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Kid Rock has been there.
He wants to catch a shark.
A shark would be good.
Kid Rock — shirt off, sunglasses on — takes the chair from where the biggest deep-sea catches are reeled in, a central raised throne bolted to the back of the deck, and watches the coast of Jamaica recede.
He looks happy and comfortable.
These days, Kid Rock is used to being the king of it all: the king of old-school partying and take-no-prisoners boasting; the king who has cut through the false modesties, nervous ironies and uncertain melodies of our times with check this out own clever, crude, anthemic upsurges; the king who predicted his each and every triumph while recording Devil Without a Cause, the album that then went on to crown him.
And now — on this blustery, sundrenched Wednesday in Jamaica, beer in his hand, sharks on his mind, his freshly braided hair swinging in the wind — he assumes his position as the king of the sea.
Related Up and down, up and down, the boat pushes through the waves.
After twenty minutes, Kid Rock gestures to the crew.
They think he is a crazy American joker.
He repeats the message more forcefully.
Then he reaches for a plastic bucket and begins vomiting.
Popular on Rolling Stone Though he is the only one to need the bucket, most of us are feeling rough, and no one says much until we clamber ashore.
Now I got to go and eat again.
It takes about ninety seconds ashore for him to start talking of his sea adventure as a funny story about something that happened once.
It also takes about ninety seconds for him to be approached by a hotel guest.
Days mostly involve drinking around the pool.
He can sing his ass off, and he can play.
The sappiest song ever.
Certain songs fit certain occasions.
He died about five years ago.
Put a shotgun in his mouth.
But I do, I really do.
Sometimes he thinks about this.
Bobby, as his parents have always called him, was the third of four children.
His parents met at Michigan State University.
Bill Ritchie was just graduating, at the top of his class, as a business major.
His wife-to-be, Susan, a freshman and a cheerleader, dropped out when they got married.
She was still in her teens.
His parents liked to have fun, and they would often host barn parties on Friday nights.
During the days, he would listen to their big stereo and imagine that the people he heard —, Marshall Tucker, — were little people jamming right there inside the box.
Instead he got a drum machine and, later, some turntables.
Other sadder, less musical events also inspired him.
His older brother, Billy, lost a leg at the age of seven.
He started rapping introductions for the members of his crew.
They were called blackjack double down pulling tractor Furious Funkers.
It was always kind of funny for me to do stuff that was kind of, not shocking, but.
How is an early-morning stoned pimp different from a regular pimp?
And, in the midst of this, the early-morning stoned pimp is.
Sitting on his throne, right on his bed, sipping a Budweiser or something, feeling mighty fine.
As she does so, she talks about it and happens to use the word crimp.
You come and let it all out.
Her friend asks for the same, so he stands behind her, cupping both breasts.
Another girl comes up and starts stroking his bare stomach, over and over, only pausing to flick her fingers through the fluffy whiskers on his chin.
A Jamaican man interrupts.
You should give me your number.
One of them hands out Skittles and talks about her homework.
He is, of course, used to these temptations, expectations and invitations.
These days, Kid Rock has other thoughts, other priorities.
Kid Rock has a girlfriend.
He is dating model and actress James King.
She will be arriving here tomorrow.
This year they attended the Grammys together, but just as friends.
He concedes that during that evening together, he was beginning to wonder.
The next week they were seen out together in Detroit.
No, but, you know.
And you can just switch that off?
It was going that way anyway.
Why do you think that is?
I blackjack double down pulling tractor some guys that are bitches, too.
What characterizes that to me is someone who is a liar, that is manipulative, deceitful, has an agenda.
And if someone interprets, from the way you sing about those people, a generalized hostility toward women and is offended.
No, of course not.
I mean, I live.
So, no, not at all.
They can suck it, too.
At the time, it is important to remember, Kid Rock had three albums to his name.
The first, Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast, came out on Jive Records in 1990.
He grew his hair out, entered his druggiest period and moved to an indie label to make The Polyfuze Method.
His second and third albums were modest local successes but very far from platinum.
And it is true: When you listen to it now, it is hard to remember that the album was made by a man largely untroubled by an overabundance of money, fame and attention.
The record assumed these things and predicted them, and they came to be.
He spent the night there with Kracker, Jason and some other friends after their celebrations on the day they were signed to Atlantic Records mutated into a bar brawl.
I just knew that was what it was going to be like.
Bats fly round us, and he worries that one will https://chakefashion.com/blackjack/craps-buy-bet.html in the room.
He says he went to the Cayman Islands on a family vacation when he was about twelve, and winces.
He had a little fun — he remembers breaking into the bar one night with some other kids — but not much.
He was always good at making you feel stupid in front of people.
But updating applies to the music only.
Kid Rock is keeping the lyrics exactly as they were, whatever upset it causes.
That was when he started selling a few drugs himself.
It was fucking a sin to touch that shit.
You touch that shit in the hood when you were selling, someone would beat your fucking ass, because crack was bad, it was fucking bad.
But you did take crack subsequently?
I had a look at it pre-Junior.
Went through a little phase.
No, not at all.
They hype that shit up so big.
But just dabbled, you know.
Once maybe a click the following article or something.
Some of my buddies were doing it every fucking day and fucked their whole lives up.
I had friends die.
What did you make of it?
You feel all warm and mellow, man.
You get fucking hooked.
You look like shit.
Fucking junkies with fingernails all fucking dirty — or at least my friends were.
They just turned into scum.
They were some of my best friends from high school.
You always looked up to them — they were real witty and real smart, and were there with me a lot of the way, until they got all apologise, online blackjack fixed really up on drugs.
Which is a fundamental Kid Rock theme.
It works both ways.
But the trust-fund song is probably a little ways off.
Boy bands are trash!
I like Johnny Cash and Grandmaster Flash!
So if you do!
Give the next generation a big fuck-you!
Singing it, he sounds somewhere in between Paul Rodgers from Bad Company and Axl Rose.
Kid Rock excitedly cues up one more song.
Who wants to live long anyway?
His little boy, Junior, is six and a half.
And until you understand about that, you barely understand anything about Kid Rock.
On the plane to Detroit, we talk while James King dozes.
He recently had a guy over to explain the financial practicalities of private jets.
As we fly, I blackjack double down pulling tractor him about his recent encounter with the President when, as recently detailed in Rolling Stone, he showed some metal in their photograph.
That was pretty sweet.
What are his blackjack double down pulling tractor qualities?
How fucking pimp is that?
And then he got off!
He got out of it!
Setting people up and watching them fall, in a roundabout way where no one gets hurt, is fun.
At the airport in Pokerus sun, Kid Rock and James King head off.
He has something important to do tonight.
It tells the story of a black woman and a white man.
She got pregnant by the dope dealer; when he was sent to jail, she hooked back up with the white guy, and they started raising her son together.
In the next few years they had good times and bad times, and neither of them behaved impeccably.
She got pregnant again, and a little girl was born on the front seat of his car.
And not long after, they had a son.
She denies much of this story and has brought suit against Kid Rock and Rolling Stone for recounting it in a previous article.
I got all my documents from everyone involved, neighbors to teachers — everything.
Someone actually is doing it.
Puts on coffee, sorts out the trash.
The bear halogen light.
His mother is helping redecorate his house slot 3d online gratis of Detroit, and it drives her crazy.
I like a lot of material things.
He talks to himself.
He presses buttons, see more the phone keeps ringing.
Kid Rock shows me around.
Downstairs is the jukebox that Atlantic Records gave him, crammed with his rap, rock and country favorites: Molly Hatchet, Steve Miller,Waylon Jennings, David Allan Coe, Hank Williams, Hank Williams Jr.
People know he lives here.
They drive up his driveway, playing his music.
Double down on it.
Which record is it from?
I was so high when I wrote that record.
So when you wrote it, you thought it was the best hand on earth.
I probably did At 5:58, Kid Rock looks at his watch.
Junior smiles bashfully and returns to work.
Junior asks to join us.
David Allan Coe, who played an afternoon show in the Detroit suburbs, turns up.
Junior returns, bathed, dressed as Spider-Man and eating a banana.
Kid Rock explains to his son about bellybuttons.
Junior goes off to bed.
Kid Rock takes the guitar.
We could put that together in fifteen minutes.
Coe borrows my pen.
New country sucks my ever-loving ass.
If you take that much offense by it.
Really, really close friend.
I know who I am.
I mean, why fuck around?
And until I lose that.
Kid Rock sits at the keyboard, possessed, going through all of the preset sounds — cars revving, dogs barking, crowds cheering — finally settling on a banjo sound.
He asks Bradford to roll the tape and adds an entirely realistic banjo part, played on the keyboard first time through.
Triumphantly, he raises his arm.
The session is over, but the night goes on.
Coe picks up the guitar, sits on the sofa and performs.
His diabetes or something like that, Kid Rock mutters.
Kid Rock tells Junior, who yesterday got only a fifty on his test, that he has to do his spelling over.
If he slips at his schoolwork, Nintendo privileges are withdrawn.
Obviously, doing special stuff with my son — teaching him how to ride his motorcycle, stuff like that.
You see yourself in a lot of ways, and you kind of wonder.

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The Low Times and High Life of Kid Rock – Rolling Stone
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Kelly Slater’s Shock Wave
Will his invention democratize surfing or despoil it?
Slater has spent a career searching the world for waves, adapting to tricky conditions with unparalleled intuition.
Now his Surf Ranch, in California farm country, can produce a perfect wave on demand.
Photograph by Ben Lowy for The New Yorker The first few hours I blackjack double down pulling tractor at the W.
Surf Ranch, a wave pool built for surfing in the farmlands south of Fresno, California, were for me a blur.
I was fine on arrival, hiking through a little forest of scaffolding, eucalyptus, and white tents with a publicist from the Kelly Slater Wave Company, which built and runs the odds morongo blackjack />The valley heat was fierce but dry.
House music rode on a light northwest breeze.
We passed a bright-red antique row-crop tractor parked on wood chips.
Then I looked to my right and felt my mind yaw.
The wave was probably six hundred yards away, a sparkling emerald wall, with a tiny surfer snapping rhythmic turns off the top.
I had come expecting to see this wave, out here in cotton fields a hundred-plus miles from the coast.
Still, my reaction to it was involuntary.
Surfers spend much of their lives looking for high-quality waves.
Now a machine has been invented that churns out virtually flawless ones on command.
I had trouble paying attention.
Every four minutes, I had to turn and crane to watch a wave make its way the length of the pool.
Kelly Slater, who is forty-six, is the best surfer in history.
He was the youngest-ever world champion and the oldest-ever world champion.
He seemed to be always recovering from nearly falling off his board.
As he surfed better waves, the blackjack double down pulling tractor and the creativity of his surfing deepened, until he dominated the pro circuit so completely that he grew bored and retired.
A few years later, he returned to full-time competition and won five more world titles.
Inseparable from his surfing was his thinking—about what could be done on a wave, about board design, fin design, competition.
Slater might turn up at the Pipe Masters, one of the most watched events on the pro tour, riding a bizarrely small and odd-shaped board, and brusquely shove back the frontiers of blackjack double down pulling tractor />Early this year, a video was more info showing Slater slashing through powerful Hawaiian waves on a tiny double-bat-winged board.
Never mind that very few people have the chops click to see more ride it.
Slater has been thinking for decades about building an artificial wave.
The perfect setup would take surfing to every town in America and make the sport as mainstream as soccer.
Pools built specifically for surfing began to appear in the late nineteen-sixties, but even the best of them produced only weak, short, messy waves.
Finally, in December, 2015, an astonishing video was released.
His reaction to what he sees goes from anxious wonder to wide-eyed joy.
The next wave, when it comes peeling toward us, is coffee-colored, thin-lipped, impossibly clean.
Slater puts on a wetsuit, paddles out, and catches one.
Your eye bounces around the frame, trying to place this spot—shaggy pine trees, fences, what look like farm outbuildings.
It could be anywhere.
Slater appears in a closeup, crouched inside a shining tube, looking thoughtfully up at the pitching learn more here, now semitransparent.
It did feel as if something basic had changed—as if technology had, improbably, outdone nature.
Still, the artificial wave was not met with universal acclaim.
Many surfers felt that the future suddenly had a dystopian cast—mechanized, privatized, soulless.
The critics saw our pointless, difficult, obsessive pastime becoming exponentially more popular, and beloved home breaks ruined by terminal overcrowding.
People quickly figured out, using Google Earth, that the pool was in the San Joaquin Valley, near the farm town of Lemoore.
Nobody except Slater seemed to be surfing it, though, and it is still not open to the general public.
Everybody who rode the wave professed to be gobsmacked by its perfection.
The ride lasted nearly a minute—extraordinarily long.
