can be +15% or more with the system explained at www.
So it doesn't take long to recover short-term losses.
Another important consideration is all our systems use FLAT BETS.
So each bet is the same value, and you don't increase bet size after losses.
This prevents massive losses.
Furthermore, our systems each have built-in approaches to monitor your edge.
So you'll know your edge is too weak for continued play, before large losses occur.
Nothing ever 100% eliminates short-term losses, but it's easy to limit them.
Dealers are already instructed to randomize spin spins.
Although this helps randomize spins, it's never completely random.
Even with deliberate wheel speed randomization, spins are almost always still predictable enough.
Speed randomization has different effects for each system as explained below: If you bet after ball release: If you use a simplistic approach that does't account for rotor speed variation, you can lose all accuracy.
But our recommended approaches account for rotor speed variations, so generally it wont affect you.
If you bet before ball release: Even with deliberate randomization of ball and wheel speed, there are elements of spins which produce sufficiently predictable spins.
We don't release precise details of how or why, even to players.
As a player you don't need to know exactly how it works - you only need to know how to use the software.
You'll understand the basics, but not the inner-workings.
Normally you wont be banned.
Instead, the dealer may be instructed to deliberately randomize wheel speeds or change the ball.
This doesn't necessarily make you lose.
But once you are detected, the casino won't tolerate consistent winning one way or another.
You will only be banned as a last resort.
If you follow the instructions and don't get greedy, you wont be banned.
But if you are officially banned with a letter stating this, your only legal option is to play elsewhere.
This almost never happens though because it's easier for the casino to apply countermeasures until you lose or leave.
This is done with "dealer signature" techniques.
They are included in our material, but you're betting off using our other method, which doesn't require dealer tracking.
Wheels can be https://chakefashion.com/roulette/monte-carlo-russian-roulette.html to beat on some days, but easy on other days.
So you can just play another day.
But it easier if you have multiple wheels to choose from.
It depends on the system you use bets before or after ball release.
If you are making bets before ball release, the software gives you a rating that reveals how profitable a wheel is likely to be.
So you have a reasonable idea of how good the wheel is before playing.
If you're betting after ball release, you enter the results into our software and it tells you how profitable the wheel is although you'd see the results anyway.
The techniques for betting after ball release are legal everywhere visual ballistics.
The techniques for betting before ball release are legal everywhere, if you use the web version of the software.
This is because you never use electronics at the table.
You only take betting charts inside the casino.
However, the "phone version" is only legal in about half of casinos.
This is because you use a hidden phone while playing.
Most players use the web version of the software to bet before ball release legal everywhere.
No because you can easily copy them onto paper or even a casino brochure the casino supplies, so you look like an inexperienced tourist.
But you can also memorize them so you don't need charts at all.
Beating roulette is not particularly difficult.
In fact there are numerous approaches that genuinely work.
But most players expect to win without dedicating time and effort.
And most players aren't prepared to dedicate the required time and effort to succeed.
Furthermore, typical systems are much quicker and easier to use, which is why most players prefer them.
However, they don't work.
Most players continue to look for the effortless way to beat roulette, rather than considering more difficult but viable methods that already exist.
Because the required changes would make roulette less appealing to the 99.
And this would ultimately reduce the casino's revenue.
It's more viable for casinos to make temporary changes only if they suspect a player of using a professional system.
When the player leaves, normal procedures resume.
The servers we use are very reliable with 99.
If they are ever down, we quickly fix the problem.
When you collect data for the system, you just make small random bets to avoid suspicion.
It's a worthwhile investment to avoid suspicion.
But it may only take you 50 or so spins to have the data you need.
Actually roulette is well known to be beatable in the right conditions.
People who tell you otherwise have no experience, and get opinions from others with no experience.
The system normally gives you 5 to 15 numbers to bet, but you don't need to bet all numbers.
In most cases you could bet just one number and still profit.
But you profit more in less time if you bet more numbers.
The system involving bets https://chakefashion.com/roulette/russian-roulette-game-history.html ball release would be almost impossible to reverse just click for source, even for someone with software access.
The visual ballistics techniques could easily be copied, but part of what you're paying for is our support and guidance to ensure your success.
It works on approximately half of modern wheels.
This doesn't mean you win half of the time.
It means you just skip the bad wheels.
It is not possible to beat every wheel, but rarely is it a problem to find a suitable wheel.
