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Best-in-Slot Gear (BIS) for Hunter in PvE for all phases in Classic WoW. Get your Pre-raid Gear + Phases 1-6 now and become the best Hunter (Survival, ...

Mage PvE Guide (Arcane & Fire raiding) + Best in Slot lists T07-T10 - Wrath of the Lich King - Sunwell Project
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Level 19 Rogue Twink Guide + BiS • WoW Classic • Barrens Chat
Best in Bags and all of the other gear-advice on our site is based on simulations and a lot of math.
A while back we released some extra features that let you customize the results.
Yellowfive our developer took some time to explain the newest customization features for you.
This new Customize tab has a whole bunch of new options, all of which are disabled by default.
The rest of this post will describe each setting in detail.
Secondary Stats One of the most common things that people want to change is which secondary stats they prefer: Critical Strike, Haste, Mastery, or Versatility.
Our optimizer uses a lot of math and statistics to choose a good balance of these four stats, but in reality, there are many different allocations that work nearly as well.
Now you can easily experiment with any combination.
When enabled, you will see a pie chart of the four secondary stats.
You can drag the ends of the dividers between the pie slices to change how much is allocated to each stat.
The pie shows you a typical amount of secondary stats that you would have on high level gear.
You then tell us, if you had that many secondary stats available to you, how much you would allocate to each stat.
Practically speaking, it is really hard to end up with less than this in any given stat due to how the game puts stats on gear almost every item has two secondary stats on it.
Depending on the gear available to you, a little trial and error may be required to get things how you like them.
Minor Stats Minor stats are Avoidance, Leech, and Movement Speed.
The main source of these stats on gear is as a bonus stat on items that can be Warforged.
This is best explained via an example: Say you have a pair of here Guantlets of the Mega-Puncher, no minor stats or socket on it.
Then you get a second pair of ilvl425 Gauntlets of the Mega-Puncher but they have Avoidance on them.
If you think the ones with Avoidance are better, set the Avoidance slider to +6 or higher.
If you think the higher item level ones without Avoidance are better, set the Avoidance slider to +4 or lower.
If you think they are worth the same, set it to +5.
You can also go all the way to zero to make a minor stat worth nothing to you.
The max value is +10 — anything above that would be highly improbable.
As with secondary stats, some trial and error may be required to find settings that do what you like.
Gems and Enchants These are some fairly self-explanatory options to give you stricter control over how gems and enchants are chosen.
You can force the optimizer to always use Critical Strike gems, or always use jewelcrafter gems regardless of how we think they score compared to regular gems, and so on.
The threshold is incompatible with these options for various technical and logical reasons.
Azerite Powers This section gives you complete control over picking different combinations of Azerite Powers.
It is a priority list of rules that you want the optimizer to follow.
For example, if your highest item level azerite item in your Head slot is ilvl 445, but you would rather use an ilvl 430 item with your preferred power, then you are willing to sacrifice up to 15 item levels to get that power.
The optimizer will start at the top of your list of rules and work down, trying to meet each rule as it goes.
Meeting any higher priority rule is always more important than meeting any number of lower priority rules.
For example, if it is possible to meet your first rule only with one setup, or your second and third rule with another, the setup that meets the first rule will always win.
These rules will always be met no matter what.
Instead, we suggest that you use the search box filter on the upgrade finder to search for items with your preferred Azerite Powers.
Special Items This section lets you control the value of special effects on trinkets and other items.
When you enable this section, a list of special items will load.
Initially every item is disabled, and we show you roughly what our gearing strategies think each special effect is worth.
It is worth noting that the specific ranks and values we show as our defailts in that list are not the final ones used to rank your gear when we do Best in Bags.
We use simulation data specific to each gear combination to do click final gear suggestion.
This list shows just one of those data point wow hunter best in slot 5 4 />When you adjust the value, you are essentially overriding the simulation value of specific special effects that you like more or less than our default strategies, and letting our default strategy handle everything else.
The list will re-order based on your new value.
If you increased the value, it will show a green bar like Zoatroid Egg Sac in the screenshot.
If you decreased the value, it will show a red bar like Trident of Deep Ocean in the screenshot.
Ranking special item effects is very difficult… you should be aware of a couple things when using this feature: You are ranking only the special effect The value that you enter is not for the entire item including its stats, it is only for the special effect s on the item.
For example, say a trinket has +500 strength, and on equip: gives you 1000 crit for 20 sec, 1 rppm.
You are ranking only the 1000 crit proc effect.
Do not include the value of the 500 strength.
You are ranking the effect at a specific item level We show each item only once in the list, at a common but high item level that you might see it drop.
Rank the special effect appropriately for that item level.
We will automatically scale your custom ranking up or down to higher or lower item level versions of the item.
Most special effects in the game scale predictably with item level, especially over small item level differences.