In 2016, the World Surf League, a privately held company that owns and operates professional surfing, bought a controlling interest in the Kelly Slater Wave Company, including, of course, its pending patents.
The price was not disclosed, but Surf Ranch is said to have cost thirty million dollars to speak 21 blackjack unblocked phrase />A trickle of celebrities, billionaires, and other lucky winners of a golden ticket continued to surf the wave, in private sessions.
A couple of novelty events were held, with surfers competing, in one case, on national and regional teams—an odd format apparently meant to impress the International Olympic Committee, which is including surfing in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
The hope was that the committee could be persuaded to stage the competition in a quickly built Slater pool.
This was controversial, even among the pros, some of whom felt that Slater would enjoy a home-court advantage.
Beyond that, what would it mean to shift competition from the ocean, where so much of the game turns on reading waves wisely, to a tank where a machine spits out identical waves on a timetable?
The Surf Ranch Pro was scheduled for early September, and Surfline, a popular surf-forecasting Web site, cheekily added Lemoore congratulate, live dealer blackjack twitch can its list of spots.
I arrived on the first day of the maiden Surf Ranch Pro.
The early rounds of the contest were in progress, but there was no really good place from which to watch the surfing.
Often, live viewers were reduced to watching one of several jumbo screens erected above 4 deck blackjack counting eastern wall of the pool.
The big screens filled the long minutes between waves with highlight replays and commercials for Jeep and Michelob and Hurley.
I found the replays deeply confusing.
A slow-motion closeup of a great surfer like Carissa Moore tucking into a spiralling barrel was mesmerizing, but not because of what Moore was doing—she was, after all, invisibly deep for most of the clip.
It was a once-in-a-lifetime wave.
Of course, I was being absurd.
Every wave here did that.
Adam Fincham saw it differently.
Fincham, fifty-two, is a research associate professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering at the University of Southern California, specializing in geophysical fluid dynamics.
He was the one who took up the gauntlet when Slater, in 2006, came looking for help with his artificial blackjack double down pulling tractor />He had no idea who Kelly Slater was, but he enjoyed a challenge and recognized a fellow-obsessive.
Fincham, who was born in Britain and grew up in Jamaica, envisioned a soliton—a solitary wave that maintains its energy as it propagates.
The phenomenon was first described in 1834, by J.
Russell, a Scottish civil engineer and shipbuilder.
It seemed to contradict the reigning understanding of wave-water physics, but its existence was mathematically explained a few decades later.
Solitons are now significant in a number of fields, including neurology and fibre optics.
But no one had created a soliton in water on the scale that Slater wanted.
Working with other scientists from U.
They went down many blind alleys.
Fincham designed a system in which water rushed over a stationary hydrofoil, but it did not produce the desired result.
They tried a moving foil, pulled through the deepest part of the water.
That was more like it.
Getting the wave to break, symmetrically and hard, with a face curved in an ideal shape for surfing, was a blackjack double down pulling tractor of another order.
They studied great ocean waves, broke them down into millions of separate components—tiny cells of water and air, all interacting in a field of daunting nonlinearity—and then tried to rebuild them in the lab.
For these simulations, bathymetry—the exact shape of the bottom of the pool—was critical, and the scientists ran models on parallel supercomputers for weeks at a time.
By 2013, the team was ready to take the experiment outdoors.
Slater quietly bought the property near Lemoore, which included a long, narrow artificial lake.
Construction and testing proceeded under a thick blanket of secrecy.
There were, at one point, as many as three hundred employees.
To advise on the construction, Fincham brought in experts from the mining industry.
The Vehicle is about the size of three train cars, and looks from a distance like a tattered blue houseboat tipped up at an angle.
It is unmanned and travels, hauled by heavy cables, between two big winch houses at either end of the pool.
The most important part of the Vehicle is a hundred-ton iron blade, roughly a hundred and fifty feet long, that hangs half submerged from its western side.
The exact shape and dimensions of the Surf Ranch hydrofoil are a trade secret.
He chortled, but he did not stop peering across the water, assessing the waves and the state of the pool during the three minutes that it was left to settle between waves.
His team was apparently seeing discrepancies.
The foil beneath the Vehicle can run at different angles and at different speeds, to create different types of waves.
For this competition, all the waves were supposed to be exactly the same, but that could require tweaks as conditions changed.
Fincham gave mumbled instructions to staff members in a control tower, near the midpoint of the pool.
Perfection was a work in progress.
The idea of the perfect wave has been around surfing since I was a kid.
The holy grail in this case was a small, groomed, exquisite wave, peeling just off the rocks, and Brown assured us that, according to local fishermen, it broke like that three hundred days a year.
In fact, it seemed to break like that for the ninety minutes that Brown was filming, and then the tide came up, or the wind shifted; waves of that quality have never again been seen at Cape St.
Breaking waves in the ocean are fleeting, complex events, each one unique.
There are great surf spots, to be sure, but there is no such thing in nature as a perfect wave.
Photographs from that day suggest that neither I nor the next guy would have dared to leave the beach.
A peeling barrel that one might ride inside indefinitely has long been considered the ultimate wave.
When it came to competition, though, I could see the concern.
How would judges differentiate between mostly invisible forms of quietly crouching satori?
The original wave, going north, was a right.
They also concreted the bottom and added a water-treatment plant, turning the brown water green.
Slater and I were talking in an airy common room near the south end of Surf Ranch.
There were open wooden lockers for competitors, stuffed with boards, jerseys, leashes, wax.
While we spoke, he kept arching his back—it had been bothering him, he said.
Are his fingers webbed?
Those feet are huge.
His extreme limberness, which rivals that of a professional contortionist, has provoked grumbles about unfair anatomical advantage.
He just surfs a ton.
He owns houses here and there but stays in perpetual motion, usually chasing waves, definitely not suffering through flat spells at his local break.
He was a beautiful boy, who eventually got involved with famously attractive women—Pamela Anderson, Cameron Diaz, Gisele Bündchen—and his green-eyed good looks have not deserted him.
I thought of the vaulting ambition to create a perfect wave in Faustian terms—a pact with the Devil, sealed blackjack double down pulling tractor a drop of blood.
Slater is in fact an enthusiastic golfer three handicap.
He mentioned the possibility of private memberships.
So much for Goethe.
I asked Slater if it would be awkward to win his own contest, on the wave he built.
He was in a somewhat compromised position financially.
Many people have been happy to point that out online.
Gabriel Medina and Filipe Toledo, the two surfers now ahead of him on the leaderboard, were both hucking giant airs.
Another point Slater wanted to argue: the idea that he had a home-court advantage.
What kind of wave would you end up with?
Nobody else has mastered heat strategy—how to beat your opponent in a man-on-man heat—like Slater has.
Less obviously, but more profoundly, nobody else has read the ocean so well for so long—reacting to every lurch and boil and barely imaginable opportunity with inspired spontaneous adaptations.
Here in the pool, there was almost nothing to read.
Slater could conceivably be just as celebrated, though not as rich, if he had never put on a contest jersey.
Still, most of us follow the tour, tuning in at least for the high points—the great days when it all comes together in Fiji or Tahiti or at the Pipe Masters.
In recent years, the tour has become sleeker, its streaming Webcasts more watchable, as the newly formed World Surf League took over from a rickety predecessor that had been run by ex-pro surfers and apparel manufacturers.
Speaker, who does not surf, liked to point out that ninety-seven per cent of N.
The new majority owner is Dirk Ziff, a Florida financier who is also a newcomer to surfing.
Ziff, fifty-four, is an heir to the Ziff-Davis publishing empire, and helps run a family investment firm.
According to Forbes, his net worth is nearly five billion dollars.
One can buy an N.
The price zero looked right.
Ziff had to be tire repair napa blackjack vetted by Kelly Slater.
Hardy made the introduction, and the two men hit it off.
They both play guitar—Ziff well enough to have played lead on a 1994 Carly Simon single.
Surf contests are basically impossible for the uninitiated to watch.
The judging is incomprehensible, even to many surfers.
Not ideal for TV.
Surfers who had never paid much attention to the business of surfing found the W.
Contest Webcasts were moved to Facebook Watch, which many viewers loudly resented.
The volume of online denunciations of the W.
Who were these kooks?
And then BeachGrit, an Australian Web site that delights in trolling the W.
The billboard shot zoomed around the surfing Internet.
He is a tireless online poster, with a rare degree of patience.
On his Instagram feed, a magnet for cranks of all kinds, he has spent years debating flat-Earthers, laying out innumerable blackjack double down pulling tractor proofs that the planet is round.
When the Backward Fins Beth billboard went viral, Slater showed a tiny bit of pique.
They had successfully trolled the king.
Dirk took the occasion of the awards banquet to lecture his critics.
Tell us what we need to improve.
You are going after Kelly Slater.
You are undermining the hopes of every kid who lives with salt in their hair, dreaming of being a world champion one day.
The Ziffs have been welcomed as deep-pocketed, well-meaning benefactors by most of the surfers on tour, including Slater, read more is, after all, one of their business partners.
Online forums and comment threads lit up, rejecting this lecture from a wealthy outsider and, in some quarters, rejecting the very idea of a professionalized sport.
The trick was to park your camp chair in a shady spot where you could actually see the pool, if such a spot existed.
Most of the non-V.
A group of local girls told me that they were there mainly to hear Social Distortion, an Orange County punk band that would be playing in a field at Surf Ranch on Saturday night.
The few surfers I met who had paid general admission all seemed to be thinking less about the contest than about what they could do to get a couple of waves.
Bobby Morris, a contractor from Santa Barbara, admitted that he had his board with him, in his van, just in case.
He and I were at a prime spot on the west wall, just north of the control tower.
From there, we looked straight into the long barrel section in the middle of the right.
With a berm of sand-colored plastic in the foreground, it could seem, for long moments, as if we were watching an excellent surfer pulling into a dream section on a sand point.
That seems a remote prospect, at least at the Lemoore facility.
The cost of producing the wave mainly the electricity, but also staff and maintenance would make an individual day pass prohibitively expensive.
The limited number of waves produced fifteen an hour would make it untenable for anything more than a small group.
Even the lucky groups that get in the pool follow a strict protocol to avoid wasting waves.
The next iterations of the pool might be different.
Surf Ranch Florida, already approved for construction in Palm Beach, will reportedly offer youth programs and lessons.
Public access, however, has not been promised.
The ultimate goal is a totalized system: first, a complete analysis of your surfing abilities; then all the measurements for the perfect board; and, finally, a wave designed precisely for you.
Do you want to replicate and expand it around the world?
Disney World guests, I recalled, are urged to pre-book their desired experiences online, at My Disney Experience.
Everything seemed to be converging here.
Other celebrity Experiences available through Airbnb include flipping burgers with Donnie Wahlberg in Boston.
Franklin is new to surfing, but he already sees how the wave pool can help entice non-surfers into watching pro surfing.
In the ocean, more time and energy is taken to describe the waves, which is fine for surfers but not for anyone else.
Because she is an extraordinary athlete.
Caroline Marks is sixteen, the youngest woman on the tour.
Stephanie Gilmore will not disappear on a given street in Australia, her homeland.
As a seven-time world champion, she is famous in Oz, where surfing is taken seriously as a competitive sport.
When we spoke, she had just scored a 9.
Or maybe it was the W.
This is a huge advance for pro surfing, which has not only paid the women less but also routinely reserved the best conditions for the men.
Gilmore, thirty, is nearly six feet tall for a topflight surferslim, gray-eyed, square-shouldered, open-faced.
I actually lost early, too.
But for some reason I just loved it.
Who said I was a purist?
That was a concern, I admitted.
Gilmore herself sometimes worries that proliferating wave pools will create legions of new surfers, causing crowds in the ocean to increase.
Other times, she imagines that they will keep inland surfers happy at home, and thus actually reduce crowds.
Why were we see more amused at the thought of someone drowning?
It was the fractious, gotta-earn-your-stripes side of surf culture.
Even Happy Gilmore had it.
Her own first experience in the pool was nerve-racking, she told me.
Then it was her turn.
The fear of having the most perfect wave, and then falling on the takeoff.
Gilmore did not blow hers.
And I took off and got barrelled for twenty seconds.
In the ocean, a long barrel is four seconds.
She grew up riding long point-break rights, and she has perhaps the silkiest style in all of surfing.
Despite her height, she looks almost ecstatically comfortable in the tight quarters of a Surf Ranch barrel, adjusting her speed subtly, with a hand in the face or a weight shift forward, to stay inside as long as possible.
Gilmore thinks that the W.
Also, this is so much fun—to hear the music pumping, to see all the people around the pool.
You know what the wave will do, so you can dance source danger a little more.
The old town center is sleepy, leafy, angle-parked.