Even casinos can make a loss in one day, but will make back losses another day because of their long term advantage.
You may lose on some days, but eventually win back losses.
Typically the most you would lose in a "losing streak" is about 100 units, and usually you quickly make it back.
We have a 7-day trial of the "phone version".
This is the easiest version for betting before ball release.
But we don't have a trial of the "web version".
This is because it requires greater disclosure of confidential information.
You can also join the free course, which teaches less effective methods that still work.
These are provided so you can see what we teach works.
Most players only play part-time, and keep existing jobs.
Very few players play full-time.
This is because you can't easily win millions in the same casino, without being noticed.
It can and has been done, but conditions need to be ideal.
But you can't do this day after day at the same casino because you'll be noticed.
How much you can win, and how frequently you can play, depends on factors like how busy your casino is.
Alternatively, you can win larger sums by frequently changing casinos to avoid detection.
But the travel is tiring, and not practical for most players due to family commitments.
So usually it is only practical for most players to play part-time 1-2 sessions per week.
Still successful players usually earn more from roulette than their 9-5 jobs.
It's not wise to rely wholly on roulette for an income, especially if you have dependents a family to support.
This is because some days may be very profitable, and some days may be impractical to play.
So although the income may be substantial, it is not "regular" like a wage.
We recommend initially aiming to supplement your existing income - not to quit your normal job.
If you do everything right, you'll probably earn more from roulette than your job.
Yes, actually they often make wheels easier to beat.
They sound high-tech and great for casinos because they automatically level wheels to reduce "dominant diamonds".
This is supposed to make spins less predictable.
But the reality is different.
Dominant diamonds are caused by ball track deformations as much as tilt.
If a dominant diamond occurs due to ball track deformations, you could observe every spin and carefully adjust the wheel to even out the spread of diamond hits like an auto leveling system.
This attempts to compensate for ball track deformations, which actually puts the wheel on an artificial tilt rather than leveling it.
The effect is that when the ball falls in certain regions, the bounce is more predictable.
This has virtually the same effect as a dominant diamond, except the casino is lured into believing their level wheel is less predictable.
The below images explain further for two drop-points, but the effect applies to all drop points.
Notice how the scatter is tighter and more predictable for blue.
See below: Some of the differences in "ball fall" may be the part of the diamond hit, the speed at which the ball falls, and the trajectory of the ball when it hits the rotor.
Another effect of trying to correct a wheel with deformed ball track is, in particularly on slow rotors, you can estimate rotor orientation at the end of the spin and exploit bias.
The attempted correction for ball fall points puts the rotor on click to see more slight angle.
And if you know rotor orientation at a critical time in the spin, you've got a good chance of an edge because the ball will favor certain regions.
This is because the ball will naturally more likely come to rest in the lower part of the rotor.
See below: Our system doesn't need any such bias to succeed, but it's easy to utilize it if desired.
The additional techniques we provide also explain various ways to exploit wheel bias.
Some automated wheels are easier to beat, but some are more difficult.
Most of the time, the automated wheels produce a lower edge.
But because auto wheels spin frequently, they are often a good option to play.
RRS stands for "randomized rotor speed".
These are wheels where after bets close, the wheel speed slightly changes.
This is designed to reduce accuracy of and visual ballistics techniques bets after ball release.
The most common RRS generally halves the edge of roulette computers and visual ballistics.
But it doesn't outright make you lose, because your edge is still significant.
Wheel designers know this, but RRS is more a deterrent for professional players than a complete solution for casinos.
For RRS to completely eliminate a player's edge, the wheel would need to make more dramatic speed changes.
This would be casino youtube by typical losing players, who would no longer trust the wheel, and the casinos would lose significantly revenue.
It's a different case for our system that allows bets And python simple roulette message ball release.
RRS has almost no effect on this system.
This is because the patterns it uses still occur regardless of rotor wheel speed variations.
RRS changes results of individual spins, but not long-term patterns.
First understand professional systems aren't like normal jobs where you get a weekly paycheck.
This is because although you have a long-term edge, you can still have bad luck.
Even casinos have losing days.
So we suggest don't quit your normal job.
Simply play roulette part-time, and think in terms of profit over months of play, not just days or weeks.
Of course your winnings are scalable.
The more you bet and the more you play, the more you'll profit.
Again the only real limit is what you can win without being detected.
The free course reveals more of the principles that make roulette predictable.
It also includes two free systems that still work today, but are not as easy to use or effective as our full system.