Additional Notes As with some of the other settings, some trial and error may be necessary to get things ranking how you like.
It will be close to that, but there are a lot of things going on under the hood that are beyond the scope of this article to explain.
If that means setting it 0.
The goal here is to get the optimization that you want, not find some magical combination of numbers.
There are a few special effects that you cannot override, notably the Mechagon logic loop and bit band combos, and the punchcards.
Sorry… those are just too complicated to handle, and we have very solid rankings for those already.
It is very doubtful that you would need to change them.
From the results screen, you can do a couple further customizations.
Locking items, Gems, Enchants, and Azerite Powers Any item or gem, etc suggestion can be overridden by clicking on the suggested result.
For example, click on the Logic Loop of Recursion ring to bring up the list of items that I own.
Then choose another ring, Thornwoven Band for this example, and it will lock in.
This is indicated by the orange lock icon next to the item in the results view.
You can also clear all exclusions and unlock everything with additional buttons below the results view.
If anything is unclear or you want more visuals, let me know on the.
Any further questions or feedback can be directed there as well.
I also encourage leaving happy notes, as Mr.
Robot and our 3-human team gain Stamina from positive feedback.
Upgrade Finder The Upgrade Finder gives gear suggestions for any content you want to do.
Robot will give you advice on what bosses you should use bonus rolls on.
Or help you figure out what you can get in your Mythic+ cache.
This is required because Mr.
Robot needs to know what setup you want to consider when evaluating gear.
For example, you might be looking for gear for your healer spec, which would be different than gear for your DPS spec.
Same goes for a Raid setup vs a Mythic+ setup.
Find upgrades for each spec The screenshot above shows that chose to look at Balance.
If I want to search for Feral items, I select Feral.
I also selected to find upgrades in Regular Dungeons, set to Normal difficulty.
Search through the list with advanced filtering You can also search through this list to narrow it down.
You can also expand the raid, dungeon, and world boss section to select specific bosses.
You can also expand any boss to see the items it drops and how big of an upgrade each one is and you can also see how many are downgrades.
You can click anywhere on the boss to expand the list but I highlighted the expand arrow with a yellow circle, because if you see this anywhere on the site, it means you can expand it for more stuff.
As a 3-person small business, we really appreciate every person who upgrades.
You might have used up your free trial in a previous expansion.
If you would like it reset so you can try the features for BfA, use the contact form on the website and send us a message.
I will personally reset your free trial.
Current status — Quick overview Also hop on over to our to easily track status.
Update on Thursday, June 27.
The remaining special effects for Vision of Perfection are implemented for all classes now, including healers and tanks.
The simulator is fully functional for all gear, including raid gear.
Gear rankings optimizations are continuing to run and we hope to have the majority of the classes live at the end of the weekend.
Update on Wednesday, June 26.
Some specs are still outstanding and will be updated tomorrow.
It is currently fully implemented for Protection Warrior, Mistweaver Monk, Destruction Warlock, Fury Warrior, and Marksmanship Hunter.
The punchcards are ranked in optimizations.
With one exception: the punchcards have initial rankings for the Pocket-Sized Computation Device.
Outstanding items as of June 25.
Nearly every effect is also implemented in the rotations, with a handful being finished up by end of day Tuesday, June 25 see below.
The following effects are still being implemented or added to rotations throughout today.
Update on June 26: Fully implemented for Protection Warrior, Mistweaver Monk, Destruction Warlock, Fury Warrior, and Marksmanship Hunter.
We will update the site each day with the specs that have completed simulations.
Note: Initial testing makes it look like a handful of the special effect items are noticeably over or under powered.
We anticipate balances over the next few weeks, as well as within a few weeks of the dungeon and raid release, as Blizzard gathers real-game data for analysis.
A note on Special effects — items, essences, etc Fun fact: 8.
But it can sometimes be difficult to determine which items can be safely discarded… what if I might need it for an off spec or a different build some day?
Robot has you covered: Worst in Bags will help you find your junk, and then conveniently dispose of it with our in-game addon.
Everything has a cycle, even guides for a video game.
After years of this, we all just wanted a way to get everything in one spot, regardless of the class.
So sites like Noxxic and Icy-Veins were born.
With each expansion, guides have gotten even more consolidated — to the point that many of the Icy-Veins and WoWhead guides are written by the same person, who also happens to run the class Discord.
While this consistency has the advantage of giving you confidence in making a decision, it has a downside as well: a lack of diversity for alternative, viable ways to play.
We want to show you multiple ways to play that are also good enough to get you a top rank.
We do this by sharing data so that you can make an informed choice.
Sharing data also has some side benefits: it improves and between teammates.
You can check our our new.
But if you have some time to spare, keep reading this post for more in-depth information, a mini video about the Talent Build compare tool, and an overview of the rotation flow charts.
Update: We have made some UI improvements, outlined inmostly around the talent tool.