Surf Ranch is several miles southwest of learn more here />Before Slater bought the property, the man-made lake on it was used for wakeboarding, which is popular in the Florida blackjack dealers Joaquin.
People do it behind motorboats and Jet Skis and, if necessary, cars, trucks, tractors, and horses running on irrigation-ditch towpaths.
Mixed martial arts is a multibillion-dollar business.
How many fans of cage fighting, I wondered, actually cage-fight?
Then, on the last day of the contest, I noticed a new homemade sign, nailed above the Bible message, on the same pole.
Adam Fincham was right to worry.
The discrepancies in wave quality became more evident as the contest wore on.
The culprit was seiching, the pool failing to settle entirely between waves.
As Slater explained it to me, there was slow, subtle end-to-end sloshing, comparable to tides in the ocean, and similarly invisible sloshing from side to side.
Competitors came into this event with unusually specific plans.
Some had their moves almost choreographed—I can fit three turns and a tail waft between the middle barrel and the end barrel.
But the plan needed to be flexible.
A slightly slower, rounder turn might require eliminating a maneuver later in the routine.
Other people, it looked like they could do no wrong.
The artificial wave was effectively being made under your feet.
You basically had to memorize where the slower and quicker bits broke.
Otherwise, the accelerations would take you by surprise, and there was no catching up on this wave if the breaking lip passed you by.
The power normally stored source the white water, which might give you a needed boost, was not there.
In the end, I thought the Surf Ranch Pro was pretty unexciting.
The pool made surfing feel tame, domesticated, almost like an indoor, fixed-program sport—gymnastics, or figure skating.
The goal was to hit all your marks without a hiccup, then nail your Salchow or whatever.
There was none of the mad scramble that electrifies an ocean contest when a big set pours through and some brave soul throws herself over the ledge to pull into an angry, unpredictable barrel.
I thought the wave worked better for the women than for the men.
Carissa Moore was carving turns at full stretch, in full flight; Steph Gilmore was drawing swift, elegant, classic seems card blackjack apologise and both were tucking into the longest, most nail-biting barrels of the event.
The difference between them came on the lefts, where Moore ripped harder.
Gilmore came in second, and her world-title campaign was advanced.
Moore, who had been having an off year, took first, and exulted in the win.
Her trophy had a little tractor on top.
That limitless energy was unavailable.
In the barrel sections, the top guys all seemed to ride equally well.
The real point of difference came in the aerials, and those were also slightly constrained.
The most explosive airs usually happen on wild, raggedy waves, with lots of wind.
At Surf Ranch, the alley-oops, air reverses, and kerrupt flips were difficult, certainly, but they did not make the heart leap.
This outcome surprised no one.
Medina and Toledo are in first and second place, respectively, on the tour.
Also not a surprise: Slater got third, with some seriously beautiful surfing.
He has been out with a knee injury.
He and Slater surfed a heat together in Tahiti, in 2014, that is considered by many, including me, to be the best heat in the history of surfing.
They were trading enormous, terrifying, sheet-glass lefts over an extremely shallow reef, each surfing at a level of technique and artistry that defied the judges to pick a winner.
Slater seemed happy with the Surf Ranch Pro.
Yes, it lacked the ocean drama of other surf contests.
Slater was eating pico de gallo off a glass plate.
People were streaming through, carrying bags, heading out—the next leg of the tour was in Europe.
Miller, thirty-one, is an ex-model and a co-owner, with her sister, of a beachwear company.
She and Slater have been together for eleven years, and their life, as documented on Instagram, looks like a lot of fun.
Slater started his own clothing company, Outerknown, in 2015, making casual clothes that are fair trade, sustainably produced including some fibres from recovered fishing netsand not inexpensive.
He also owns a controlling interest in Firewire, one of the largest surfboard makers.
Whatever his managerial responsibilities are, he somehow balances them with chasing waves all over the world.
Watching it felt like falling in love with a robot, like being fooled by artificial intelligence.
To surfers, waves have personalities, some blackjack master them disastrously beguiling.
I asked Slater if he thought the Lemoore wave had a personality.
I mean, it was designed after waves in nature.
Slater listed a number of others.
I had surfed most of them, and could see each genetic resemblance.
There was one in Micronesia, in the Marshall Islands, that I had seen only on film—its exact location is one of the best-kept secrets in surfing.
I was surprised to hear the analogue for the last section on the right: a troublesome little piece of an otherwise sweet wave on Oahu.
We fell into a discussion of various waves—in Australia, in Hawaii.
Slater has a weirdly precise memory for waves, for every permutation over the years of a certain sandbar in Queensland.
He told me about a calamitous session at a favorite spot in West Maui.
On his first wave, he said, he broke his board, then cut his leg on the reef, got pulled by currents around the headland, washed up at the base of a cliff down the bay, climbed a goat trail up the cliff, became terrified of falling.
But, oh, that spot, that wave.
What was notable was that I was there to learn about the perfect artificial wave, and its inventor and I were talking instead about ocean waves, in all their rascal glory.
Hurricane Florence was churning up the Atlantic that week, and Slater wondered if I would hurry home, to New York, to meet the swell.
No, I had things to do.
Anyway, the winds were going to be south and east.
He had things to do, too.
And yet I noticed, a week later, on the surf Web sites, photographs of Slater riding unusually good-looking waves in Florida.
He had chased down the Florence swell, and found a coast where the winds were perfect.
After the contest, the wave pool kept running.
I noticed Slater helping a group of Brazilians, which included a young movie star who could surf and a television host who could not.
Slater hopped in the water with a huge paddleboard, then put Oprah on live blackjack redeem codes nose, caught a beginner-level wave, stood on the tail, and encouraged his passenger to stand.
Slowly, the TV host struggled up.
There were cameras rolling on all sides as he wobbled to his feet, arms out wide, bent at the waist, in what is known as a poo stance.
This was going to make great TV.
The protocols of invitation were mysterious, but the good will being spread—the respects paid, favors repaid, egos massaged—was plainly a long-term project.
Even surf journalists were given their turn.
The hacks came in groups, surfed in groups, jumped on waves when the other guy fell.
Their reports, all embargoed until a date deemed strategic by the W.
Had it been like sex with a blow-up doll?
Like a debauch in a brothel?
Surf Ranch had invited a number of its most severe critics, and only one had turned it down.
Other wave-pool companies, finding the stakes raised, have accelerated the development of competing technologies.
The BSR Surf Resort, near Waco, Texas, uses an air-pressure system to pump out punchy, quick waves in sets of three.
If I were fourteen, and mostly just wanted to learn to bust airs, I would scrape up the cash and hit whatever Waco-style pool was closest to my town.
The Waco pool itself suddenly closed, however, at the end of September, after a New Jersey surfer who had recently been there was stricken with a fatal brain infection.
Water samples taken by Texas authorities found evidence of the amoeba that causes the infection.
The pool operators deny responsibility and say that they will reopen in the spring.
An enormous square pool in Australia opened recently, with a mechanism that is basically a giant plunger—fourteen hundred tons of rust-colored iron—sitting in the center.
The plunger slowly rises, improbably, perhaps twelve feet out of the water, while its hoist machinery strains and belches white smoke.
Shock waves radiate out in all directions, hitting reefs meant to shape breaking waves.
This system, according to its owners, can produce hundreds of waves an hour and serve dozens of surfers at once.
On opening day, however, the waves were comically small.
The great steampunk apparatus broke down within hours.
Surf Ranch staff and management, including Slater, do not seem to be looking over their shoulders at rivals.
A colleague of his gave me a tour of the control tower.
It did feel like a down-home Cape Canaveral.
He apologized for interrupting.
Pretty hectic, mostly, with shots of animal pleasure between bouts of self-doubt and course correction.
I flinched once or twice.
It felt a bit like an amusement-park ride.
But it also felt like surfing next to a pier, on an unusually fast, clean wave.
It was good advice.
I got lost on the right.
Where was the long barrel section through the middle?
The wave carried me away from the fence, nearly to the berm on the western shore, and then the wall in front of me lengthened and blackjack double down pulling tractor />I passed the last of the cheerful vultures.
Then the wave began to stand up and thicken.
Here, I thought, was the middle barrel section.
But I was wrong.
It was already the end section, which during the contest had barrelled so small and fast that many of the surfers had wiped out.
This setting was apparently softer.
The end section was bigger, friendlier, more flaring.
I pulled in, or tried to.
The board—a stiff, hard-railed thing selected off a rack—was unimpressed.
It kept tracking along, even veering slightly away from the face.
The wave was a pretty barrel, chin-high and round, with a foamy lip, shot through with gold.
My line, though, was now comically wrong.
The lip landed on me and I was gone.
The left was at full strength, but not more difficult.
It was magically good, swift and glassy.
But I was still struggling to find a rhythm in the wave—its heartbeat, which sounds idiotic.
All the rituals of warming up to surf, which I never think of as warming up, had been forgone.
No, you jumped straight into the apex of the longest, most flawless wave you would probably ever see.
The moments of sharp pleasure were more frequent now, because I was starting to relax, slightly.
Still, when I reached the barrel section at the end, my line was once again comically wrong.
I came in way too high, and got sucked up the face and pounded with unnatural quickness.
The group that had rented the pool for the next block was already splashing past me, into position.
If a religious revelation was out there, in the belly of the perfect wave, I would need time, much more time, to find it.
I believed I could get this wave wired.
I wanted to get a barrel, at least.
Certainly find a different board.
I mindlessly watched the next couple of waves.
The surfers were good, but they kept getting clipped, falling off here and there.
I felt both fired up and drained.
That happened in a big, endlessly complicated world—the ocean—and usually lasted hours, for better or worse.
This had been, what, five minutes?
I was just starting to feel the rush.
I wanted a hundred more.

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Update: April 12, 2019 The 2019 Best Zero Turn Mower Buying Guide — How to Pick The Best ZTR For You!
Take your time — there is a lot to read — be sure to scan through the comments at the end of the article.
We may have already answered your question.
Some people just want a cheap car that gets them around town, others want a luxury vehicle that gives them a smooth ride, and a few need a gravel truck that will last 500,000 miles or more.
So, just like vehicles, there are cheap Zero Turn Mowers that will mow your flat, smooth lawn or more expensive models that will mow your lawn as fast as possible while making your ride as comfortable as that of a Lincoln Town Car.
In other words, zero turning radius ZTR lawn mowers are all similar because they all cut grass, but the different models just do it with varying degrees of comfort, speed, and quality of components.
Finding the right zero turn mower for you can be very difficult to figure out on your own.
Although there are hundreds of mowers available to buy there is no one can blackjack table explained opinion that lists all the models — let alone reviews and rates them.
For example, Consumer Reports only rates the entry-level zero turns and lawn tractors.
The other 90% of the mowers available are not rated or tested anywhere online.
There have been one or two websites that have tried but their rating systems did not reflect the actual quality or performance of the mower.
Which brings up a good point — There are many great quality zero-turn mowers available from well respected companies that have been in this business for 30-40 years that you probably have never heard of.
Many of these zero-turn mowers are considerably better and more cost-effective than the models you see at the big box store.
As a consumer, you really only hear of the largest brands with the largest advertising budgets.
You are probably not aware of the hidden gems sold by your local dealer store, farm store, and hardware store.
NOTE: I just want to remind you that zero-turn mowers are lawn mowers.
These economy residential machines are NOT designed to go out and mow your horse pasture, paddock, roadside ditch or field.
I repeat, do not use these for tall grass or mowing rough areas.
The tall grass will wrap around the spindles under the deck and burn out your belts.
These mowers are not designed to cut higher than 4-4.
If you have fields, paddocks, and https://chakefashion.com/blackjack/crap-table-diagram.html to mow I strongly suggest you look at the Swisher has also updated their line of rough cut mowers and they now have some heavy-duty models Note: Be very careful buying zero turn mowers on Amazon.
But you can have an excellent experience with Amazon.
If a current model is available directly from Amazon or a reputable seller on Amazon I will offer you a buy link.
Amazon literally is the best place to buy anything online.
The delivery is swift, and if there are any issues with the shipping or the item Amazon takes care of it immediately.
In reality, unless you understand engines, hydro-transmissions and can repair your own equipment I strongly suggest you stay away from a used residential ZTR.
Parts and labor to change out the components can quickly add up to more than a new machine.
blackjack standard deviations, Commercial and Industrial mowers are outside the scope of this website.
Types: Lap-Bar, Steering Wheel, Joy-Stick, Stand-on.
You either like it or hate it.
They are highly maneuverable and used for production mowing.
Gravely introduced a completely new way to drive a ZTR on the Gravely Pro-Walk in 2017.
Grillo Front Deck ZTR.
Styles: Mid-Deck, Front Deck.
Mid-deck mowers are the most common in the U.