It includes a basic visual ballistics technique, where you use eyesight and statistical analysis to predict the winning number.
Ultimately the free course is to explain how and why roulette is predictable, so you understand roulette is not the unpredictable game most people think.
The approaches it 21 nova roulette still work, but are very limited compared to what you receive as our player.
The full version of our system includes much more effective and practical systems, including software and everything you need.
A full list of inclusions is on this website.
The 7-day trial is of the full "phone version", which allows you to bet before ball release.
The Web Version is legal everywhere, but requires you to take notes at the wheel.
This isn't normally a problem because most casinos supply pencil and paper, and you can easily disguise notes to appear like an inexperienced tourist.
Also you need to use betting charts, which isn't a problem either because they can be memorized or copied onto paper or brochures casinos supply.
The Phone Version doesn't roulette computer buy pencil and paper, or betting charts.
And you never need to leave the table.
The downsides are it is only legal in about half of casinos, you need equipment like phones.
The accuracy of each version is much the same.
However, the Phone version is quicker and easier to use, and there's less to learn.
The system is likely to remain effective for at least 5-10 years.
This is because it is far more difficult to design a wheel that produces truly unpredictable spins, than it is to have the slightly accurate predictions to beat roulette long-term.
But wheel designs are improving, so roulette is gradually becoming harder to beat.
Roulette was very easily beaten 50 years ago.
But very little has changed in the past 20 years.
And we don't see anything significant changing in the near future.
That isn't to say roulette isn't gradually becoming harder to beat.
But the change is quite slow, mainly because the vast majority of players lose, and roulette is still a very profitable game for casinos even with the occasional professional player.
Our system can be applied at ONLINE casinos online live dealer roulette.
For online casinos, you're best to use the "phone version" of our software that gives predictions before the wheel spins.
The main downside of playing online is it's much harder to hide big wins.
You'll need multiple accounts to avoid bans and account restrictions.
It is much easier to avoid detection in real casinos.
If winning roulette from home appeals to you, the best option is the.
Basically these are hidden devices players use at the wheel to determine wheel and ball speed to predict winning numbers.
The unique benefit of our roulette computers is you can work from home, while your players use the computer for you.
All you need to do is monitor them playing or their results, which you can do from anywhere with reasonable Internet access.
This is possible because the wheel and ball speeds are transmitted via wireless internet outside the casino to a remote server, which then returns predicted winning numbers to players in the casino.
You receive everything needed to beat over half of modern casino wheels in real casino conditions.
It isn't just one system, because there's no single system that's best for all wheels.
Basically you receive https://chakefashion.com/roulette/roulette-professional-2-crack.html most effective and practical systems that really work, AND our unlimited support to ensure your success.
Our system has two main parts: betting before ball release, and betting after ball release.
These are explained below.
Roulette Prediction Software This is what 90% of our players prefer to use.
It's software that allows you to profit with bets BEFORE the double nothing roulette spins.
You receive TWO different version as explained below: Web version legal in all casinos : This version is accessed via any phone or computer with an Internet browser iphone, android, pc or mac.
It is legal everywhere because it does NOT require electronic devices at the wheel.
You simply save spin data on pencil and paper, then enter the data when outside the casino.
The software then gives you convenient betting charts that tell you where to bet.
Mobile phone version: It is used via a hidden phone at the wheel, but it's only legal in about half of casinos.
Legal or not, it is still used with a hidden cable and invisible wireless earpiece because casinos are paranoid of hidden computers for good reason.
So they'll ban anyone caught using electronic devices.
Basically you enter data like the winning numbers, and it tells you where to bet next.
The software runs on almost any modern Android phone.
It also runs on a Windows or MAC computer if you use an android emulator.
Visual Ballistics System Clear tutorials for the best visual ballistics technique in modern casino conditions.
We also include a variety of techniques for you to choose from.
Everything is explained clearly so you can achieve the maximum edge possible, without needing super-human abilities.
Roulette Computer Software can rainbow six siege funny moments strat roulette accept Mobile Phones.
Many players previously used this at online casinos.
But now most online casinos forbid late betting, so you will find more opportunities to use it in real casinos.
To use this software, you need a compatible phone.
Or if you use it at online casinos, you can run it from your PC.
Each video includes approximately 100 spins, providing a range of conditions such as different ball types, and different degrees matchless free roulette online live final difficulty.
