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Finding a Safe Online Casino to Play
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Online vs Live Gambling Play - Should You Play Offline in 2020
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7 Things You Should Know Before Joining an Online Casino
The Best Online Casinos for 2019 — Reviews of the Top Casino Sites in the UK More and more players are discovering the benefits of playing at an online casino.
Yet at the same time, the rising popularity of casino sites is also opening the door to rogue operators who are looking to take advantage of unsuspecting gamblers.
It has therefore never been more important to only play at the best safe and reputable casinos.
Our team of experts have put dozens of UK online casinos to the test and have created detailed casino reviews for the best ones, verifying their safety to ensure that players from the United Kingdom can enjoy a secure gaming environment and avoid scams.
We carry out thorough checks to verify that an operator is safe to ensure that we separate the reliable and trustworthy online casinos from the dodgy ones.
We fill you in on.
We only recommend sites that provide terms and conditions and.
This list of criteria enables us to offer reliable online casino reviews that you can trust.
It is a solid framework for us to compare and rate online casinos, ensuring that our scores are accurate and that only the best websites get our recommendation.
We can also recommend.
Test Results: The Best Casino Sites for Players in the UK We leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding top online casinos in the UK.
Our team have put dozens of operators to the test, assessing and analysing them according to our strict set of criteria.
On our site, you will find in-depth reviews of over 80 online casinos that get our recommendation.
To help you even further, we have whittled down the selection to provide you with a concise list of the 5 best online casino operators for players residing in the United Kingdom.
The following operators are safe, licenced, and legitimate.
They feature exceptional game selections, generous and fair bonuses, as well as swift and secure deposits and withdrawals.
With all factors considered, these operators received the highest overall rating of all the UK online casinos we reviewed.
They are suitable for all types of players, from beginners to seasoned pros and everyone in between.
We have provided direct links to reviews of each operator, for those of you that want to know more details about the casino.
We have also provided a link that will take you directly to the casino where you can instantly get into what the casino has to offer.
You can grab the new player bonus and start to play real money games right away, or you can try out the games and features on the site for free at your own pace.
You may also be interested in checking out rest of the list of casinos which passed our strict tests for safety.
There you will find the hottest new operators on the market and you can take advantage of the bonuses that they have on offer.
Protecting Against Scams when Playing for Real Money It is actually fairly easy to spot a secure online casino, once you know what to look for.
We have put together a guide for you, which will enable you to quickly and easily separate the rogue operators from the honest ones.
Below, you can see where security relevant info can be found on a typical casino site.
As such, you will be fully informed and will understand why our recommended real money casinos can be trusted.
An Official Gambling Licence Is the Foundation for a Safe Playing Environment For an online casino to secure a remote gambling licence, they must meet strict standards.
Once a licence has been awarded, operators are also regularly monitored by independent authorities to ensure compliance with the requirements.
As such, these comprehensive guidelines are the most important defence against being ripped off.
Before you even consider signing up at an online casino, you should take a moment to check out its licencing credentials.
The information listed above will give you key details about the operator and in turn verify the trustworthiness of the casino.
We also advise you to check the authenticity of the licence.
You will now find out about the three most important European gambling authorities that licence and regulate online casinos.
For us Brits, the most important of these is the UK Gambling Commission.
Every online casino that accepts players residing in the UK must, by law, be licensed by the authority.
Yet the Malta Gaming Authority and the Government of Gibraltar are also of importance in verifying the quality of an operator, as each authority has its own strict set of standards and requirements.
UK Gambling Commission Address Gambling Commission, Victoria Square House Victoria Square, Birmingham, B2 4BP, England Email Phone 0121 230 6666 Founded 1.
Established under the Gambling Act of 2005, the Commission is responsible for regulating commercial gambling in Great Britain.
Furthermore, with the introduction of the Gambling Licencing and Advertising Act 2014, it became a legal requirement for any operator wanting to provide or advertise gambling services to consumers within Britain to obtain a licence from the authority.
A licence issued by the UKGC verifies that an online casino is safe and legit.
Whilst a UK licence is mandatory for online casinos that accept British players, it is also a seal of approval for the protection of players against scams, which is respected in the industry worldwide.
The Gambling Commission strictly regulates the market and the penalties against operators who, for instance, promote bonuses with unclear or unfair conditions are severe.
They issue harsh fines and can also withdraw licences.
This has far-reaching consequences for such providers due to the loss of confidence in the operator.
Both the Malta Gaming Authority and the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner issue remote gambling licences to online casinos.
Both authorities have high standards in place to gain a licence, which has earned them a solid reputation within the iGaming industry.
This is also a reason why both countries have long since.