Robot understands that us humans can be particular about certain things, or prefer something because we like it better a concept he is still trying to learn.
  He also knows that the way we play our characters, or the situation we find ourselves in, could mean an alternate gearing strategy ends up more helpful than the original one he found.
The latest feature lets best poker sign up bonus customize the mathematically best solution with things that you might like better.
Robot starts with your Best in Bags solution and then offers you alternatives, quantified so you can see the trade-off.
This lets us think of gear not in the terms of one ultimate set, but instead as a cloud of top-performing sets.
The idea is to give you the information you need to confidently choose your gear setup.
You can force it to update by re-importing your character, or change any setting on the Best in Bags setup screen.
After running Best in Bags to get your optimized gear, you will now see a third tab after the results tab.
Click on that to see a list of alternate setups that you could use.
Each alternate favors a particular Azerite trait, stat, or online slots avalon />Click on one, and Re-Optimize will light up.
Press that to see your new result with those preferences in place.
If you have a preference chosen, it will show above your gear table.
 When you get a bunch of new gear and do Best in Bags again, your preference will be remembered.
Robot will continue to use your preference unless you tell him otherwise or the solution is no longer good enough your score is too low compared to the original Best in Bags solution.
To clear your preference, click the delete icon next to your preference as seen in above screenshot.
What does tier 1, 2 and 3 mean?
Each alternate setup is assigned a tier.
Tier 1: Nearly equal in value to the best possible set of gear in your bags.
You could still rank high and raid at the mythic level without compromising your team in any way.
Other hard-to-measure factors could still make one of these setups the best for your personal situation.
Tier 3: You will definitely feel a tad weaker with these setups in most cases.
You would probably only want to pick one of these if wow hunter best in slot 5 4 either really like playing it, or there is something very specific about your team or a boss fight that makes it work better for you.
Why do we use tiers instead of showing you a list with specific scores like… 0.
To prevent undo bias against a particular setup.
For wow hunter best in slot 5 4, say that one alternate setup is 0.
If we put those in order and show those numbers, people are going to tend to read more the highest one.
But those are so close to each other… nobody can definitively say which would perform better in-game.
So we band them together in tiers to eliminate that bias and encourage people to try different setups.
The idea is to help you feel confident picking anything within a tier because they are all so close to each other.
How It Works Here are some details about how we choose the alternatives to show you, and how it picks the specific gear that it does for each alternative.
How do we pick setups?
Say that you have 1 billion possible combinations of gear in your bags pretty typical for someone who raids and does Mythic+ a decent amount.
Because the top 30 setups will usually be very small variations of each other.
For example, the 2 setup would probably be the 1 setup with your wrist slot swapped out for an item that is the same item level with the same stats but in slightly different amounts.
You could use either one and never tell the difference in-game, both from a performance perspective meters and a gameplay perspective how it feels to you.
Our goal is to show you about 30 significantly different ways to gear — setups that favor different azerite powers to the extent that your gear allows, heavily favor particular stats to the extent that your gear allows, or a combination of the two.
This gives you way more interesting choices than 30 slight variations of one set of gear.
How do we pick wow hunter best in slot 5 4 gear in each setup?
To understand this, first we need to understand how Best in Bags picks the main setup.
We use some heuristics to keep it reasonable.
If you see any cases where you feel it should be going more or less aggressively for your preferences, please tell us!
There Can Be More Than One Besides being super convenient, a major goal with this customization feature is to dispel the myth that there is only one way to gear in World of Warcraft.
This has been proven both in-game via combat logs, etc.
But it is a challenge that we think is important to tackle.
The game is just more fun if you have more choices, and can confidently make those choices.
Best in Bags now allows for multiple setups per spec.
That means your main spec can have a Raid setup and a Mythic+ setup with different talents, too.
 Or anything you want, really.
You must get addon version 65 or higher to use Best in Bags now.
Stick around for a tutorial and some Zooper-tips.
You break out the champagne, go to equip the item and then Mr.
But hey, it does more damage or healing or tankinessand it probably got some shelter puppies adopted too.
So you can sleep well best in affliction warlock night.
There are a lot of nuances like this when it comes to evaluating gear.
Today we released some major updates to the tank gear optimizer.
We have a brand new Toughness Level feature that replaces The Blender, and several other tweaks to improve scoring across the board, but especially for lower item level characters.
Toughness Level When you choose a tank gearing strategy on any of the optimizer features Best in Bags, Gear Check, Best in Slotyou will see a Toughness Level slider below the list of Mr.
Simply drag the indicator to your desired toughness level, or click anywhere on the slider to move what is the best one time bet in a casino />Press SET STRATEGY, then continue with your optimization.
We provide World of Warcraft players with data-driven, actionable advice.
We spend our time doing research outside the game, so you can spend more time having fun in game.