A front deck mower is the most common in Europe where learn more here deck sticks out the front of the mower.
The front deck mower is highly maneuverable and gives you the highest quality of cut.
Commercial users like the mid-mount mowers because you can fit more of them on a trailer than you can front deck machines Note: Zero-Turn mowers are designed to mow lawns.
They are designed to mow weekly or bi-weekly growth.
They are NOT designed to mow pastures, timber, fields, and paddocks.
Pastures, fields, paddocks and timber with grass and brush taller than 12 inches require a rotary cutter or rough cut mower.
Here is a good rough cut mower: Safety Tip: NEVER, I repeat never mow a slope with a pond or drop-off at the bottom of the slope.
Animals burrowing into the bank or erosion under the sod can be deadly.
Plan on using a walk-behind mower or develop a nature area for those types of slopes.
Before we get into the specifics of the different mowers you may also want to read this article: So Which One Is Best For You?
I will go through the different quality levels in the next sections to help you decide.
I do suggest going with a smaller deck if you want the best cut possible but do not click at this page less than 42 inches with a zero-turn.
I also suggest staying away from decks larger than 61 inches.
Bigger decks may cut larger areas quickly but they will scalp and gouge most lawns.
Go around your yard and measure between landscape features like trees, landscape beds and buildings.
A 42-inch deck requires 48 inches with discharge chute down so areas narrower than that will have to be mowed with a push mower or string trimmer.
Never use one on a slope greater than 10 degrees.
If you have gates that require a smaller ZTR I suggest making the gates bigger.
They are also very top-heavy compared to the larger zero-turns and in my opinion are not safe to operate on any type of slope.
You can actually tip one over going around the roots of an old tree.
A 42 or 46-inch deck will fit in the back of a full-size pickup.
If you have plenty of room to mow your residential lawn I now suggest a 46-inch deck for 1-acre yards.
A 48-inch deck will mow your lawn about 20% faster than a 42 inch so they are a good choice for one to three acres.
If you have the room between your obstructions or have large open areas to mow a 50-54 inch deck will save you 30-40% time over a 42 inch.
The wheelbase is typically wider than a 42-inch ZTR so it can handle slight to moderate slopes better.
The estate and semi-pro models will cut well.
This size is a very common size for landscape professionals.
The forum blackjack strategy all engineer these decks to cut well and fast.
With a 25 HP or larger commercial grade engine, these decks will cut up to 5 acres an hour.
In addition, the 72-inch decks in your read article range usually have too small of an engine.
A 60 inch will actually mow faster.
These huge decks are best suited for large-scale commercial properties where the quality of cut is not as important as the quantity.
Summary: Slopes steeper than 15 degrees will have to be mowed with a walk behind or string trimmer.
Great for 2 acres and many trees.
Economy zero-turns are https://chakefashion.com/blackjack/blackjack-method.html to directly replace your old lawn tractor.
Two brands now have steering wheel models that drive like your economy car — the rest all use the Lap-Bar steering system that makes the zero turn lawn mower a lot more agile than your old lawn tractor.
They feature smaller, less-powerful engines with smaller gas tanks, maxing out at 6-7 miles per hour.
They no longer make the lawn tractor that was used in that claim.
But having two transmissions allows them to maneuver faster around obstructions and turn around faster at the end of a mowing run zero-turn.
In addition, they go around trees and corners better than a conventional lawn tractor so you may save some time when trimming.
Yes, they will zip around your yard at 5-6 mph but they actually only mow well at 3-4 mph — just like your lawn tractor.
If you have a lot of landscaping and other obstructions in your lawn they can save you up to 45% in the time it takes to mow your lawn.
If a lap-bar zero-turn looks too complicated to learn or you are not willing to spend the extra money for the second transmission on a steering wheel ZTR the Craftsman Yard Tractors and Craftsman Pro Series Lawn Tractors with the Turn-Tight steering will mow and trim your lawn almost as fast.
They use a special front steering that makes the lawn tractors almost as agile as a zero-turn mower.
If you mow your normal suburban lawn once a week and your old lawn tractor lasted 10-15 years, this economy zero-turn will last as long.
There are other zero turn mowers that are built much stronger for heavy-duty and commercial use.
Those types use heavier components like cast iron spindles and welded decks.
Transmissions: All economy zero-turn mowers use two hydrostatic transmissions instead of one like a lawn tractor.
The transmissions are as durable as the transmissions in your lawn tractor so you can pull the normal stuff like a yard cart, small aerator, and dethatcher.
Economy Steering Wheel Zero Turn Myth-Buster No.
Lap-Bar zero-turns are the most agile and are easy to learn to use for most people.
They give you the most time savings.
Steering wheel zero-turns are more expensive but anyone can use them because they drive just like your car.
The steering wheel versions give you the advantages of a zero turn mower without tearing up your lawn.
Higher cost than economy but longer life, higher quality and easier to use.
This is the most popular segment of zero-turns for homeowners.
These mowers are an upgrade over your old lawn or garden tractor.
This quality level of zero turn mower will easily cut your mowing time in half because they are more agile than a lawn or garden tractor and are designed to mow faster than your tractor.
These mowers will mow well at 5-7 mph.
Unfortunately, Consumer Reports and the other Review Websites do not test and evaluate these models.
I can help you narrow down the choices to decide on the best model for you.
Lap Bar Estate Zero Turn When you increase the speed that you are mowing by 40% over the Economy models, you also have to increase the strength of the mower considerably.
Estate zero-turns use thicker steel for the frame and decks are built stronger.
They use heavier-duty components more info the blackjack double down pulling tractor models.
Because of that, they will last a lot longer.
If you size the mower to your yard this grade will easily last 15 years.
Being heavier they will also handle bumps and rough spots better.
They typically have better tires and seats to smooth out the ride.
Decks: Decks in this class generally use a metal that is too thick to stamp with a hydraulic press so these decks are fabricated out of sheet steel.
Most decks have extra wear bars welded to the sides and front so they will take more of a beating than a stamped mit blackjack team deutsche />Transmissions: A heavy-duty residential zero turn also has heavier duty transmissions.
These transmissions can handle slopes and the increased speed without overheating.
You can pull an aerator, fertilizer spreader and heavy-duty cart without quickly ruining these transmissions.
Frame and Wheels: Like the decks, the frames, axles, casters, and wheels use thicker steel and will take more use and abuse than the economy class.
Joy Stick Country Clipper Zero-Turn Myth-Buster No.
One company, uses a patented single joy-stick control that works very well.
They also have step and handrail options for those of us with mobility issues.
I recommend the Country Clipper to anyone who is handicapped or has a hard time getting on and off a zero-turn.
Higher cost but longer life and higher quality components.
Entry Level Commercial zero-turns are good machines for homeowners with 5 or more acres.
They are the best choice for farm lawns and acreages where vehicles and farm machinery drive over the lawns.
They are very popular with new landscape contractors who mow 10-20 homeowner lawns a week.
Mid Deck Zero Turn Being heavier they will also handle bumps and rough spots better.
They typically have heavier gauge steel frames, larger fuel tanks, and stronger transmissions than the Estate class.
They are built well enough to handle the daily beating of taking them on an off a trailer when mowing a few homeowner lawns for hire.
Most have thicker, high back seats to smooth out the ride.
Some even have basic suspension seats.
Some also have commercial engine options and those engines will easily run 2000 hours and longer without major repairs.
Again, the brand name of the engine does not designate the quality.
Mean Green Electric Most Semi-Pro mowers can mow up to 8 mph and the 60-inch size can mow 5 acres an hour.
Which Semi-Pro Zero Turn Is Best For You?
There are a few of these models available through retail but I suggest using a local dealer instead.
Selecting the best model is a combination of selecting not only the best mower but also selecting a dealer that you trust.
These mowers will last you many years and when you need normal maintenance parts or repair you will enjoy the long-term relationship with that dealer.
Styles: Mid-Deck, Front Deck.
Good For: Smooth to Rough Lawns With Medium Slopes.
Most will mow in all weather conditions.
Stand-On Zero Turn Commercial Mowers are outside the scope of Todaysmower.
Commercial mowers are not sold online or at retail stores.
Commercial zero turn mowers are big and fast.
Some can mow at 12-15 mph in all weather conditions.
Professional mowing contractors use this grade because they can mow 40-50 hours a week, all year long and the machines will still last years.
All commercial zero turns have thicker, high back seats to smooth out the ride.
Some are now equipped with air-ride seats or vibration damping operator platforms.
More and more models now come standard with electronic fuel injection and are more fuel efficient than carbureted engines.
They are fast, comfortable and fun to drive.
Front Deck Commercial Zero Turns follow the ground contours the best.
If your lawn has a lot of berms to mow over or if you want the best possible cut the front deck ZTRs are your best choice.
There is even a front deck zero-turn small enough to fit into an elevator so you can mow and bag your rooftop lawn in downtown New York.
The Walker brand has a very low center of gravity so it mows slopes better than the mid-deck models.
Stand-on mowers are particularly agile and great for properties that have many landscaped areas, slopes, and berms to mow around.
They are also shorter than the commercial sit-down mowers so landscape contractors can fit more on a trailer.
Stand-on mowers are my favorite way to mow.
Front Deck Zero Turn Here is a list of the most popular brands.
The list is sorted by popularity — not by the numbers sold.
Exmark, Scag, Toro, Walker, John Deere, Kubota, Ferris, Grasshopper, Hustler, Wright, BOB-CAT, Gravely, Dixie Chopper, Husqvarna, Snapper Pro, Cub Cadet Commercial, Bush Hog, Bad Boy, Country Clipper, Big Dog.
In addition to this list, there are another 20 or so other great U.
Selecting the best Professional model is a combination of selecting not only the best mower but also selecting a dealer that can get you parts and service quickly so you can keep your machine out on the lawns making money.
Please see your local Commercial Mower Dealer for these models.
A few of these mowers can mow up to 150 acres a day!
These are specialty mowers and typically there is only one dealer per state that has the expertise to help you pick the right unit for your property or municipal projects.
There are only a few brands that make these large area mowers with Jacobson, Hustler, and Toro producing the highest quality machines.
Industrial Rear Steer Zero Turn Which Industrial, Government, Sports Fields, Municipalities, Golf Zero Turn Is Best For You?
Please see your regional Sports Fields, Municipalities and Golf dealer for these models.
But the biggest problem is finding one that works.
The cheap ones are also flimsy and the spouts break after the first year.
A good size for snow blowers and push mowers.
This one has a second handle on the back so it is very easy to use and hang onto when pouring into your fuel tank.
A good size for lawn tractors and zero-turns.
If you have a problem holding a gas can the SureCan is a great can.
It also self-sealing and vented.
Fuel Stabilizer: When I go to the gas station and buy fuel I always put fuel stabilizer in the storage tank.
It helps keep the fuel fresh and some also clean your carb and fuel system without messing it up.
I use 2 tablespoons per gallon of fuel.
Other fuels stabilizers to check out: Have I helped you?
If would you like to buy from your local dealer or store but still want to support TodaysMower just click on this link and buy anything you need.
How to leave a comment that will get the best answer.
When asking a question please tell me about your lawn.
The size agree, juegos en linea blackjack gratis apologise your lawn, what city, state you live in or the general area so I can tell what type of grass you have.
Do you have a good, smooth lawn or is it rough?
Do you have slopes steeper than 15 degrees?
Have you used a ZTR before?
There are over 40 good brands so if you can take the time please do a Google search for local dealers so you can tell me what brands you have locally.
There is no use suggesting a certain brand if the closest dealer is 100 miles away.
Zero Turn Mower Buyer's Guide: Introduction This guid About The Author About Paul Sikkema Paul Sikkema has been writing about snow blowers, riding mowers and other lawn and garden equipment for over 10 years.
Paul does most his writing out in his workshop where he feeds the wildlife and birds in the yard.
His goal is to have a red squirrel eating out of his hand.
He spends as much time with his granddaughter as he can.
My wife sometimes cuts the grass while I edge, etc and she wants a smoother ride.
I saw your comment about the Timcutter lasting approx 10 years.
Is the Titan an overkill?
And how long should I expect it to last?
Hi Tim, Yes, The Titan is overkill but because it is so heavy-duty it should last 20 years or longer on your 2.
Paul, I do have another question.
Which mower will perform better on hills or slanted lawns?
Zero turn or ride on?
Thank you Hi Joe, Residential zero turns and lawn tractor perform about the same on slopes less than 15 degrees.
What if we have some more then 15 degrees?
Not a huge area of these particular hills but we have a couple.
Hi Joe, If we are still talking about the JD E160 it will handle smaller, steeper slopes if you can go up and down them AND you have plenty of clearance at the bottom and top so you can make your turns on shallower slopes.
Never mow across a slope steeper than 15 degrees.