In the following table, you can see the details of other respected European regulatory bodies and licencing authorities.
You may also see some of these logos on trusted casino websites.
It is worth noting that while the and the may be based in Europe, the countries are self-governing dependencies of the British Crown and are not part of the UK or the European Https://chakefashion.com/play/play-cleopatra-slot.html />How the Application Process for an Official Licence Works In order to get a gambling licence, the process is thorough with many checks required.
Using the example of the UK Gambling Commission we will briefly show you how the process works.
Of course, the process may vary slightly from one authority to another, yet the basic principles remain the same when applying for a licence from Gibraltar and Malta.
In the following infographic, you can see a general visual overview of the application process for a UK online casino licence.
The check this out process, from receipt of the application to the issue of a licence generally takes around 16 weeks, provided all necessary documentation has been supplied.
The number of steps that are in place before the authority will grant a licence ensure that the operator is safe.
This also applies to the regular checks that are carried out after the licence has been granted.
At any point during the process, the application will be rejected if the applicant cannot provide satisfactory answers or if any incorrect information has been provided.
A new application will then need to be submitted and the process will start over once again.
Applying for and renewing an existing licence is expensive.
Below, you can see at a glance the costs involved, using should you play online casino example of the UKGC.
Licencing Fees with the UK Gambling Commission Fee Category Annual Gross Gambling Yield Application Fee Annual Fee F1 Less than £550,000 £2640 £2709 G1 £550,000 — £2 million £6452 £6488 G2 £2 million — £5.
For any profits made from remote gaming played by anyone who usually lives in the UK, the taxes are paid to HM Revenue and Customs HMRC.
The standard rate of Remote Gaming Duty in the UK is 15%.
This must be paid on the gross gambling yield over the entire financial year.
When you consider that the MGA has awarded more than 450 licences, this amounts to a substantial sum, which has a positive effect on the state budget of the small country.
As such, it is in the interests of the Maltese state to maintain and promote the trustworthiness and integrity of such gambling licences.
The same applies to the Government of Gibraltar.
The Security of Your Money When you deposit money at an online casino, it is in good hands with a reputable operator, thanks to the licencing requirements.
One of these requirements is that using high end encryption technology.
This makes transferring money to and from online casino sites as safe as online banking.
If яблочко craps center bets suspect an online casino scam with an operator who has your money, you can expect help from regulators.
Furthermore, in the event of serious difficulties, the gambling authority can act as a mediator and can take over the control of customer credit.
This may be necessary where a casino operator files for bankruptcy or is unable to pay out player funds themselves.
Encryption and Data Protection A significant part of licencing requirements is dedicated to the safety and protection of your personal data.
Data protection regulations stipulate that no personal data about players may be passed on to third parties.
For the many online casinos that are based in Malta or Gibraltar, the strict guidelines associated with General Data Protection Regulation in EU law are binding.
The encryption standards required by online casinos are comparable to those used in online banking and online shops such as Amazon.
It must not be further Processed in any manner incompatible with those purposes.
Gambling Commission The secure transmission of data on the internet is ensured by Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure HTTPS.
SSL certificates are used to encrypt the transfer of data on the internet.
There is a simple check you can carry out yourself to ensure that the connection is truly secure.
In Google Chrome, this works by clicking the green padlock icon that appears before the web address in the browser.
On the pop up, you will see Certificate Valid.
When you click on it, a window will open with certificate information.
From there, you can click on Issuer Statement where you will find a link to the official website of the certification authority.
The process works in a similar way for other browsers, such as Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari.
The safe online casinos featured on our site will most likely hold an SSL certificate provided by one of the following certification authorities.
Selected SSL Certification Authorities Comodo Cybersecurity Comodo Cybersecurity RapidSSL RapidSSL DigiCert DigiCert GlobalSign GlobalSign Thawte Thawte Symantec Symantec GoDaddy GoDaddy An SSL certificate creates an encrypted connection between your web browser and a secure web page.
The certification body Thawte compares this process with the sealing of a letter before sending it.
The companies listed above are among the most respected and reliable internet security service providers and as such, their products are used by countless websites worldwide.
If you want to learn more about the security and data protection methods an online casino is using, make sure to check out its pravicy policy and terms and conditions page.
I have made hundreds of bets, but the games just do not pay out — they must be rigged.
It is a scam!
Yet statistically speaking, if you place bets in a licenced online casino, then the statement has no foundation.
To explain why, in the following section we will take a closer look at random number generators and payout rates.
This is also referred to as RTP or Return to Player.
House edge, on the other hand, is the expression used to refer to the part of wagers that is retained by the casino.
There are two different types of RTP; actual and theoretical payout rates.