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Learn how to obtain the best in slot (BiS) PvP gear for your Enhancement Shaman in Classic WoW,. 1/4. I have 5 different keys in my inventory and would love to get those slots back... A visual guide to hunter pets in the World of Warcraft.

Fury warrior bwl bis
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Level 19 Rogue Twink Guide + BiS • WoW Classic • Barrens Chat
wow hunter best in slot 5 4

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$ 200

This guide will help you through understanding Survival Hunter from. Tame Beast is used when you have an empty pet summoning slot, and.. *It is the best to take Guerrilla Tactics talent here, it is good for solo. Every stack of this buff increases damage dealt with Mongoose Bite by 15% up to 5 stacks.

Fury warrior bwl bis
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Fury warrior bwl bis
wow hunter best in slot 5 4

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Max cash out:
$ 1000

Aug 5, 2017. Copy URL. View Post. Here good information in term of "Bis" legendary.. also go on icyvein for that,icyvein guide for hunter are really accurate ...

Fury warrior bwl bis
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Fury warrior bwl bis
wow hunter best in slot 5 4

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World of Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich King Mage PvE Class. 4. Addons & Interface [Mage4] 5. BiS item lists [Mage5]. BiS gearlists for both ...

Wow classic rogue precision
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WoW Classic 29 Twink Hunter Guide - Warcraft Tavern

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On this page, you will find the best gear and best in slot items for your Beast Mastery Hunter in World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.2.. If you were looking for WoW Classic content, please refer to our Classic DPS Hunter gear and best in slot.. Benthic gear is a unique type.