Use a push mower for that area.
Never mow a steeper slope if there is a pond or drop-off at the bottom of the slope.
The mower will slide into the pond, overturn, and probably kill the operator.
Use a push mower or string trimmer for areas around a pond or drop-off.
Always stay at least 2 mower widths away from them.
The only ZTR Lowes carries that can handle a little more than 15-degree slopes is the Ariens APEX.
Thanks for all your help.
I would have never looked at that model if not for you!
Paul- one last thing.
Can you take a look at the Craftsman t260 again?
Has a Kohler motor in it and is on sale?
Any further thoughts on that one?
Yes, it shares many components with the other MTD brands like Cub Cadet.
Yes, SBD is really pushing hard to get their products sold by offering great deals.
Who works on it if there is a warranty problem?
Mowers click to see more maintenance so where do you get parts?
One question for you about the extended warranty.
Who fixes your mower under this web page warranty?
Just went and looked at both at Lowes and the Deere blows the craftsman away wow!!
Going with that one thank you Paul!
Paul- love the articles thank you!
We can only buy from Lowes as my wife works there.
We have about 1.
Some slight hills as well.
If you are rough on outdoor equipment I do suggest saving up a little more and buying the Ariens IKON XL 52 inch.
It cuts great, has stronger transmissions than the IKON X and will last you many, many years.
Paul once again thank you!
Your info is so valuable!
Little curveball for you, the wife now says she wants a rider and not a zero turn.
Same story Lowes what would you pick?
We were looking at the the Craftsman T260 as they put it on sale today.
Thank you so much!
All the other brands are using the Briggs Intek Plus, Kohler 7000 or Kawasaki FR series which all have 50% greater life expectancy.
The John Deere 48 inch E170 will give you the best cut, has a great engine and will last you a long time.
DO NOT go with the 54 inch E180.
The 46 and 50 I looked at had the Kohler 7000 series V twin engine not intekand the tight turn steering.
They appear to be very similar to the Cub Cadets, which is to say a good value.
Also — a few tips that I learned for getting the best deal.
Not sure if you are getting an employee discount already but if you order with the Pro Desk, they will take read more off.
Then you can use a 10% mover coupon on top available online.
They will also ship to you free if you ask, and I believe the Deere equipment is setup by a Deere technician but ask your store mgr.
A few more thoughts.
I have a similar sized lot, with a lot of trees and obstacles, and hillsand I went with the Hustler Raptor SD.
If you go with a tractor your mowing time will be 80-100% longer almost double.
But tractors have some advantages.
Yes, it shares many components with the other MTD brands like Cub Cadet.
Yes, SBD is really pushing hard to get their products sold by offering great deals.
Who works on it if there is a warranty problem?
Mowers require maintenance so where do you get parts?
Looking to get a zero turn mower between 48-60 in deck.
There are many many small rocks within the grass.
What mower brand can handle this properly and hold up?
Can budget for 6000.
My eyes have been on Ferris, toroexmark and scag https://chakefashion.com/blackjack/213-blackjack.html the most park — thanks Hi Evan, Look seriously at the Gravely ZT XL or Ariens IKON XL.
They have tough decks that mow very well.
I will for sure.
Do you know if either of those have any parts in them that once they are destroyed or broken you have to buy a whole new deck?
I was looking at a bobcat and there was a piece that if destroyed you would have to replace the whole darn thing Hi Evan, these decks a pretty tough.
Even if you broke a spindle completely out of one and twisted the deck you would only have to buy the shell.
Besides these decks are fabricated so a sledge hammer can fix most dents and a welder can fix most cracks you may get over the next 20 years.
Yes I have no plans of running over anything that large ha ha.
It looks like both of the models you suggested are now 11 gauge.
I noticed both models that you gave are well below my price range.
Is anything above what you showed me for my application just a novelty?
Hi Evan, I was wrong, the decks are 11 ga.
I was pretty set on them scag, Ferris or exmark based on your comments.
I see that you can buy the ariens from there.
Just has me a little worried.
I fully trust your voice and experience just curious about the choice of those opposed to more of the known commercial brands — thank you!
Ariens mowers are aimed for residential.
Gravely has residential and commercial mowers that check this out as tough as anything else on the market.
The Exmark deck on the Lazer mowers are the best.
I like how the maintenance is very low.
Hey Paul — we have brought in a new excavating team In and have removed the hillside and transferred the material lower to create more flat yard.
We also are about to go through with what he calls a commercial rototiller to pick out all the rocks.
We will then put 3-4 inches of top soil over the existing dirt.
Given this new information should I continue to get the lazer Z e?
Thank you Hi Evan, If you want to save money, buy a product that will last and still stick with Exmark the Radius E series is an excellent choice.
I suggest a 52-inch deck for your size of yard.
Here is the sales page: Thanks for the quick reply Paul.
Do you have any experience with exmark engines?
The lazer had a Kawasaki.
So clearly they are saving money within the motor.
The machine is much more reasonably priced and reads very well.
The engine did leave me a bit concerned though.
Hi Evan, The Kawasaki is a popular engine with mowing contractors because of the price but it is not the best engine on the market.
Since the engines are owned by them there is never a problem with warranty service or getting parts.
The engines are contractor grade and have quickly proven themselves to be dependable, fuel-efficient and will give you the same or better life than the Kawasaki contractor series.
So just for the record you prefer exmark over Toro?
I realize that they are both owned by the same company.
Hi Evan, I have no preference.
Toro caters to the homeowner, golf courses and large municipalities.
They also are really big into irrigation.
Exmark caters to the commercial operator professional contractor.
The independent businesses who mow multiple lawns.
Do you happen to know the equivalent model Toro to the Radius E?
I assume you have not delt with too much around customer service or warranty things but as a machine.
Do you like the ride and the 10g deck — hows the cut?
Hi Evan, I have the 42-inch steering wheel model which they no longer make.
The rest of the machine is great.
I love the deck and how it cuts.
It mows well at 6-7 mph.
And three years of banging the deck into rock landscape borders, chain link fences and 50 pine trees and it looks like new.
That said, My lawn is extremely rough so my next mower will be a 50 inch Toro My-Ride or the heavier 48-inch Timecutter HD.
It will have the Toro engine on it.
I am new to zero turns and really appreciate your article.
I have a newly bought property, about 2.
Do you have any thoughts on the Craftsman z550 or z560.
Also could I get away with a 42 or 46 inch cut on my land, because they would fit in shed I already have.
Thanks, John Hi John, The time difference between mowing with a 46 inch and a 50-inch deck ZTR for 2.
A 54-inch deck 30 minutes faster.
My thoughts about the Craftsman Lowes ZTRs: At this time I feel the is a better deal.
The Craftsman is using the Briggs Intek series engines with Ready-Start.
Cub Cadet is using Kohler 7000 or Kawasaki FR engines which have a 25-50% greater life expectancy than the Briggs Intek.
What do you think of the Grasshopper 200 Series mid mount mowers?
I own the 42 inch myself.
You will get many years out of it.
Thanks Paul very usefull information with a peace of mind to hear it from some one that know about this machines Hey Paul, great site with lots of good info.
Craftsman is at end of its life, been a great mower.
Never used zero turn and know nothing about them, but I have decided to try one.
I still need to go back and actually sit on the Bobcats and see if that is best price so not sure about them yet.
Spartan looked like good machines but cant really find enough reviews on them to be sure, I think they use different type of transaxle than others?
And also what do you think about Cub ZT2?
Is it good quality and would it hold up to cutting 6-8 acres every week?
Thanks for any info and your great website.
Hi Jon, You get what you pay for.
The first three on your list will mow the 6-8 acres — for a couple of years.
About the time they get out of warranty you will start to have major issues with them like frame cracks, worn out spindles, idler pulleys, transmission failure, etc.
They are designed to mow 2-3 acres of smooth lawn.
The second four will give you about 30% more life.
They cut well and can mow 1-2 mph faster.
You should be able to easily get 5-7 years out of them on your property before they need major repairs.
Both of the Cub Cadet mowers are the same frame.
They just add larger transmissions, fabricated deck and armrests to XT2.
The BobCat XRZ is also a very good mower.
It will mow twice as fast as a lawn tractor and hold up a lot better over the years.
You are correct about the Spartan.
It looks cool and got a lot of hype when it was introduced 2 years ago.
But since then, no one is talking about it.
I would only consider the Spartan if you had a good local dealer you can trust.
Hi Paul, thanks for your article.
Been using a Husky 52 inch 25 hp lawn tractor for 16 years.
I think the transmission just died, pulling a cart of dirt.
Serviceman is looking at it to give me a repair quote, but he suggested I not spend money on a repair and recommended a Gravely ZT HD.
The whole yard is sloped.
We built on the property in 2003, and prior it was pasture.
Yard is fairly smooth though a bit bumpy.
What do you think of the Gravely recommendation?
Hi Dan, The Gravely ZT HD is a very good mower and the transmissions are strong enough to last — even if you need to pull loads of dirt a few times a year.
I highly recommend it.
If you decide you would rather have a new tractor I suggest the.
Hi and thanks for a very informative article.
The whole place is flat.
Is there one machine that will mow the lawn every week or two, plus knock down the field once or twice a year?
Hi Scott, Head over to this article: at the top of the article look at the first four mowers in the 48-50 inch list.
These mowers will cut your lawn well and are rugged enough to handle the pasture.
When you mow the pasture raise the deck up as high as it will go.
Mow back and forth then mow it again at a 90-degree angle to your first mow.
If you can safely mow — raise the discharge chute up and let the grass spread where it wants.
I am on a bit over 8 acres in the hill country in TX.
All the land is undeveloped aka natural growth.
I also get heavy spring growth taller grasses and some thistles which i can cut down with a brush hog, but normally just need something to maintain the grass and weeds and not take the whole weekend to mow.
I was thinking a heavier duty zero turn because of the faster speeds, and ideally something that could go up to 5 inches most only go to 4 or 4.
That said, the Gravely is a very good price!
Hello, thank you for this great article!
Hi Jared, The ZT1 has the light-duty ZT2200 transmissions.
Since you have hills these transmissions will only hold up in the 42-inch version of the ZT1.
These mowers will give you the heavy-duty frames, decks, transmissions, and engines to last many years on hills.
Hi Paul, This is a great site thank you for sharing your input.
I manage a large retreat in South TX and am in the market for a new mower.
Our grounds keeper is wanting us to purchase a Ferris 72 inch.
We are mowing about 15 Acres, that is about half smooth flat yard and half semi rough flat yard.
I need a tough machine.
What do you think?
Hi w Jones, Why not stick with Scag?
A 60-inch deck cuts more evenly and you can actually trim around more landscaping with the smaller deck.
In addition, the 60-inch decks in mowers like the 2019 Scag cut 2-4 mph faster than your old ZTR.
Yes, the Ferris is very competitively priced.
The suspension system does make a smooth ride but there are a lot more parts that will wear out over time compared to a Scag with a good suspension seat.
I see a lot of contractors buying Ferris because of the price and advertising features — but they go back to their old brand after a few years.
I am looking to upgrade one of the business mowers.
It was fine in the beginning because we were only cutting a small amount of lawns.
I want a well made, beefy mower that is sturdy and sticks to the ground and has a deck that continues to cut while going over bump or uneven ground.
Currently it feels like our brains are shaking when riding the Husqvarna, you literally walk away with a headache!
We cut all kinds of terrain, hills, flat, lots of houses with trees with roots and bumps, some open areas etc, you name it we mow it.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks, Dionne Hi Dionne, My first choice is always Exmark then Scag.
They have over half of the commercial market Gravely is also a top choice.
If you have good local dealers for any of these three please take a hard look at them before you pick the Ferris or Country Clipper.
The Lazer Z E series is a solid step up from your old machine.
The Lazer Z S series is one of the best riding, best cutting mowers in the industry.
I love the Country Clipper residential line and I know their commercial models are built well and will last.
They Challenger is listed as a high-end residential, entry level commercial so it will be a solid step up from the Husqvarna.
The Ferris will give you a smooth ride but there are a lot of extra moving parts that will wear over time.
Hi Paul, I mow 5 acres of grass and it takes me about 7 hours on and old hand me down Murray 42 inch tractor.
My father in law can get it done in about 2 and a half hours on his zero turn.
I want to say 50 inches is what he told me?
My yard is mostly flat, but it is pretty rough in areas.
It was a farm field before we bought the place.
I wouldnt complain at all if I could get the job down to 2 hours.
Im not hard on my equipment but I do want to not have to worry about whether the bump I just hit is going to cause any damage.
And I want a mower that will last me the better part of 20 years and be durable enough to not have to constantly be replacing parts due to excessive wear because the parts are simply smaller than they should be in order to cut manufacturing costs.