This footage is particularly useful for players that want to use the provided roulette computer or visual ballistics techniques.
For testing the wheel analysis software, you can easily use "play for fun" accounts at online casinos without risking real money.
Unlimited Free Support We take your success seriously and provide all the support you need.
This includes a Help Desk to track all responses, Skype and Phone support.
You'll find our instructions clear and thorough.
But our support is an important part of what you receive.
If you ever find our methods to be unsuitable for your casino's wheels, we'll work with you to suggest alternate approaches that work best for you.
E-book: The Best Traditional Professional Systems This ebook teaches you the best traditional advantage play techniques for roulette.
Unlimited Access to the Player Forum You will be able to speak with other players, share information, form teams, and get additional help.
Generally if you want other players to share information about specific casinos, you are expected to contribute information.
For example, other players can tell you which online casinos are best, but most players keep such information private unless you share information too.
The forum also includes a help desk where you can get support.
You'll have a convenient record of all support-related questions and answers.
Basically instead of placing individual bets which takes about 10 secondsbets are placed almost instantly at the click of a button.
It can be payouts chart with the web version software.
But it's especially useful for casinos that allow you to bet after ball release, because then you can more easily apply the roulette computer or visual ballistics.
We do not sell the bot separately, and you need the system to apply it anyway.
Get everything you need to win with bets either before or after the wheel spins.
It includes clear instructions for best and most practical techniques for modern wheels and casino conditions.
This is very different to the losing approaches you may have been using.
You'll learn the only roulette systems that concern casinos - the only roulette systems that really work.
It might seem a lot, but it's an investment that's genuinely capable of changing your life.
The only real limit is what you can win without being banned basically don't get greedy.
Still it's not a magic tool to make money.
It's like any business where you must work to make money.
But it's a business that doesn't need products, employees or advertising.
In most cases it's also tax-free income.
It's a much simpler way to make money than most businesses.
Within 24hrs of payment receipt you'll receive everything you need via email.
Why would anyone sell a business that worked?
If it makes money, why sell it, right?
When you buy a business, you still do the work.
It's the same with our system.
In our case, we're selling the system because we don't need it - we have something even better our.
Another way of looking at https://chakefashion.com/roulette/casino-winners-roulette.html say you had a Ferrari and a Toyota.
Which would you drive?
Both do much the same thing, but one is much faster.
It's like comparing our here here to our roulette computers.
It's also a shortsighted misconception to believe a winning roulette system means you'll win millions, and casinos will go broke.
The truth is casinos know about professional systems, and monitor for consistent winners.
It's not hard to beat roulette wheels with the required accuracy.
The real issue is avoiding detection.
Our approaches really do work, and real players are consistently profiting.
But they're nothing like typical systems hot numbers, cold numbers, doubling bets after losses, etc.
They require more work than typical players like.
So understand a winning system is not "too good to be true".
It wont take you long to see our techniques really do give you a long-term edge over the casino.
The more you play, the more you win.
If you use the system correctly over a reasonable amount of spins and don't profit, then we don't want to keep your money.
We care about your success.
We've worked hard to perfect a system that's a big part of our lives, and we want it to benefit you too.
In a short time, you can literally set yourself up for life.
Roulette is still by far the most beatable casino game.
But roulette wheel designers are getting smarter, and roulette is gradually becoming harder to beat.
Still roulette is likely to be practical to beat for at least the next 5-10 years.
Our system is for serious players.
It's not cheap, and we understand you need to be sure.
You can to ask any questions, or even just to see the type of people we are.
Calls must be scheduled but you can anytime.
You'll know almost every roulette system is a scam.
And almost every system seller lies about competitors.
Please don't ask us about other systems.
And if other system sellers claim our approaches don't work, we suggest rely on our free course and systems, instead of hearsay.
Find out for yourself.
We are the leading authority on roulette prediction, and operate the world's largest team of professional roulette players.
See a video of our best technology below: Hidden Camera That Automatically Predicts Spins: More details about this technology is at it is completely different technology to the system explained at.
We use our best technology ourselves, and sell some at a reasonable price.
We are happy to assist serious players.
With some of our technology, you can even see live roulette computer buy feed of our players winning in casinos.
You can see virtually any proof you want, so please don't waste our time asking about irrelevant and manipulative nonsense.