Mage PvE Guide (Arcane & Fire raiding) + Best in Slot lists T07-T10 - Wrath of the Lich King - Sunwell Project
Valid for casinos
Mage PvE Guide (Arcane & Fire raiding) + Best in Slot lists T07-T10 - Wrath of the Lich King - Sunwell Project
And Halberd och Smiting from ZG for twohanded - With crusader.
Your absolute BiS for the entirety of classic.
That wow hunter best in slot 5 4 with the aura making their raid DPS actually quite strong.
On this page, you will find the best gear and best in slot items for your Fury Warrior in World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth BfA 8.
DPS Warrior Best in Slot Gear Recommendations for All Classic WoW Phases Your goal as a Fury Warrior is to reach 9% hit, once you reach that threshold you can swap around your gear for more attack power.
The differences between having Edgemaster's and Devilsaur will also play a role in the selection of what weapons would be most beneficial Credit to St0rfan for the original For World of Warcraft on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "so what were source like wow hunter best in slot 5 4 vanilla time?
This has a 2 minute cooldown, which means you can use it more than once on the harder fights.
May go here, 2019 · And having 50 AP outside of combat all the time makes for a solid burst opener.
Dec 07, 2017 · Kwazorn - Fury warrior from Nostalrius - During my time playing PVE i reached 1 Horde DPS Ranking BWL Patch, 10 DPS AQ40 Patch, 1 DPS Server Naxxramas On Jan 06, 2017 · Nostalrius BWL by Molten Core Swimteam Fury Warrior PoV Vanilla WoW Fury Warrior DPS World Buffed Nostalrius Dreamstate BWL Speed Run - Iskato 2h BRE Fury Warrior PoV 38 min Welcome to our Fury Warrior guide for World of Warcraft — Battle for Azeroth BfA 8.
Fury tanking is extremely viable, and is better than both bears and prot warriors if they know how to play their class, and really start to shine in BWL and beyond.
Back in vanilla I started to raid as a mage but switched to wow hunter best in slot 5 4 late BWL.
Here, you will learn how to play as a Fury Warrior in both raids and Opinion the best casino in atlantic city nj commit dungeons: from the very beginning to maximizing your DPS.
Welcome to the Warrior Best in Slot list for the Fury spec in BfA This list is based on the most reliable sources for this Class and Spec.
This spell is very useful, especially now that we are progressing in BWL.
Herbalism: 300 It should be no surprise to see Warriors on top, as their potential has already been well documented, and they have a lot of very competitive pre-raid BiS items.
I was a BG nerd back in vanilla.

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$ 200

The gear sets provided are Best in Slot for both raids and dungeons,... the difference in average character ilvl which is 2,75 = +4,5% damage, we... hunter http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/argent-dawn/Mewqt/advanced

Beast Mastery Hunters gear (PvE) - World of Warcraft
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Fury warrior bwl bis
wow hunter best in slot 5 4

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Max cash out:
$ 200

https://www.mmo-champion.com/threads...5#post51189005. The sheet contains every “best-in-slot” item for every stage on the way (from.. The hunter's BiS Tier 3 trinket has 1% dodge on it...totally useful itemization in PvE.. You could post this on the wow reddits now or maybe later when classic is out.

Mr. Robot's Blog -
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Mr. Robot's Blog -
wow hunter best in slot 5 4

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$ 500

This is a Hunter Pre-Raid Best in Slot list for The World of Warcraft Burning Crusade expansion. This list will allow you to begin raiding Karazhan if you have an ...