I am NOT concerned very much with cut quality, ride quality, Or fancy features.
Based off of the information I have given you, can you suggest a make and model that would work well for me?
Also what is your opinion on buying used?
I havent checked prices at any other dealers.
Hi Peter, A Toro Titan is pretty much overkill for 5 acres.
I suggest the or.
The best prices are through the links to Home Depot in the paragraph above.
They discount the price a little and include free setup and delivery.
They actually use a local dealer for setup and delivery and that dealer will handle any warranty work you may need.
No, buying a mower from a dealer is a completely different experience than buying a car.
The manufactures set the prices so any discount you may get from a dealer comes right out of their profit.
Most will charge setup and delivery and a very few may negotiate that cost.
Hi, I am looking to replace my jd 180lt with a zero turn.
I have 3 acres https://chakefashion.com/blackjack/schecter-blackjack-c-7-review.html a few trees and the land is flat.
Looking at ferris is600 husqvarna 554 and big boy diablo.
Hi Daniel, Any one of those mowers will cut your mowing time is half or more and last a lot longer than the 180 LT.
You may want to look at the Big Dog Stout — it will hold up well for 3 acres — the Diablo is a blackjack double down pulling tractor commercial mower that is a little overkill.
I live on 1.
I was looking at a Toro 75212.
Would this be a good unit or should I look more at Gravely,Hustler, or Deere?
If so what are the models I should look at.
If not whats a good price Iowa for the Toro?
Hi Alex, The Toro 75212 is one of the best mid-priced zero-turns on the market for cut, durability, and efficiency.
It will last you a lot longer than the ZForce.
The exclusive MyRide suspension makes it the best riding mower right now.
Some dealers will give you a small discount or offer free delivery, etc.
The exception is Please click for source Depot.
I get the idea changing the mulching kit is not a simple process.
Are there models more favorable than others for an easy switch?
Do you think the smaller side bagger 2 bushels is sufficient enough for moderate leaf collection maybe 4-5 weeks in the fall?
Personally, instead of a bagger I mulch the leaves with the mower and then pick them up with a lawn sweeper.
This one has held up perfectly for me over the years:.
It has a tiny, cheap, splash lube motor.
One thing I really like about the Toro is the Smart-Speed.
You can flip a lever and the Toro is capable of pulling stuff without worrying about burning out the transmissions.
I also like the ride and the cut.
Hello Paul — kudos on a great resource you have provided and continue to support!
With your help, I have narrowed my focus for purchase of new ZTR, but am struggling with that final decision and hoping you could offer some feedback.
I am cutting 1.
My teenage son may start mowing some neighborhood lawns next summer, very similar profile.
I live in Maryland, I want a good, quick cut.
I typically spend more than minimum required, as I prefer to invest in quality equipment, that will last longer and require less frequent service.
I have no tight areas and plenty of storage space.
Would be nice to periodicaly pull cart, broadcast spreader and plu aerator, so that I can completely retire the Deere.
I have narrowed down to Cub Cadet ZT2 and Toro TimeCutter MX50xx.
I havent been able to find any at local dealer where I can physically see and touch these not currently in their inventories.
For Toro, looking at MX5050 and MX5075.
Would I be giving up anything else of substance if I stay with 5050 model?
Any why is 5025 more expensive?
Any concerns with the Toro engine?
I was told by a Cub dealer, that they dropped Toro because they are no longer dealer friendly.
Any truth to that statement from what you have heard?
Much appreciate your feedback, thanks!
Hi Jim, If your son is going to mow other lawns you will want the 50-inch cut.
It mows more evenly than a 54-inch deck.
The only difference between the 5050 and the 5075 is the suspension platform on the 5075.
The 5025 has a Kawasaki engine.
Kawasaki thinks their engines are worth more than anyone else.
Absolutely no concerns with the Toro engine.
The other 40 or so brands click to see more all fighting for the rest.
Toro wants to keep that market share so in general Toro is still VERY dealer friendly.
But, like most of the other brands, they offer better dealer incentives if you buy in bulk, buy early and sell Toro as your primary brand.
Paul, you helped me decide to buy my Ariens snowblower last year and it has been awesome — thanks!
Now time for a lawnmower.
I have a full acre of grass to cut and an considering a Simplicity Regent tractor, maybe a Broadmoore, Snapper 360Z zero turn.
I am looking for speed, and ability to tow a cart and lawn sweeper.
How confident are you in ZT towing capabilities?
Any thoughts on Snapper zero turns?
You mow at 3-4 mph.
But they can pull stuff well.
Broadmore: The Broadmore is a really nice lawn tractor and compares to the John Deere X300 series.
It uses a ground-hugging deck so it stripes well, but it is again slow — 3-4 mph.
It is a lawn tractor that will last you many years.
If you promise to keep the loads in your cart to under 500LBs I can recommend it for your one-acre yard.
SZ series: Do NOT buy the SZ series.
They are made for Snapper by MTD and are the old design MTD just dumped for the new Ultima ZTRs.
That I hate It will mow at 7-8 mph and last you a long, long time.
You can pull anything you want with it.
Hello Paul, I just purchased a house that sits on about three acres of land in Wisconsin.
Both are reputable dealerships but the one 8 miles away will charge to pick up and deliver the mower whereas the close dealership would pick it up for free and provide a loaner if needed.
Is this type of service worth the normal sticker price in your experience?
Thank you for your time and expertise!
Hi Kurt, A good local dealer is worth paying a competitive price.
A good local Exmark is worth their weight in gold.
In addition, Exmark is the best for parts.
Their profit margin is not a great as most people think it is because they have a lot of overhead.
That overhead includes well trained and well-paid mechanics, parts people and in-stock parts.
Thank you for the response.
I test drove the exmarks but they seemed very touchy and less smooth than the scags.
Do you think it makes sense in my case?
Totaling about 400 acres a month.
I did all of those myself with one 60 inch Stand-on and a string trimmer.
My crews did the residential and commercial accounts.
Using blackjack double down pulling tractor on residential lawns I could always mow a lawn 20% faster with the Stand On than my crews could with the lap-bar ZTRs — and I did less damage to the turf.
I always ran 60-inch decks.
The extra width meant it would not tip over — ever — if the slope was too steep it would just slide off the hill.
Safety-wise, if I ever did get in trouble all I had to do was step off the mower and it stopped.
Trimming under tress is also easier.
Just bend your knees and crouch down.
You can trim under branches only 48 inches off the ground.
The Scag, Gravely and Exmark stand-ons will all mow as fast as the sit-down versions and they all have the better decks.
I appreciate the feedback on the standers!
Do you think this mower makes sense for a residential first time buyer or would you recommend getting something cheaper?
I figured that investing in a mower I plan to have for many years might make more sense but buying cheaper or used has crossed my mind.
These things are expensive!
It has also been suggested that I step up to the Hydro-Gear ZT-2800 because it is serviceable.
Thanks, Matt Hi Matthew, The current Kohler 7000 series engines are as good or better than the Kawasaki residential engines.
The EXT2200 transmissions with a 42-inch deck will last you and never give you any issues.
My first choice is the Gravely ZTX 42 or Ariens IKON X 42.
The Hustler Raptor 42 is also a good choice.
I am not a big fan reddit live dealer blackjack ZTR with decks smaller than 42 inches.
All of them suffer from traction issues and they will tear up your link />They are also very unstable and you can easily tip one over mowing around an old tree.
I went to the local gravely dealer and saw a year old 2018 ZTXL with 11 hours on it for less than I could get a new ZTX, so I bought it.
Hopefully that was the right call.
I live in the valley in Oregon and early spring mowing is tough with lots of moisture.
I have been using the commercial Honda walk behind that does a great job.
Baggers look a bit expensive and questionable for doing the job with wet grass.
I have looked at the Bad Boy mowers and Grasshopper.
Can you weigh in on those and my situation?
That powered blower takes the grass from the blackjack double down pulling tractor and blows it into the bagger.
If you are looking at that expensive of a mower I suggest you also look at the Walker.
Walker mowers are dedicated bagging mowers and designed to handle wet grass.
Looking to buy new but want the one that will last the longest and do a great job.
A bit more than one acre.
The less money spent the better.
Thanks Hi Gary, The John Deere gives you the best cut.
It will last years and any John Deere dealer will service it.
The Skag is the toughest of the three.
It will also last years.
Do you mean a Raptor HD?
You get what you pay for meaning — the Raptor HD is a decent mower but the Deere and Skag will give you a better cut and last longer.
Hi am interested in buying the zero turn mower I have two in mind gravely ZTHD or the grasshopper 125 I really wanted the Gravley until I drove the grasshopper but this is my first zero turn purchase.
I am mowing 4 acres and was wanting a 60 inch deck and would like your input thanks in advance.
The Gravely is also built well and should give you the best cut.
It rides better and will cut faster than the Grasshopper.
I like the Gravely a lot.
Paul, This is an amazing site full of great information!
I had in mind buying the Bradley stand on but was a little anxious about how I would like the stand on style mower and the lack of local dealer support.
So, I did some shopping around for one of the other top recommended mowers locally.
Looking for a 54 or 52 inch.
So I would source your advice on 2 things.
First, do you know anything about these WorldLawn mowers?
Has the 3200 trans and same Kawi motor as the Gravely and Hustler.
Seems to be heavy duty and well built.
Thanks in advance for your wisdom!
Hi Jeremy, First choice.
I have a slight preference to the Gravely HD over the Hustler SDX.
The cut is the same, the quality is the same and they will both last you a long time.
So, I suggest buying from the dealer you like and trust the most.
I can work on my own equipment so I have no problems buying the Bradley.
If I ever have an issue or need parts I know they will quickly help me get the problem resolved.
Plus, if I need maintenance parts they ship quickly or I can always stop by their showroom when I go visit my granddaughter.
That said, if you are uncomfortable doing your own repairs or the type who wants someone else to do your warranty work then the Bradley is not for you.
Encore mowers was purchased about 10 years ago by Jiangsu World Plant-Protecting Machinery Co.
They changed the Encore name to Worldlawn at that time.
The mowers are still manufactured in Beatrice, Nebraska but they are a wholly owned Chinese company.
Hi Paul, I have just over 2 acres and previously cut with John deere L130 slow and rough ride and alot of trimming!
I am looking to buy a new one this spring one acre is rough terrain not many trees and the other acre is fairly smooth with medium inclines and a berm also.
Looking for something reliable and faster and not much trimming around trees.
I am looking at ZTR in John deere and cub cadet and Toro.
Any other suggestions are welcome.
I have read articles where you mention Toro has best suspension for rough terrain.
What are your thoughts on the 3 brands l mentioned for my property.
Check out this article on the 2019 zero-turns: The 48-50 inch mowers listed are a good choice for your property.
My choice from that article: If your property is rough the No.
The new Cub Cadet No.
It will bounce and mow unevenly and you will bounce and fell like you riding a paint shaker.
Paul i am returnng after a few years absence.
The current seat causes back pain — any suggestions for brand?
If your tractor is black and yellow then any seats for Cub Cadet will work.
You can lift up the seat and measure between the mounting bolts the ones it tips on and then go to your local Tractor Supply or other farm store and check out their replacement seats.
Hi Paul, Looking for my first ZTR.
I have a little under 2 acres with some rough bumpy areas mainly due to tire ruts etc but some areas are a little sketchy as severity.
Plan to smooth out over time.
Not really sure what my best options would be.
What do you suggest?
They all have nice, large wheels to smooth out the bumps somewhat.
They all cut well and will last.
After you read below use this link to check them out more: 1.
The Cub Cadet Ultima has the best cutting deck.
The Toro MyRide has a full suspension platform that separates you from the bumps.
It also cuts well.
The Ariens Ikon XL is built like a tank.
It mows well and will last many years.
It has 58hrs on it.
I have about 3 mostly flat acres to mow residential.
Seem like a good deal.
Do you know much about that machine?
It has the best ride and you can easily mow 10 acres a week for years.
Hi Tony, The WroldLawn DiamondBack is a good mower.
But, just so you know.
This company was originally called Encore.
They made good mowers but their dealer network and parts distribution was horrible.
About 10 years ago a Chinese company bought them out.
Their dealer network is growing but is still spotty in many areas of the country.
Why am I telling you this?
Retired, we now mow 2 farm acreages; one 1.
Both are rolling acreages with some rough terrain.
The larger has a 15-25% grade bank along the road.
Both have several outbuildings and trees.
We want a bigger mower at the larger acreage which could also mow both when needed.
The farmhouse on the larger acreage rents as a BnB so we want a nice cut.
At 71 we need reasonable comfort.
We've a week to snag end-of-season markdowns.
We're overwhelmed by the options.
Hi Jeanne, Does the Gravely have a suspension seat?