The actual payout figure always refers to total payouts over a certain period of time, usually a month.
It is normal for the payout rate to vary a little from one period to another.
On average, a secure online casino pays over 95% of stakes back to players.
You may even find that a payout rate can temporarily rise to over 100%.
Individual games have different RTP values.
These are theoretical values are built on the rules and probabilities of the game and the algorithms of the random number generators.
You will find the theoretical RTP of a game within the game rules and instructions.
The RTP of some games reflects the true mathematical probability built into the game rules, such as roulette European variant 97.
With online slots, on the other hand, the odds are programmed by the game developer.
Typically, these range from around 95% to 96%, yet there are also games which fall outside this range with higher and lower returns.
Volatility also impacts the slot machine playing experience.
Volatility is how often the slot pays out.
Some casino slots pay out little and often, whereas others payout out less frequently, yet the winnings are bigger.
It is important to understand that the theoretical payout percentage is achieved over millions of rounds of play.
As such, short periods of play do not necessarily reflect the RTP of the game.
If a player experiences a dry spell, it is perfectly expected within the probabilities of the game.
This does not mean that games are rigged.
A reliable, correctly functioning random number generator means that each game round is independent of the next.
The payout rates stated by a casino, as well as the reliability of the random number generator is verified by independent expert authorities.
Reputable online casinos will include the certificate of a test laboratory, as well as their monthly payout reports on the casino website.
In the table below, you can find details of the test laboratories which are approved by the UKGC.
Geldermalsen Netherlands 2010 Operators which are licenced in Malta and Gibraltar largely rely on the same test laboratories.
To verify their authenticity, click on the logo of the test certificate on the casino website.
If you are directed to the official website of the testing authority, then should you play online casino test results are confirmed, and you can be confident that you will not be ripped off.
Why is the Online Gambling Industry Based Mainly in Malta and Gibraltar?
At first, it may seem somewhat dubious that all of the casinos we present are based in one of the small Mediterranean countries.
You tend to trust companies that are based in say London or Manchester, more so than those in places you are not particularly familiar with.
Yet, how much do you actually know about Malta and Gibraltar?
One of the standout facts is that the two small countries have experienced quite remarkable economic growth over the past two decades.
The IT sector has played a significant role in this growth.
Upon closer inspection, this economic development is not particularly surprising.
The last point in particular, membership of the European Union is important when considering whether you trust online casinos from these small countries.
This is because the operators must meet the same strict legal framework and high economic standards as the UK, Germany or Sweden for access to the European market.
Businesses and the EU trust these countries, and you can too.
As for the gambling industry, the two small EU members simply recognised the sign of the times much quicker than others article source created a comprehensive online gambling framework.
So, it is perfectly understandable that so many gambling operators and companies that develop games for real money and software today have at least one branch in Malta or Gibraltar.
Safe and Fast Transactions with a Variety of Payment Methods There is no shortage of payment options which you can use at trusted UK online casinos.
PayPal, bank transfer and credit cards are among the most popular methods, yet our top-rated casinos also offer a selection of other options for convenient and fast payment transactions.
Below, you will find some of the most popular options and you can find out further details about them on the dedicated subpages.
Millions of customers worldwide trust read more e-wallet every day.
The e-wallet is continue reading at a wide selection of UK casino sites.
When you make a https://chakefashion.com/play/how-to-play-craps-with-only-dice.html at an online casino, in most cases, it will be processed instantly.
The only exception to the rule is bank transfers, which take longer to reach your player account.
Depositing is simple and straightforward.
You open the secure cashier, select the payment method you want to use and enter the amount you wish to deposit.
The minimum amount you can deposit is usually around £10, yet this can vary depending on the operator and the payment method you use.
Once your deposit has been made, you can start to play real money casino games right away.
When you make your first deposit at an online casino, you will usually be eligible to benefit from a welcome bonus.
As such, you should consider if you want to accept the bonus prior to making your first deposit.
It is important to read and understand the bonus terms and conditions before accepting an offer.
most played casino game on facebook of understanding of bonus conditions is one of the accept. texas holdem mathematical strategy will causes from complaints amongst casino players, as it can prevent you from withdrawing your winnings or invalidate the offer.
We explain the types of bonuses, promos and their requirements.
When it comes to making a withdrawal, the process is not as swift.
It can take 1 — 2 days for the operator to process your request.
Once authorised, the length of time taken for your funds to be credited to you will depend on the payment method used.
Generally speaking, payouts to e-wallets are completed fastest, with credit card and bank transfers taking longer.
You should keep in mind that upon making your first withdrawal, and for withdrawing large sums, the operator will need to before they will authorise the cash out request.