Classic wow ret paladin bis
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Wow classic rogue precision
Rogues were a very popular choice of level 19 twink class back in the day, alongside priests and hunters.
This is due in part to the diverse kit they possessed in this bracket - the ability move when invisibleimmobilise playersblind themsilence spell castingrun fastand on top of all that, they were capable of dealing a high amount of sustained and burst damage.
You'll also need higher level friends - you can't go above level 19 remember?
Some of these items are so rare and difficult to obtain that I have also listed alternatives that are slightly easier to get until you do eventually find the BiS item for that slot.
I would recommend getting all the alternatives first, and then working your way towards BiS later.
Best in slot: The only way to get one is to complete by getting this rare fish spawn in the Stranglethorn Extravaganza, which runs only once every Sunday on your server.
So good luck, I hope you have the patience of a saint.
Alternative: This is much more realistic and is almost as good as the salty old hat.
It is a low level engineering item that also looks very swoosh.
It requires 150 Engineering skill level to wear, which is an excellent profession to take on any PvP twink more on this later.
Enchantment: +100 HP Acquired by completing in the Burning Steppes and then mailing it to your twink.
Yes, you will have to level up your main 55 to obtain one.
To buy one you will need a few pieces of20 and only 65 honour.
If you play a lot of WSG, which of course you will, getting these will be a breeze.
Best in slot: Drops from in - a low level dungeon you could easily run with a group at similar level or get boosted through mind the XP though!
The high armor 60 makes them the most popular choice.
They also poker video site bind so you can buy them off a pal or off the AH.
Also very popular with level 19 hunters for the extra mana provided by +6 intellect more multishot!
Getting them does however require you to obtain from WC and then complete a lengthy and XP-heavy quest chain.
Your best bet is to find an area with high chest respawns is apparently the best and farm until you get one - it's that or the AH for a steep price.
Alternative: Drops froma rare elite spawn in just before Shredder down a path to the left.
Get a hunter buddy with Track Humanoids to help speed up the process when resetting to spawn him.
Still kind of hard to get this cloak visit web page />Best in slot: Part of the armor set, it is dropped by the last boss of.
It has an okay drop rate of 20%, and is therefore easy to obtain for both factions.
The huge amount of stamina and armor, and the extra Agility and Strength make this the most popular choice.
This has more Agility than BDA - just remember though, a dead Rogue does 0 DPS :P Enchantment: or Find a profession level 275 Enchanter to apply the former or a level 300 Enchanter for the latter.
Combat rogues will prefer the former.
You might be able to purchase one on the AH but it will cost you some.
Alternative: Yes, that's a white vendor item.
Really the only other decent pair of leather or cloth bracers is Bristlebark, which is, you guessed it, another super-rare world drop.
It may not look all that good but the 35 armor on these bad boys is better than nothing!
Enchantment: Requires a level 300 Enchanter who has had the good fortune of seeing this drop in MC.
Best in slot: of the Monkey These are pretty hard to come by - you're looking for a world drop with the suffix 'of the Monkey' with +4 to Stamina and +4 to Agility.
The numbers are randomly generated so not only does this BoE item drop very rarely but it's also very rare you will get the stats you require.
BoE so can be bought with heaps making games at a casino gold as an alternative way of getting them.
Alternative: Part of the set, these please click for source are a rare drop fromnormal mobs found in Wailing Caverns.
Alternative: Find a level 115 leatherworker.
The materials to make this, especially and do not drop as frequently as one would like, so expect a high price for these.
Enchantment: Level 300 enchanter friend will come in handy for this amazing Agility boost.
Expect a big fee for it - the recipe is a rare drop in AQ and is also considered a very valuable enchant for late game Warrior tanks.
Best in slot: Can be bought on AH or made by a 115 leatherworker who has completed the WC quest and has the recipe https://chakefashion.com/best/bets-poker-online.html its reward.
Like the gloves of the same prefix, the mats are hard to come by - I would suggest that whilst you farm WC for your Hand, Leg and Shoulder slots, bring someone with to get a chance at these scales mats as well.
Alternative: Drops from in quite often, and is also BoE so you can buy it on the AH.
The 45 armor is good and strength will contribute towards your AP.
Good luck finding the perfect pair - if you're rich you can buy them off AH of course.
Alternative: A much more sensible option which is yet another WC drop from and therefore much more obtainable.
Strength, Agility and Stamina, all great stats for you.
Enchantment: You can't put anything higher than this because the next level up thick kit can only be place on an item of ilvl 25 or higher.
Both fang leggings and scouting trousers are below this.
Best in slot: Another reward related to the STV fishing competition.
You must complete by catching a particularly rare fish and handing it in.
The high armour and stamina make these BiS for most twinks.
You might also however want to consider.
Alternative: comes to the rescue again with these boots, which are dropped by.
They also have +4 to stamina making them wow hunter best in slot 5 4 more defensive option than FotL.
Enchantment: or Run speed is an excellent attribute to have in battlegrounds and world PvP.
You'll want to find a profession level 245 Enchanter to do this for you.
Alternatively you can always go for a bit more agility, but honestly you will sorely miss the 8% run speed which is of much more benefit.