Free Spins
50 xB
Max cash out:
$ 200

Q. Wont my teams eventually buy their own computer? Yes this often happens, but there are many other players who can take their place. Q. How many teams ...

Roulette computers buyer's guide
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Roulette computers - do they really work? - The eBay Community
Roulette Computer Testing

Free Spins
30 xB
Max cash out:
$ 200

Roulette computer and system reviews, roulette forums, possible good roulette. If you have ever thought about buying a gambling system please read this first.

Roulette computers buyer's guide
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Hidden Devices That Win at Roulette | Roulette Computers
Roulette prediction (without using a computer) inside a real casino.

Free Spins
60 xB
Max cash out:
$ 500

Buy one of the real designs and brands used in casinos.. If you intend to test a roulette computer, then I roulette a relatively new wheel with a ball track that is in ...

Can roulette computers predict numbers and win?
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Roulette Computers – Beat Roulette
Roulette computer predicts roulette and talks !

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Max cash out:
$ 500

Imagine walking into a casino with a computer strapped to your chest... literally – they had to design the computer, buy all the components.

Roulette Computers - Cheating Devices For Roulette
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Roulette Computers - Cheating Devices For Roulette
roulette computer buy

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Max cash out:
$ 1000

Following up on my exposure of the roulette scammer Steven George Hourmouzis. RULES WHEN BUYING ROULETTE COMPUTERS

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Valid for casinos
chakefashion.com | 523: Origin is unreachable
Strategy on Roulette casino machine, dozen and Red & Black colors

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Max cash out:
$ 500

To get a FREE evaluation roulette computer to test for yourself, see.. I dont give a crap if you dont buy or use my computers. But I do care ...