Most operators apply a maximum limit to the amount that you can deposit and withdraw each month.
Many operators allow higher limits for VIP players and high rollers.
You can find out more about high stakes games and providers that cater to players with large bankrolls on.
At some shady casinos, you may find a clause within the terms and conditions that restricts the payment of jackpot wins.
Rather than being able to cash out the whole amount, the win will be paid in instalments over a lengthy period of time.
Needless to should you play online casino, at the reliable casinos we recommend, jackpots are exempt from such pedantic restrictions and you can withdraw the entire win in one go, even if you.
Of course, it goes without saying that when you make payments at a trusted online casino, all to ensure they are safe and secure.
Do You Have to Pay Fees to Deposit and Withdraw?
In most cases, legit online casinos will not charge any fees for processing deposits and withdrawals.
The vast majority of the casinos that we feature on our site process payments fee-free.
Yet, if any do charge a levy on payments, this is clearly visible so that you are not duped.
Regardless of whether an operator charges fees or not, you should keep in mind that your chosen payment method may charge fees of its own.
Using a credit card to deposit may include a charge for a cash advance.
Likewise, e-wallets may impose a service charge in some cases.
You should check the terms of your payment method of choice to make sure that you are aware of any possible fees.
Do You Have to Pay Taxes on Winnings?
The great news for UK citizens is that you do not need to pay any online casino with free play on winnings from gambling.
This covers all types of gambling, including sports betting, bingo, lottery and casino games.
In 2001, the then Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown announced that betting tax would be abolished.
Further changes for operators came into force from December 2014, when the government changed the way gambling tax was calculated.
It moved from a point of supply basis to a point of consumption tax.
As such, must be paid on gross gambling profits generated from UK customers, regardless of where the operator is based.
RGD is currently charged at 15% of profits from UK casino players.
The ID Check — How to Verify Your Account Respected online casinos will perform an identity check to verify that you are who you say you are.
The ID check may be performed shortly after you register an account, or when you make your first withdrawal.
ID checks are normal procedure and are a standard required by all licencing and regulatory bodies.
In most cases, you will need to provide the operator with a copy of an ID document, such as your passport or driving licence.
Proof of address will also be required, and this can be provided by a copy of a recent utility bill or bank statement.
You will also need to provide proof of your payment method, such as a picture of your credit card.
You can send copies of the required documents to the casino by email, post, or by contacting the customer service team.
From the Online Gambling Regulation of the Gambling Commission 36.
The identity check will need to be performed before an operator will authorise your first withdrawal.
Yet there are some operators who insist on verifying your account within 72 hours live play casino it being opened.
In fact, this is a standard recommended by the UK Gambling Commission.
Either way, it is advisable to supply your ID documents as soon as possible, to avoid any delays when it comes to cashing out.
A check may also be carried out when you withdraw significant sums of money.
The documents you send to the casino will be handled in accordance with European data protection regulations.
The operator will therefore not pass your information on to third parties.
Anyto protect it from being intercepted by fraudsters.
Quality Customer Support in English English is the default language used at all the best online casino sites.
Customer support is an important factor we assess when we test, compare and review online casinos.
There should be options to contact the casino at convenient times.
The best casinos for 2019 provide numerous convenient channels to contact their support team.
These include email, on-site contact form, telephone and live chat.
It is worth noting that telephone customer support is not always free of charge.
So, you should keep in mind that there may be possible fees if you choose to phone for help.
This is one of the reasons why customer support by phone is being omitted in favour of live chat.
For starters, live chat is a much cheaper option, for both players and operators.
It is also a more convenient option for many players.
For these reasons, we recommend using live chat for most customer support issues.
Of course, if your query is not urgent, email also provides a handy option.
Reliable casinos usually reply to email enquiries within one business day.
Everything You Need to Know About Casino Bonus Offers Welcome bonuses are very tempting, and they are one of the key advantages of playing at an online vs at a land-based casino, something that becomes even clearer in our reviews.
Seeing hundreds of pounds up for grabs can really catch your attention and entice you to sign up.
Yet at the same time, we know from reading forums and from talking to operators that players have many questions and frustrations with bonuses.
All too often, the terms are poorly explained, or players simply do not pay enough attention to them before they accept an offer.
Players become disillusioned and accuse online ex casino cards of fraud.
Yet operators are quick to point out the bonus conditions.
In many cases, players have not fully read or understood all of the terms before claiming the bonus.
A Bonus is not free money!
To receive the bonus, you must fulfil certain conditions.
Only then, once you fully understand the terms should you accept the bonus!
In the following section, we will briefly explain the most important terms that are linked to casino bonuses.