Best in slot: Best in slot: These rings with excellent stats are obtained by completing a long quest chain that begins when in drops.
Once again they cost a few20 and some Honour points - like I mentioned before you will easily review best nj online slots these by playing WSG casually.
Best in slot: Best in slot: These cooldown trinkets are essential in any PvP environment.
You get them from your faction's capital city PvP vendor A in SI7, Stormwind and H outside the Hall of Legends, Orgrimmar.
They cost a few thousand honour points each, which sounds like a lot but isn't.
You'll also need to be the correct PvP rank to be able to purchase one.
Best in slot: and then All you have to do is loot a chest 12 times and then turn in the 12 trinkets to to get your hands on this excellent trinket.
The chest spawns once every three hours.
The inherent dodge is great and the absorb cooldown lasts for 20 seconds and is a lifesaver in a close fight.
Remember however that a shaman can always come along and it!
No other class-generic trinkets exist below level 20.
In the meantime stick with the basic whilst you are still building up for the final blue.
Alternatively you could always try for fun as well : Best in slot Main hand: Best in slot Off hand: Both are rare drops inside.
They can drop off of any level 21+ monster in the instance.
Alternative Main hand: or Alternative Off hand: or All four of these weapons are are again WSG rewards and can be bought from your WSG vendor AH for Honour points and.
For the main-hand, the attack speed is the same as SF but it lacks the cool shadow damage proc and gains +2 to Stamina.
Alternatively you could go thanks best poker in tunica accept or for the procs depending on taste.
Best in slot: Yes Rogues could equip ranged weapons back in Vanilla Finally you can exact your revenge by denying hunters this blue!
Although tbh it's not very good and it's more or less just another slot to enchant with more agility.
Alternatives: or Finally, some more backup WSG rewards.
Once again, they can be bought from your faction's WSG vendor AH for Honour points and.
Enchantment: All you can put on a ranged weapon at best slot for iphone 5 case stage is a but it's not worth the effort aside from being OCD since you will be using engineering items when at range, not your bow.
Choosing a race when building your character is an important decision to make: racial passives, cooldowns and base stats will all colour your twink in a certain way, for the better or for best montreal casinos worse.
I have ranked each race in order of performance and by tiers S, A, B, C.
Rather than blowing your trinket this will allow you to break out of a Priest's and a Warlock'sboth very common spells being cast in a level 19 WSG game.
There is a lot more shadow damage in a level 19 WSG game than there is frost.
Orcs also have this - an excellent damage boost on a short 2 minute cooldown, what more can you ask for?
This balances out Orc to Undead, making Orcs a better offensive choice in WSG and Undead a more defensive choice.
The 10% armor boost is good enough as it is, but what makes it really shine is it's other properties: immunity to Bleed, Poison, and Disease effects.
This will allow you to dispel spells like, and giving you an advantage in Rogue, Warrior and Hunter matchups respectively.
This isn't as huge an advantage as some people think - scroll down to professions to learn more.
Only downside is the 3 minute cooldown.
Health regen during combat adds some durability to Trolls and can be useful if you run out of bandages and consumables.
This can be useful for de-cloaking nearby enemies or for stomping on stealthed campers at strategic points on the map.
A bonus 5 skill points to sword weapons allows a tiny bit more Hit chance once you have reached weapon skill cap.
Provides a tiny bit of passive health regen through Spirit.
You already can move whilst stealthed so there is not much use in having Shadowmeld too.
It's not all bad though - that high base agility is something worth pointing out!
In this section I will break down the kit available into sections, commenting on their general usage in WSG and situational benefits on a basic level.
This list does not take into account trinkets, consumables and engineering items which are discussed in more detail further down.
Opening You will want to always engage from - this allows you to position yourself behind a target and open up with.
Use stealth to position yourself at key strategic areas, surprise lone flag carriers or pick off people trailing behind.
Combo building Rank 3 is your bread and butter combo builder with the lowest expenditure of energy for combo points.
Finishing Rank 3 is the way you want to be spending those 5 combo points for the big damage.
Avoid using - it's only Rank 1 in this bracket and not efficient in quick fights or ganks.
You may want to consider using once as your first finisher when fighting a high-armor enemy with whom you anticipate a longer and more drawn-out exchange.
There's no need to use all five combo points on this though - two or three is enough to really help your damage later on.
Remember that this effect lasts for 30 seconds so you will have time to complete two or maybe three other finishers by the time it runs out.
Interfering Use to interrupt casts of critical importance to your target - an enemy healer is always the best to use it on in a group fight as it also silences that school for 5 seconds giving your team boost a chance to break the first target and gain an advantage.
It also costs nearly double the energy to use and requires you to be in front of the target and thus taking maximum damage from them if they are melee.
You may want to use this to give yourself some time for another cooldown to become available or of course to run away!
I think Sap shines best when it is used to strategically isolate key players in an enemy group - for example a healer trying to catch up with his flag carrier or trying to join a group fight.