A suspension seat helps but the only way to really mow a rough lawn is to slow down to 4-5 mph.
ExMark and Toro does make a heavy duty mower is the MYRIDE suspension.
If you want the best ride that is the best choice.
The dealer said he could order a suspension kit for it.
It seems to rattle check this out lot…is that normal too?
Hi Jeanne, Yes, the closer you get to a commercial version the more robust they are — and the more rattles they have.
Not so much how it looks or how quiet it is.
Paul, Very much appreciate what you are doing with your site.
Its been a great mower for our current 1.
We are going to be building a home a moving next spring and the next home will have a 1.
Do you suggest making the jump to a zero turn, or keeping the Craftsman about 180 hrs on the craftsman.
Not much use for the tractor beside just mowing the lawn.
Thanks in advance for your advice.
I only mulch mow and have huge read article so lots of leaves to mow.
How do you think these mowers compare?
Hi Shari, If you have to buy a 34 inch my first choice is actually the.
It has a big advantage with the smart speed.
I like the build quality a lot.
The Gravely and Ariens are the same machine.
Finally, if you can go 38 inches the is a great choice instead of a ZTR.
It does not have the traction issues of the tiny ZTRs.
Thanks for the reply Paul.
Only traction problems on turns was if the lawn was wet or the ground wet and mushy.
I am very used to steering with zero turn lap bars and fine you only experience traction problems in wet conditions while trying to speed demon around the lawn lol Thanks again!
Well Paul, I took your advice and bought a Ryobi 480ex last year, it arrived in December, so I waited patiently, and put a good charge on the battery.
Now at the end of the first season, of cutting my yard and six others weekly it has stood up to the test, and past with flying colors!!
There are no diagrams showing those points.
I just spray it on and around the joint and it works into the pivot point and the squeak goes away for months.
I am very glad to have found your informative article, comments and feedback!
We are Wisconsinites now, former Chicagoans with zero lawn, all perennials.
Our 5 acres of mowing is a new world.
We are trying to convert some over to prairie and have many berms.
There are many trees and shrubs, as well as stumps that we still need to remove.
Our yard also likes to periodically purge itself of lovely glaciated boulders which are always a shock to find.
We have many invasives like buckthorn, garlic mustard etc.
We have a John Deere F735 front deck commercial that has had a myriad of problems, my most irritating that it overheats and stops.
I, as a middle-aged woman, can also run circles around it as I mow.
However, I do love it for helping clear and hope to keep it operational for a while longer.
So, yard is rough, w divots from decaying roots below the lawn surface, stumps, attacking rocks, berms, slopes, marshy areas getting marshier!
Actually, no slope on the pond.
But the moguls are at 25-30 degrees.
They are short though.
Our neighbor has a John Deere commercial 700 series zero turn that is just fabulous to zip around on and get the yard mowed in less that 8 hours!
We looked at John Deere and Scag, commercial and they were more than we wanted to spend.
We happened across Wright, very near by, and will be test mowing a Wright ZTO in our yard tomorrow.
It is still a bit pricey but no where near JD or Scag.
Are we going overboard potentially?
I am rough on our F735.
I am sure I would horrify you if I admitted some of the things I have done with it.
But you know, I am learning!
And if it is overkill, what else would you recommend?
Keep in mind, when I say horrify you, I really do mean it!
Thanks so much for any thoughts you have for us.
Your property sounds a lot like mine.
I had over 150 Jack Pines planted 6 foot apart 50 years ago.
Many of them never got over 4 inches in diameter but like yours were 50 feet tall.
The engine has always been the weak link in that mower though.
The Wright ZTO is one of the toughest mowers around for the price.
They may not look great compared to the new John Deere but they are tough and will last you just as long as the old F735.
It has big tires, heavy-duty transmissions, and commercial grade engines.
I live in Delaware with 2.
I am looking to replace the cc with a zero turn.
I have looked at exmark radius e series, hustler raptor sd, and J-D z540 in the 4 to 5 k price range.
What are your thoughts about the characteristics of each.
The dealers each said their units would outperform the others.
Hi Mark, no one tests these mowers side by side but if you look around your neighborhood ExMark is the mower of choice for the lawn service companies.
They have the best cutting decks and the best service in most cases.
Hi Brian, Fellow Wisconsinite here.
However, it is pretty bumpy.
I also have a mound system and one side of a ditch that I could leave if I really wanted to.
I have about 10 trees and normal flower beds around the house.
My kids also mow with my 12 year old weighing just enough to keep it running when on the seat.
I have friends that have the Gravely HD and really like it.
I also see that you recommend the Toro.
Looks like the Time Cutter with MyRide might be the way to go?
Am I missing another brand?
Do you prefer a certain engine?
I see Briggs, Kawasaki and others?
Lastly, is there a disadvantage with buying from a Home Depot or Lowes?
Hi Tom, You have Home Depot and Lowes and you live in Wisconsin?
But then again Menards Home Offices does have over 3000 employees and pretty much keeps our airport in operation….
Both are good dependable mowers that will last a long time.
The build quality makes it a good mower but the operator suspension makes it the best riding ZTR on the market.
There is no real difference buying from The Home Depot over a local dealer.
Service, parts, warranty is all handled by that local dealer.
Check out your local Toro or ExMark dealer and see if they will give you the same deal as Home Depot.
The dealer price is the same but Home Depot includes free delivery and setup.
Living in Wisconsin it can get confusing about who makes John Deere.
The John Deere Horicon Works makes the X300, X500 and X700 tractors and is still called the lawn tractor plant by a lot of people because at one time in the distant past the original lawn tractors were made there.
But, the D100 series and the new E100 series have always been made by the Greeneville, Tennessee plant.
Greenville also makes all of the EX Trak ZTRs.
In fact, Greenville makes more units than any other Deere plant in the world.
Finally, the tractors you buy at Home Depot or Lowes are the same as the 100 series at a dealer.
I do make a small commission if you buy the Toro through this link: Thank you.
I have a sis-in-law that used to live in Mondovi so I know your area well.
Looking at the Toro, what is the smart speed control and is it worth it?
Hi Tom, Smart Speed is exclusive to Toro and is a great feature if you think you may want to let your 12 yr old drive it.
When you push on the handles of a normal ZTR you go from 0 MPH to the top speed of the mower in about 8 inches of lever travel.
That small band of handle travel can be very hard to control for inexperienced operators.
With the Smart Speed, you can shift it down a gear so it only goes slow in towing mode, a little faster in trimming mode and full speed in regular.
Towing mode keeps the rear transmissions from overheating when pulling heavy loads.
Hello Paul, We have a very similar yard as Tom, but in the Mid Atlantic region.
No one tests these mowers side by side but all three will cut your lawn evenly.
All three brands are good with John Deere being the most expensive.
At this price point, I suggest focusing on the dealer more than the equipment.
Pick the dealer you trust.
Thanks for this article, it is extremely helpful.
Do you have any thoughts on the Scag or Bob Cat homeowner models?
Also, mowing 3 acres a week, will I get better value over the long term from stepping up to a commercial model, or should I stick with a heavy duty homeowner model?
Ho Brain, For 3 acres I do not recommend the entry level ZTR for either brand that use the ZT-2200 transmissions.
As soon as you step up to the next level or go to the heavy duty residential model these brands both have great machines.
You want a model with ZT-2800 or ZT-3200 transmissions.
The Ariens XL will cut faster but the Husqvarna will give you a more even cut over uneven parts of your lawn.
The Husqvarna will trim around obstacles better.
The Husqvarna with a 48-inch deck will also allow you to make a 180-degree turn without leaving anything in the center of the circle.
Your yard sounds similar to mine, I have 1.
I purchased the R322T last August.
As for the hydros, my rear hydro is in the serial number group that could exhibit drifting after the pedal is let up.
I have pulled a yard cart with at least 400 lb of dirt in it, more than a few times, and also a yard roller weighing at least please click for source much.
There is a massive thread on the my tractor forum site that pretty much lays bare anything you would want to know about this unit.
I have not experienced any of the reported issues in this thread.
The flip up deck and AWD are excellent features on this unit.
My deck is cleaned to the metal each time I mow and I expect it to last longer than a tractor style mower that I would not normally clean each time due to the difficulty of removal.
One of the bigger plagues on the R322T, in my opinion, is dealer la k of knowledge on the unit.
Hi Mark, Yes, the European market is very different than the U.
Europeans cut their lawns shorter and expect their mowers to give an even cut over gently rolling terrain.
Here everyone wants speed, speed, speed.
When I show it to people it kinda sets them back.
A huge departure from the American look style mowers.
It has just enough parts to mow the lawn, precisely.
The looks are deceiving.
I bought it anyway and have never regretted it.
I believe the mowers are still manufactured in Beatrice, NB but if it matters to you Encore is owned by WorldLawn — a Chinese company.
Would like to be able to mow as fast as possible.
Looking at the Toro MX 5075 as well as the Kubota z122e.
Any hesitations about these models?
Have also looked at the Ariens IkonX, but thinking that may be too light for my needs.
Any advice would be appreciated!
Hi Brian, Of the three I would recommend the Toro.
It has the strongest deck and the best ride.
It also has a feature where you can shift from mowing to tow and pull a lawn cart, etc.
Paul, thank you for this article.
My John Deer D110 just blew on me yesterday.
So I am looking to switch to a ZTR.
I have little over an acre with some slope and few trees.
There is a dealer for Big Dog mowers around corner from me.
I do not want to go to big box stores I used to work at Home Depot and I know most of that stuff is not great.
Any direction would be appreciated.
Hi AJ, Big Dog Alpha is a Hustler Raptor painted red.
I do like the Kohler 7000 on the Big Dog.
I also like the automatic parking brake.
Great article I am glad I ran into this on my search.
I have a question and would like your advice.
I have about 4 acres of previously farmed land that I leveled myself with my JD 1026 and have been mowing with that tractor for the last 3 years.
I am ready to move to a zero turn to help speed up the process.
I have steep slope near the house where I created a walkout and the rest is flat.
I have a 1 acre pond to mow around and a tree line and about 12 trees.
I want to get something that will handle the semi rough lawn well and not get beat up.
It can get rough on the tractor mowing some of join vr blackjack apologise spots.
I have tried leveling but Https://chakefashion.com/blackjack/maquinas-de-casino-gratis-las-nuevas.html think some areas I may need to till over and flatten again.
Look forward to hearing what you have to say.
Also I was looking at John Deere or a Boscat as I have support for both of these near by but I am open to other suggestions.
Hi Neil, Two safety items with zero-turns.
You may have to mow your walkout with a push mower.
If there is nothing at the bottom you may be able to mow down the slope.
NEVER mow across or up the slope 2.
Erosion, critter dens and the pond seeping into the bank can cause you to fall into the pond — and drown.
If the slope is not very steep stay at least 2 mower widths away from the edge of the water.
You can slide down the slope, fall into a muskrat den or tip over from a rut.
That said, The best riding ZTR on the market right now is the Toro MyRide or ExMark with the Suspension Platform.
I suggest the Toro Timecutter HD, Titan HD, Radius Suspension or Lazer Suspension.
The same goes for the BobCat.
Ferris are very big here in upstate NY.
Of course they are also made here.
It dose follow the contour of the ground but it is independent of the frame.
Hi Ed R, Yes a few of the most expensive commercial models still use that front suspension but it most of the models are now using a solid or oscillating front axle.
And you are correct, there are so many commercial mowers out there and local contractors tend to buy from good local dealers — not so much a particular brand.
So, if Ferris has a great dealer in your area you will see more of them out mowing lawns than other brands.
The residential models used an oscillating front axle.
Unfortunately, it also looks like they have dropped the residential mowers.
I have about 4+ acres to mow, mostly flat, but with a berm bordering our road I could just mow with push mower or weed wack and a slight drop off toward the back of the property not steep.
There are a number of trees, a fence, gardens, house and driveway.
I have a few dealerships in the area: Exmark, John Deere, Gravely, Kubota, Toro and BobCat.
I usually mow every 10-14 days, but might mow more often if it goes quicker.
Your suggestions would be appreciated.
It mows great and mows fast.
It will mow well 3-4 mph faster than your tractor.
They have a model with the myride suspension that makes the ZTR smoother to ride than your compact tractor.
It takes about 6hours to do our property in Alberta.
There is a bit of ditch to mow but 90% is flat or gentle hills.
I have dealerships nearby that sell John Deere, cub cadet, gravely, and husqvarna.
Steering wheel is a plus but not necessary.
Any insight would be appreciated.
Moving up to a more commercial level would bump the price a fair amount but suggestions within these brands would be great if none of these models seem reasonable.
The steering wheel is a big plus for this mower because you have a ditch to mow.