This will help you understand how we have rated the offers in our test, and it will give you a better understanding of whether or not to accept a bonus.
We also advise that you always read the bonus terms and conditions and ask customer support in case of uncertainty, to help you make a fully informed decision.
You can also find more detailed information on.
Wagering Requirements Perhaps the most significant of conditions that comes attached to a casino bonus is the wagering requirement.
This indicates the number of times you must play through the bonus.
Only once you have fulfilled the wagering requirement will the bonus be unlocked, and you will be able to withdraw any winnings you have made with it.
A bonus playthrough requirement of between 30x and 50x is a standard amount that you will find.
So, for example, if you receive a £100 bonus and the bonus has a wagering requirement of 30x, you will have to wager £100 x 30 £3000 on casino games to unlock your winnings.
In some cases, you will need to wager the sum of the deposit and the bonus.
Therefore, you should always check if the wagering requirement applies to the bonus alone, or the deposit and the bonus.
Game Contribution Depending on the house edge, not all casino games contribute the same amount towards meeting bonus wagering requirements.
In most cases, bets made on slots and scratch cards will count entirely towards the bonus playthrough yet wagers on table games including roulette, blackjack and different casino poker variants usually have a much lower weighting.
The weighting of a casino game is given as a percentage.
So, say for example you play blackjack with your bonus funds and bet £5 per hand.
If the conditions attribute a weighting of 10% to blackjack, then for every hand you play, just 50p of that will contribute towards fulfilling the wagering requirements.
You may also find that some casino bonuses exclude certain types of games and even some slots entirely from bonus play.
Time Limits There are 2 factors to take into consideration when it comes to time limits attached to bonuses.
For starters, you may only have a certain amount of time to claim a bonus once you have created a player account.
If you do not claim the bonus within the specified time frame, say 1 week for example, then you forfeit the chance to https://chakefashion.com/play/hot-to-play-slot-machines.html the bonus.
The other factor is how long you have to clear the wagering requirements once you have accepted the bonus.
You usually get between 21 — 60 days bonus validity, yet there are others with shorter and longer timeframes.
If you do not meet the conditions within the specified timeframe, the bonus will expire, along with any winning you have made with it.
Offers that have unreasonably short time limits are there to trick you.
Payouts and Winnings with the Bonus Balance It is often the case that it is not possible to make a withdrawal whilst a bonus is active, which can be rather frustrating.
Yet this in fact protects the casino against fraud with the given starting credit.
This also applies to winnings that were earned with a bonus.
They can only be withdrawn after the conditions have been met.
You should also be aware that if a bonus is claimed with a promo code, the terms may differ to the standard welcome bonus.
The same can be true of promotions, no deposit offers and free spins.
Not only may they have a different wagering requirement, they may also be valid for a more limited amount of time and games.
So, make sure you always check the terms and conditions related to such offers closely.
You can find more detailed information about and in our separate pages.
Free sports bet: Minimum deposit and stake £20 min odds 2.
Credited after all qualifying bets settled.
An offer that is considered fair in our online casino reviews and comparisons tells the player exactly what to expect when they accept the bonus.
In general, the longer the time limit, the lower the wagering requirement, and the higher the weighting of the game categories, the better the deal.
When all is said and done, you must assess the conditions of a bonus against your own needs to determine if you can meet them in the given timeframe.
If you should you play online casino not sure whether to accept the bonus, then decline the offer!
Once you get used to playing at a casino with real money, you can choose another website and accept the welcome bonus on offer there.
At online casinos, there are usually two different ways in which a bonus is given.
Either the bonus is automatically awarded upon making a deposit, or you must claim it yourself.
Therefore, if you decide you do not want to accept the welcome bonus offer, there are two different ways for you to do this.
In the first case, you will need to contact the customer support team immediately to decline the offer.
In the other case, you simply elect not to accept the bonus when you make your deposit.
Promotions, VIP and Loyalty Programs Whilst a welcome bonus entices new players to join a casino, the best gambling sites also boast a rich selection of promotions and loyalty rewards to benefit existing players.
The operators that we have tested and reviewed offer a whole range of special offers in addition to their welcome bonus.
These include both promos that recur regularly, as well as special one-off deals.
You will also find that the types of special offers vary from one operator to another.
Whilst some specialise in slots promotions, other operators feature promotions for table games more prominently.
The types of promotions the casino features will influence whether it is a good fit for you.
A prime example of a casino special promotion is the win a supercar worth over £100,000 prize draw that was featured at Mr Green.
As a member of the 888 VIP Casino Club, you get access to exclusive promotions and events, such as sporting events and music concerts.