Does anyone know where to buy a roulette computer
Valid for casinos
Roulette Computer Testing - YouTube
May 2019 Two New Products released including new Talking Computer all with our new built in Algorithm!
FEATURES Smallest most powerful roulette computer the EVO20V vibration only EVO20V above -utterly superior to other roulette computers!
Improved Algorithm Predictive Power increased.
Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries charges from any USB!
Vibration Computer EVO20V £500 Feel the numbers in the palm of your hand.
Talking Computer EVO20S £1000 any Languages!
With Receiver and hidden hearing aid.
Second Player Receivers and hearing aids available £200 Paypal and eBay Protection The only seller of such equipment to do this!
Shipped within 3 working days Excluding Bank Holidays 100% feedback selling these Roulette Computers through eBay.
Will Beat All Competitors Videos try it yourself!
For the majority of people, you should be able to use this within a few hours, its fairly simple and most people manage to become successful in understanding how its applied and how it works.
Most people also ask questions, explain what they are doing in detail that helps us to understand excellent strategy roulette cs go confirm they may be going wrong, or maybe they just want to know more about how the device can be applied and how it works or what do in certain situations.
This device will work on any tilted wheel you come across and any video, we encourage you to try it on any competitors videos or online casinos before you decide to visit your local casino and place bets using this device.
Only losers give up, winners persevere!
The feedback and our video demonstrations show the device as a predictive TOOL working perfectly and all predictions are pointed too indicating this is not a voice over and breaking a Standard Deviation in probability which would be impossible if the device was not predicting correctly.
We are here to help and have good support mentioned in our eBay feedback.
We will do everything in our power to help you understand and use the product no matter how long it takes.
So Always purchase through eBay or Paypal as it offers you more payment protection unless you know what you want exactly or you are an existing customer of ours.
How Covert and invisible is the product?
Cannot be seen by casino staff and can be operated discretely within your handthe unit vibrates predictions in your hand silently to you and tells you where to bet exactly!
This makes a very user Friendly Roulette computer requiring no technical expertise.
It can deal with fast or slow rotors and balls, predict early and is extremely simple to use.
The predictions are transmitted to you without you looking at the rotor or wheel.
It can predict immediately.
How Does it work and what is a roulette computer actually predicting?
Most wheels are tilted to some degree, its absolutely impossible to find wheels that exhibit even distribution of the ball on all diamonds, even then, they can still be beat, but why play a difficult wheel if it were found when you usually have at least 8 to chose from in a casino and maximize profits playing a good tilted wheel!
A simple explanation of how roulette computers work is that they calculate the strike point of the ball and although the ball does scatter, its scatters with a predicted deviation and variance forming a classical bell shaped distribution pattern where the peak maximum area is usually a certain number of pockets away from the strike point.
No computer can predict better just click for source this if using a standard Roulette Wheel and ball.
What we are showing in the graph above is the natural scatter of the ball, the ball strikes the rotor and then can travel further before coming to its final rest place.
Even then, the ball can scatter where ever it likes.
As there is 37 pockets 38 on a US wheel the ball could finish up at anyone of those 37 38 pockets.
Luckily, although the ball does scatter, it tends to scatter with a predictable scatter pattern with a large hump where the most hits are at the peak of the hump.
Looking at the graph above, we can deduce for an absolute fact for the video of the roulette spins that if we bet on the highest number of hits in a roulette computer buy pocket sector, then we can only obtain a possible maximum 25 hits out of 92 spins.
This further reduces our hit rate and although you can mathematically make a roulette computer calculate these other strike diamonds, it cannot predict where it will exactly strike the diamond!
The EVOLUTION ROULETTE COMPUTER predicts 22 of those maximum possible 24 hits in a 5 pocket sector.
This gives us a massive 62% edge over the house which is pretty good!
We rewind the video, so we finished up betting 95 bets.
How To Use No complex set ups, only fine adjustment, can be used immediately.
This can be predict instantly, no waiting, its not limited to ROTOR SPEED or BALL SPEED!
To Capture Data There is an extra switch to capture Data or Play, you simply switch it over to chose.
Setting up— first we capture some ball timings using the device and load them into the device, this means you simply press the switch when the ball passes a diamond repeatedly.
Switched pressed in your pocket or through your trouser material.
Then you take a ball timing by pressing the switch when the ball passes a vertical diamond and releasing when its done a complete revolution.
Output-The unit transmits roulette computer buy number to you without you having to look at the Rotor.
Example number 31 Unit vibrates 3 short vibrations, pauses, then 1 short vibration.
Example number 0 Zero is long Vibrate Example number 10 Unit vibrates 1 short vibration, then pauses, then one long vibration i love russian roulette clothing Zero.
We only predict numbers with Pip values up to 5, making the unit pick the nearest number with pip values no greater than 5.
Example, if it predicted 35, we pick 3 instead, the number next door!
We have a neat trick for predicting Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise numbers instantly.
How confident are we about our Roulette Computers The only supplier to offer you this sort of product through eBay and Paypal!
We offer a no quibble roulette computer buy day money back guarantee on all our products if you find it does not satisfy you in any way, just ship back with insurance and tracking and we will refund your purchase in full.
Check our 100 % Feedback on contact me directly for further information: prof.
We originally designed our computers to beat level wheels over 25 years ago.
It is more profitable to target Tilted wheels and they are more common to find in casinos.
There is no other supplier I know that has a computer that can beat level wheels other than ourselves because of our superior applied mathematical skill.
LINK to original Story at The Guardian Newspaper who visited us in person after a team took £1.
Consistent reliable edge obtained from 25% to 120% depending on conditions of roulette computer buy and ball.
This is Https://chakefashion.com/roulette/real-life-russian-roulette-liveleak.html a Casino Surveillance Expert Mike Barnett had to say about us and did seem to know who we were linked with in the past.
Mike Is a Professional and the Investigator of The Ritz Casino Affair where £1.
He is used throughout the casino industry all over the world for his vast knowledge on applying techniques to beat the casinos.
Although we are not great friends, I still have utmost respect for his knowledge, skill and expertise.
Click image to enlarge.
Authorship : Mark Anthony Howe Copyright 2019 ©.