Because the front wheels steer it will stay on that slope a lot better than a lap bar ZTR.
The wheelbase is a little wider than you old mower so it will hold on that slope very well.
The fabricated deck is a plus also.
It also one of the best cutting decks in the 48-54 inch size.
I have no problems recommending this ZTR over the rest.
They are very hard to keep on the slope.
Even if they mow it under normal conditions they may slide down the slope and get stuck in the ditch if the grass is wet or very dry.
If the slope is more than 10 degrees or so I strongly suggest that you see if the dealer will let you try it out first.
I like this mower and you can use the smart speed to slow it down so it should handle the ditch better than the rest of the list.
Gravely is Ariens dealer only brand.
You know Ariens from the great snow blowers they produce.
I do suggest that you move up to the Gravely HD model because of the large area you have to mow.
Like the Gravely, I suggest you move up to the 500 Series Deere because of the large area you have to mow.
Of the mowers on your list, it is the most repair-prone and it does not mow as well as the others.
Thanks for the quick reply, Click the following article />Concern over the cub cadets repair rate was my main issue with them.
Hi Warren, Yes, they are completely different machines than the ones you first looked at.
They are heavier built and will mow about 2 MPH faster.
They will also last much longer than the basic residential models.
They also have these in both the steering wheel and lapbar models: Hello Paul.
I used your advice 4 years ago when I purchased my first zero turn.
I live close to Philadelphia and I have approximately 2.
I would not categorize my lawn as super smooth but I would not call it rough either, there are definitely some spots where I bounce pretty good in the seat, but overall it is final, practice counting cards blackjack online free prompt average lawn.
My current ZT is a 2014 Husqvarna MZ52 which I bought because I got a good discount through my work and you gave your stamp of approval.
The mower has been good to me for the most part, but stupidly I want a new shiny toy that will potentially get the job done faster and provide a better cut.
What I really want to get out of my new mower is first and foremost a quality cut that will make my lawn look real sharp, secondly I want minimal clumping even if I let the grass grow for a full week, quality cutting at high speeds to ensure I can get the job done in around an hour and fifteen, and a reliable machine that is going to last me years and years.
I would prefer to spend between 6K and 8K.
Thanks in advance Paul and I look forward to your response.
Also, it should be noted that there is a Toro dealer about 10 minutes from my house whereas the Husqvarna dealer is about 30 minutes.
Hi Frank, Yes, I understand about wanting something new.
The MZ52 was a good mower 4 years ago but since then most of the major brands have really improved their decks, cut quality and even ride.
The Toro MyRide Timecutter HD is right at the bottom end of your budget.
It has the suspension platform, up to 8.
It comes in 48, 54 and 60-inch decks.
Your Toro dealer may also carry the Exmark version of these mowers.
The Exmark brand is more popular with see more commercial mowing crews.
The Toro is more popular with homeowners and golf course equipment.
Are front yard is flat and our back yard has a very slight slope on one side of our pool do not know degree.
Thank you, Beth Hi Beth, ALL zero-turns have problems on slopes over 15 degrees or so.
If you have a slight slope the Gravely ZT HD or the Bob-Cat CRZ will both handle it just fine.
What is confusing for you is Kawasaki uses a different government measuring standard than the rest to list their HP.
Hi Paul, Thanks for a whole bunch of information.
I live in Canada and in the market for a new zero turn.
I think i have narrowed down the choices to either a Kubota or Toro.
They make too many machines and i dont think i would go wrong with any of them.
Your recommendation is most welcome and appreciated.
It cuts great and has a good reputation Hello Paul.
I am looking for a mower and would like your help.
I currently have an older Husqvarna articulating rider that is nearing retirement.
The ground is flat but not perfectly flat.
I am an hour south of Chicago and have dealers for Exmark, Toro, Husqvarna, Cub Cadet and Bradley near me.
The strip mines and the Kankakee are some of the best fishing reglas de blackjack dealer the Midwest!
I understand how much fun the Husqvarna riders are.
I just retired my 1999 model last year.
I ended up with a 42-inch Exmark Quest steering wheel model.
Because you have the ditch a lap-bar zero-turn is not the best choice.
I really, really like this mower and think it is one of the hidden gems of the industry.
It is a true commercial mower with a commercial engine, commercial transmissions, commercial frame and commercial deck.
Their standon is fast and you will be able to mow your lawn is about a third of the time it took you with the Rider.
Stability is the best of all riding mowers and https://chakefashion.com/blackjack/ken-smith-blackjack-tournament.html can mow a 30-degree ditch comfortably.
You just shift your weight on the standon so it stays on the slope.
I think they are less tiring https://chakefashion.com/blackjack/blackjack-speed-fill-36-quart-asphalt-patch.html use than a lap-bar ZTR.
Just bend your knees a little and all the bumps are absorbed through your legs instead of your back.
If you are not familiar with the benefits of a standon mower here is a video that you can watch.
Regular lap-bar ZTRs tend to lose traction on slopes and want to slide down them.
Most ditches are wet at the bottom this time of year and there is a high likelihood a lap-bar model will get stuck in the bottom of the ditch a lot.
If a dealer insists a lap-bar is a better choice have him demo the mower on your ditch before you buy it.
Toro or Exmark 42 or 50-inch steering wheel ZTR.
The 42 is the right size for your 1.
Steering wheel ZTRs steer by using the front wheels instead of the rear transmissions so they will stay on slopes a lot better than the lap-bar models.
Here is a link to the Toro model: 3.
Another good steering wheel ZTR.
Hello Paul; I have 0.
I was thinking of buying ZTR.
This is my first lawn mower and first lawn mowing experience.
With so many brands; not sure which one to buy.
Should I buy ZTR?
I have some blackjack double down pulling tractor and rocks on the property.
Hi Khan, A 42-46 inch lawn mower is the right size for.
Instead, I suggest a good lawn tractor.
Check it out here: Paul…I have 2 acres in Central Washington State, 60% of it is a 15 to 21% grade.
The grass is a fescue and rye I believe and very hard cutting.
I have 7 fruit trees and some rock outcroppings at one end of the property that are on a 12% slope.
Everything else is mostly smooth going.
I have gone thru two Sears mowers and one small army tank!
Sounds like that setup would be better suited for this property.
Also maybe the Toro SWX-5050 but big price difference, although if it worked I would look at it.
Sure could use your opinion….
The SWX-5050 has a stronger frame, stronger deck, and heavy-duty transmissions.
That alone makes it worth the extra money.
But it also has one big secret that no one talks about… The steering wheel is tied to the rear transmissions so it changes the speed on the individual trannys when you turn.
But what makes it so great for your property is the front wheels also hold the mower on the slopes.
This means less overheating and fading of the rear transmissions.
One small issue with the Toro Steering wheel units.
Make sure you have the dealer show you where the front grease zerks are for the steering.
And then grease them twice a year.
I also keep my front tires at 20 psi or so.
That also helps to make it steer easier.
In my search thru Toro I found a new 2016 SWX5000 Model 74790.
Might this work for my property?
It has a stamped deck but the Toro deck is stronger than most and it cuts well.
It has the same style transmissions as the 5050 but not quite as strong.
It will last you a long time.
Remember, Make sure you have the dealer show you where the front grease zerks are for the steering.
And then grease them twice a year.
I also keep my front tires at 20 psi or so.
That also helps to make it steer easier.
Paul — Thanks for all this great information.
I have about 1.
Ones most available around here are the Poulans and Husqvarna.
Any difference between them and would you recommend either or should I keep looking?
I understand that they are both the same company.
Thanks Mungo Hi, mingomaxwell, Actually measure the doorway with the doors open.
The 46-inch decks will easily fit in the back of a pickup between the wheel wells.
Many people complain their hands go numb.
So, If you go with a 46 — get a v-twin.
Hopefully you can help one more who is suffering from analysis paralysis.
Soooo many factors to consider.
Am I missing the easy choice of a non-name brand that has just as visit web page quality at a lower price?
Your advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Bob Hi Bob, Actually, I like the Toro SS4225 a lot.
I like it a lot better than the 300 series Deere.
Just so you know.
The discharge tube on the Toro is easy to take on and off but you will have to spend a minute or two taking the tube on and off.
I see the same engine hp on both engines.
The MX4200 specifies article source type of dual hydrostatic transmission while the SS4225 just says dual.
Thanks, Bob Hi Bob, the biggest feature the MX gives you is the 10 ga fabricated deck.
The SS has a 13 ga stamped deck so the MX deck is over 50% stronger.
If you are a little hard on your equipment the heavier deck can really take a beating.
I have the fabricated deck myself and it cuts and mulches really well.
The transmissions, engine, and frame are the same.
I live just outside of San Antonio, TX and have a small miniature horse farm 13 acres.
I have a Massey Ferguson Tractor with a 6 foot bush hog to take care of the pasture with.
I have about eight small enclosures and about an acre of lawn around the main house to mow a total of about 2 acres between them.
I really like the Dixie Choppers and Hustlers the best as far as specifications go.
What do you recommend about size of engine and deck click at this page either?
Hi SGTSCAR51, Yes, a lot of owners like their Dixie Chopper.
It looks great and it has a decent reputation.
We use a different rating for commercial HP so a 22 hp Kawasaki or 25 hp Kohler is plenty of power.
I used the dealer locator at the Dixie Chopper website and it said: Hill Country Outdoor Store 33.
There are so many options!
I live in Arkansas and grow rocks like weeds, lol.
We are surrounded by the National forest and have about 4 acres we mow with numerous trees and other things to go around.
We have numerous different dealers in the area, but each touts their product as the best and the rest rubbish.
Hi Brett, I suggest a mower with a fabricated deck.
If you want a better tractor that will last you at least 10 years then I suggest the Cub Cadet XT3 with a 48, 54 or 60-inch fabricated deck.
The fast way is to do a Google search for zero turn mowers.
Hi Brett, Go look at the Ariens APEX and use that as your base point for comparing the other mowers.
read article there you can decide if you need to spend more money on something like the Exmark Lazer or less on something like the Hustler Raptor.
Hi Badri, Yes, the 50-inch model is also a good mower.
I really like the 3 speeds.
I also have a fence running around my back yard.
I have a dealer nearby offering Toro Timecutter SS4200 or a Cub Cadet with a steering wheel.
I am unable to decide between these three models.
Can you please give some counsel on which one to pick?
I have a colleague who swears by JD.
I did not see a mention of John Deere models in your article.
The SS4225 uses a v-Twin engine.
The engine runs smoother and will last longer than the single cylinder engine on the SS4200.
I also like the steering wheel models.
It is a solid, well-built mower and will last.
But I do like the 46-inch steering wheel version.
Hi Deb, If you would like the mower setup and delivered John Deere, Toro, and Ariens all offer a white glove delivery service.
The online blackjack site reviews is set up and delivered by a local dealer — ready to mow and they will even show you how to use it.
John Deere does not make a zero-turn that is right for you in this price range: Paul, thanks for the information you have on your website.
I currently have an old Toro Z5000 and want to upgrade.
I have about 2 acres that I mow around my house.
I hear a lot of good about Exmark but found out they are basically the same machines, just a little different price tag.
I am trying to decide between a Timecutter MX series, Timecutter HD series, or Titan HD 1500 series.
The Titan HD 1500 series seem to run about 1500 to 1800 more than the MX series.
Are they worth it?
Any advice for or against any of the series listed?
I am also open to other brands if they match up.
Hi Bob, Yes the Exmark mowers are made in the same factory as the Toro.
The only real differences is Exmark designs their own decks and they market more toward the landscape contractor.
Toro markets more to the residential, commercial and golf course buyers.
agree, insurance bet blackjack with, I consider the Titan HD 1500 as an entry-level commercial.
It closely compares to your 5000 series.
I consider the Timecutter HD as a good replacement for your 5000.
The MyRide is just the best if your yard is rough or you like to mow as fast as possible.
Compared to the MX the HD gives you a larger fuel tank, bigger transmissions and up to 8.
And of course larger 22-inch tires.
Is the HD worth the extra cost?
Hi Bob, are they worth the extra cost?
Yes, Are they worth the extra cost for your yard?
Here are a few reasons why you may want the HD If you are hard on your equipment.
It has stronger transmissions.
The deck is a commercial deck.
On paper the decks are similar but the HD deck is about 50% stronger.
If you want to get done quickly the HD mows well at about 8 mph.
The 22 inch tires help the ride.
Paul — We have 2.
We have trees spread out throughout our 2.
Looking at our local Home Depot to purchase and deliver.
Hi Jeff, If you like John Deere and you want a zero-turn so you can get your job done faster the at Home Depot is a very good choice.
This particular Deere has the better Accel deep deck and will cut your lawn as well or better than a comparable Hustler or Scag.
If you want to mulch or bag it is very good.

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