The Red Ruby Rewards loyalty program at 32Red Casino ranges through 5 levels from bronze to Club Rouge, with extra benefits at each tier.
As with promotions, VIP and loyalty programs can differ from one casino to another.
If you plan to play regularly, or with high stakes, it is well worth comparing the types of loyalty schemes that are available.
If you find a scheme that matches your game preferences, it will in turn reduce the house edge and be a good match for your needs and playing habits.
Of course, we must point out that there are terms and conditions attached to all promotions, loyalty schemes and VIP programs.
Be sure that you have read and understood them before taking part.
Selection of Games from Top International Developers The best online casinos that you will find on this site feature a rich and varied selection of real money games that you can play on a desktop pc or a wide range of mobile devices.
The games at online casinos are predominantly provided by the big names in the play games online industry.
The market leaders areand.
Each of these game developers has over 20 years of online casino experience and have hundreds of games within their portfolios.
Experienced players will no doubt already be familiar with these leading suppliers.
In addition, there are many other companies that are making their mark on the online casino world.
Given the huge amount of choice when it comes should you play online casino game selection, you may find yourself wondering where to begin.
Yet there is a simple answer.
Wherever takes your fancy!
You see, a distinct advantage of online casinos is that you can try out games for free.
Therefore, you can try any games that appeal to you at your own pace, when it suits you, with no risk involved.
The following sections will give you a brief overview of the game check this out that you will find at one of our recommended online casinos.
For more details, visit our.
Slots — The Most Popular Category Without doubt, the most popular casino game category is slots.
There are hundreds to choose from and they dominate the game selection at the best casino sites.
The selection ranges from one-armed bandit style classic slots with three reels, through to 3D and video slots, with over 200 paylines, cutting-edge graphics and outstanding sound effects.
As for themes, you name it, there is probably a slot based on it!
Popular slot themes include well-known films, fairy tales, fantasy, wildlife, adventure, sports and everything in between.
There is something for everyone!
Once such player favourite is Starburst.
The NetEnt slot boasts simple, yet engaging gameplay.
It features slick, sharp graphics and ethereal sound effects.
With innovative expanding wilds, wins paid both ways and an impressive RTP of 96.
Perhaps one of the best-loved slots, not just in the UK but worldwide is Book of Ra from.
The Egyptian themed slot is packed full of authentic imagery, with symbols including scarabs, golden god icons and the infamous book, which triggers the free spins bonus.
There have been several follow-ups to the hit slot, including Book of Ra Deluxe.
No discussion of popular UK slots would be complete without mentioning Rainbow Riches.
Available at both land-based and online casinos, the Irish themed Barcrest slot is the original in a long line of games based on the theme.
Rainbow Riches Free Spins At reputable online casinos, slots usually have an RTP higher than 95%.
When you compare this to the RTP of slot machines in pubs, arcades and land-based casinos, this provides great value.
Plus, at a legit UK casino sites, these.
You will find that there are many myths surrounding slots payouts.
As such, we have provided more information about security against slot manipulation and examined these allegedly sure-fire ways to win at slots on our.
Big Money Jackpots When you play slots at an online casino, you can play for much higher prizes than those on offer at arcades and pubs.
This is because popular progressive jackpot slots, such as Mega Moolah, Jackpot Giant and Mega Fortune have pooled jackpots.
A proportion of every wager placed by each player at every online casino around the world contributes to the jackpot prize pool.
These jackpots can build to epic amounts before they are cracked and often pay out prizes in the millions.
Check out the current jackpots up for grabs in some of the most popular jackpot slots: £ 123,123 In addition to these three flagships of the big providers, Microgaming, Playtech and NetEnt, they also offer a variety of other jackpot games.
This includes likes of Age of the Gods Roulette.
As the name suggests, this is a more info game which includes a jackpot bonus round.
There are many jackpots provided by other developers too, including IGT, Blueprint Gaming, Yggdrasil and more.
Needless to say, you will find plenty of jackpots to play for at our top-rated online casinos.
Our recommended casinos featurewith both European and American versions available.
The popular card game is also well represented.
It is not simply traditional, classic versions of these well-loved games which are available to play on the internet either.
There are many unique and innovative versions of the classics which you can try your hand at.
Some of the most interesting game variants include Pinball Roulette, Multiwheel Roulette, Blackjack Switch, 21 Duel Blackjack and Pontoon.
Baccarat and Sic Bo are also featured at most good online casinos, as well as dice games like craps.
Live Dealer Casino Games Live casino games are amongst the most exciting and entertaining that you can play at an online casino.
They bridge the gap between playing casino games on the internet and at a brick-and-mortar casino.
Games are streamed in high definition, providing a quality real gaming experience.
The friendly and professional dealers will welcome you to the table by name and you can chat with them and the other players, creating a truly engaging and enjoyable playing experience.
The selection of live games is ever expanding, with some interesting variants of classic games featured.
Except with the different types of games, casinos also differ from each other with the variations of their games.
One of the most innovative game variants you can play with a real dealer is Please click for source Roulette by Evolution Gaming.
This game features HD quality video streaming, multiple camera angles, and slow-motion close-ups of the action.
Blackjack Party is another unique game variant, with a dealer and co-host duo and upbeat music that creates a high-energy party atmosphere.
A relatively new addition to the live game selection is Dream Catcher.
This Money Wheel game has the feel of a fun-filled TV game show.
You can find out more about the game selection, streaming quality and providers on.
Other Games Categories At the top online casinos in the UK, you will also find plenty of other types of games available.
There are numerous visit web page poker machines, with popular variants such as Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild included.
Also available are scratch cards, baccarat, keno, bingo, lottery games and arcade games.
If you want to try out one of these lesser known games, many casinos give you the opportunity to play for free.
This is a great way to get to grips with the rules and gameplay before you play with your own cash.
Stable Software on Desktop and Mobile Devices When we review online casinos, stable software is a standard we insist upon.
It is only reasonable to expect that a casino site and its games run flawlessly across multiple platforms.
We expect quality software that works well on both desktop PCs as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.
Nowadays, it is unusual to have to download casino software.
Most casino sites enable you to play games instantly directly in the browser.
When everything runs smoothly, you do not even notice the important role that software plays.
In our casino tests, we also take into consideration the usability of the website.
It is only when you see error messages, when games crash, and when the website is not intuitively designed that you start to appreciate the importance of well-designed software.
Yet the fact is that it is a complicated task to develop a casino software platform that meets all the requirements for stability, flexibility and ease of use.
It is for this reason that operators do not usually develop the software for their casino sites themselves.
One exception to this rule is 888Casino, with its in-house Dragonfish platform.
Most real money gaming operators turn to specialist software developers to design and power their sites.
These include the aforementioned game developers, Playtech and Microgaming, as well as so-called white label developers.
Ultimately, operators such as our top casinos benefit indirectly from the experiences and the huge amounts of customer feedback from other operators.
In this way, the best casino sites are constantly being optimised and any possible errors ate quickly identified and resolved.
Real Money Games on All Mobile Devices Mobile gaming has never been more popular, and in recent years, operators have made it a priority to provide their services across multiple platforms.
Mobile compatibility is no longer an optional extra for an online casino, it is a necessity to be considered a top casino.
Respected online casinos offer user-friendly, intuitive apps that feature a rich selection of games that have been optimised for touchscreen operation.
The best mobile casinos are compatible with iOS and Android devices.
You do not even need to download any software, you can launch the casino in the browser of your smartphone or tablet and play games instantly.
Many UK online casinos also offer the option to download native apps.
For iPhone and iPad users, there are often official casino apps that can be downloaded for free from the iTunes Store.
Until recently, the Google Playstore did not allow real money gambling apps to be featured.
Yet this has now changed, and casinos that hold a are permitted to provide their casino apps for download from the store.
In many cases, the native apps and the instant play, web-based apps are virtually identical.
It comes down to a matter of personal preference as to whether to install a native app or whether to play instantly in your mobile browser.
For more detailed information about casino apps, mobile-friendly games and trusted providers, check out our.
Responsible Gambling It is our view that player protection is not limited to rip-offs, fraud and online casino scam but should always include responsible gambling measures.
It is a licencing requirement for operators to actively promote responsibility when playing for real money and offer support and options for anyone affected by problem gambling.
Respectable operators work in co-operation with various independent organisations and charities that specialise in the research and prevention of gambling addiction and provide support to those in need of help.
When conducting our online casino reviews, we found the logos of the following 3 organisations featured most prominently at trusted casino sites.
It is administered by GambleAware, the charity that funds prevention, education, treatment services and research into problem gambling.
Their services include a forum, chat room, literature and a meeting finder, where problem gamblers can find support for their issues.
They also work to raise awareness of problem gambling through education to prevent it from occurring.
Responsible online casinos provide you with an array of self-help tools to help you manage and stay in control of your gambling.
You will find links to tests where you can self-assess whether your gambling habits warrant concern.
You will also find options to set limits on the amount you can deposit and reality checks that alert you to the amount of time you spend playing on a casino site.
There are even options for a complete self-exclusion which you can set at any time.
If you have any concerns about your gambling and need help or advice, then you will find free, confidential support available at the 3 organisations listed above.
You can also find further organisations and services that are available in the UK on the.
To conclude, our advice is to take a sensible approach to gambling.
Set a budget and do not chase your losses.
Play for fun, know your limits and stay in control.
Conclusion of Our Online Casino Test and Comparison As you have no doubt noticed, we focused heavily on security in order to identify the best online casino websites.
In our opinion, you need to be certain that you will be in safe hands in order to have the best possible experience when playing real money games online.
We have thoroughly checked the credentials of operators when carrying out our online casino reviews, and only those that meet our strict criteria get our recommendation and are featured on our site.
On this page, we have provided a list of the best casinos in the UK and links to a detailed review for each and every one of them.
Yet we have also given you a detailed guide that you can use to recognise safe online casinos for yourself, to ensure that you avoid scams and rogue operators.
The best advice we can give is to sign up for free at one of our best online casinos and try out the provider and their games for yourself.
Only if you are impressed by what you see should you then make a deposit.
If there is a certain factor that is important for you when it comes to choosing an online casino, then you may want to check our dedicated pages that highlight the best casinos for specific criteria.
You can find, for example, the best casinos that accept PayPal, top casinos for slots and the best bonuses.

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Tips On Protecting Your Money And Privacy When Playing Online
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The same cannot be said of unregulated, offshore casinos and poker rooms, which operate with little to no oversight and are free to treat customers as they please, without fear of consequences.
While should you play online casino gaming has been legal in the Garden State since 2013, unlicensed gambling sites remain open for business, and have proven difficult for US authorities to shut down.
The free availability and should you play online casino of both and unregulated sites can pose a danger to the average consumer, who might not understand — or care about — the difference, and put themselves at undue risk.
https://chakefashion.com/play/how-old-to-play-at-morongo-casino.html trust visit web page money with offshore casinos, and why you should stay away from them at all costs.
When accountant Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2003, exploded in popularity, fueling the rise of gray market sites likePacific Poker andall of which were headquartered outside of the US.
During these Wild West days of the industry, poker sites advertised aggressively on television, leading many casual players should you play online casino believe, falsely, that the companies were in some way licensed or regulated by the government.
Legislation forces sites to choose In 2006, Congress decided to should you play online casino a stop to the party and making it illegal for US banks to process money for US-facing Internet gambling sites.
Some operators, like the publicly traded Party Gaming, pulled out of the country, while others, like Absolute Poker APUB, PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, decided to flout the law and dig in their heels.
Rubberstamp regulators To give a semblance of legality, AP and UB, both owned by the same company at the time, boasted of being regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission KGCa quasi-legal regulatory should you play online casino based in Mohawk tribe territory near Montréal, Canada.
According to NJ gaming law, new slot games free poker site operators must have employees dedicated to rooting out cheating, chip dumping or any other fraud committed at the poker tables.
Thousands of players saw their account balances become untouchable.
Had these companies been properly regulated, auditors would have discovered that the rogue sites had not segregated player deposits from operating capital, as they had claimed to do on their websites.
Instead, they dipped into the reservoir of player cash should you play online casino pay for company expenses and marketing.
In New Jersey, legal gambling sites must keep player balances in untouched, segregated accounts.
To verify this, operators are required to routinely send detailed financial reports to the DGE, some of which are.
While online poker has faced a decline in the country since 2011, there are still several US-facing offshore casino sites offering and table games to unsuspecting New Jersey gamblers, which can be just as dangerous.
These are only a few possibilities patrons need to keep in mind if they decide to play at offshore should you play online casino />To ensure game fairness, the DGE tests all gaming equipment and software in its lab at the Technical Services Bureau TSB before it can go live in the casino or online.
Once based in the Isle of Man, Scheinberg served as the company CEO during the Black Friday raids and was still technically under indictment by the DOJ.
Having his name attached to the site put a dark cloud over the company, and was enough for the DGE to have serious doubts about allowing it into New Jersey.
To realize his dream of bringing PokerStars back to the US, and to appease the DGE, Scheinberg decided to in 2014, putting the operation in the hands of completely new owners.
With the acquisition, the site was finally granted its license and opened up shop in March 2016, more than two years after the industry had gone live in the Garden State.
The grueling process endured by PokerStars to earn its license highlights the strict standards the DGE demands of not just gaming software, but of company employees and execs.
Stick to the legal options Hundreds of shady, black-market sites have come and gone through the years, leaving a trail of angry customers in their wake.
While these sites always run the risk of being shut down by the DOJ, they can also simply fold, disappear or scam you out of your hard-earned cash at any given time.
When searching for a reputable online casino in New Jersey, it is absolutely imperative that you stick with only those officially licensed by the state.

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