Alternatively you can take 2v1s if you're confident that they will stay sapped whilst you deal with the other player.
Defensive Cooldowns Rogues can stack armor and HP with twink items but they will always fall behind higher-stamina classes and are much more dependant on cooldowns to survive.
Evasion is just so strong with 15 seconds of increased dodge change that synergises further with high agility items.
I wouldn't recommend popping this in an offensive scenario, that 15 seconds of run speed is invaluable for escaping melee characters who have already spent their slows or immobilising abilities.
Don't be tempted to use it whilst flag carrying either or you will run click at this page from your healers and die : Ambush rogue only abilities Rogues that opt for two daggers wow hunter best in slot 5 4 of sword-dagger are known as 'Ambush' rogues.
If it crits it can do some very serious damage indeed.
You have 10 talent points to spend at level 19.
I will list my favourite builds for combat rogues and ambush rogues.
There's always room to tailor these or take them in different directions but the following talent choices work best with each style.
Combat rogues with main-hand sword 5 in 3 in 2 in Improved SS will allow you to build up to an Eviscerate quicker using less energy.
Your eviscerate will do more a flat 15% more damage and your critical strike chance on this is improved further by Malice.
A good all-round build where each talent choice supports the other.
Ambush rogues with main-hand dagger 5 in 5 in This build is much more focused on the huge potential burst damage offered by an Ambush opener that critical strikes, but lacks the consistency and sustainability of the previous combat rogue build.
If there is one profession that you absolutely must get as a twink rogue it is.
In Classic a lot of items that are now unusable in battlegrounds are suddenly available once more and should not be underestimated.
Damage dealing items and The two second AoE stun on the bombs adds to your interruption kit and both bombs and dynamite okay good damage.
They're on a shared wow hunter best in slot 5 4 of 1 minute so it's either one or the other - a good addition to your damage rotation or for when you are starved of energy.
I believe dynamite can be cast whilst moving as well.
Defensive items and 15 minute cooldown and expensive but worth it for that extra edge if you're against a group with a few fire mages, frost mages, or shamans.
I'd say the flame deflector is of slightly more benefit as it also stops bombs and dynamite damage which other engineer twinks will be throwing.
If you're a gnome twink rogue you can build these and make a lot of money selling them on the AH - they do not require engineering skill to use.
It inflicts minor damage but slows by 12% which is of great value.
Utility items A 60% speed increase for 20 seconds, so basically a stronger and longer-lasting with the same cooldown time.
They do have just click for source chance to explode at any time whilst in use, so you could be mid-activation when they get 'scorched'.
Having far-sight in WSG is admittedly not as useful as it is in large maps like Arathi Basin.
Nonetheless it can be used to spy on their graveyard respawn timings in a coordinated group, or simply to track an enemy flag carrier using ramp or roof.
Gnome Engineering Specialization is the one Gnome-only item in this bracket, as it requires 165 engineering skill to use.
It has exactly the same effect as but the difference is that the mortar is much more efficient to craft.
They also only produce 2-4 bombs per craft.
The mortar however comes with 8 charges straight-up and is made of readily available materials like medium leather and bronze tubes, so you can save money by using this.
This is the only advantage gnomes have from their Engineering racial in the level 19 bracket.
If, on your other characters, you can already provide smelted bars to save money on Engineering items, or collect herbs to produce elixirs for Alchemy, then you're already doing a lot to save on.
Taking Enchanting is not a bad idea if you've already sorted out your production lines - it is convenient not having to find another enchanter when you are still working on your gear you can apply cheaper enchants to your sub-BiS gear until you do get BiS, for example.
Disenchanting items may also be profitable on your hunt for BiS loot.
The best bandage you can use in this bracket is.
You will need to have maximum go here skillpoints in First Aid.
Try to get hold of any one of the following recipes as soon as you can to benefit from the +6 Stamina for 15 minutes buff:,.
You will need to train eventally if you ever want a chance at acquiring the best in slot.
Also if you are ever lucky enough to get the random zone drop recipe for in the Barrens, you can become very wealthy by selling these cooked up!
Gold is important for building any kind of twink after all.
Don't forget to work on levelling up skill - whilst farming for BoEs being able to unlock chests and junkboxes will increase your chances and provide some extra income from the valuable contents inside.
The same goes for which in particular is great for getting free potions and extra boxes to lock pick.
This is the last section of the guide in which I will list some of the best potions, elixirs and other buff providers that you will want to keep up for as long as possible.
Remember you can use a battle elixir and guardian elixir at the same time, but they will expire when you die.
Potions A third and final speed increase ability offered by this potion.
You'll want a stack of these to pop alongside any defensive cooldowns when in a tight spot.
Going into a fight with a lot of shamans and mages?
read more remember you can only use one potion per combat period and each shares a cooldown with the other.
A fantastic drink exclusive to rogues that instantly gives you 100 energy - great for bursting damage.
Recipe sold by A free SnD cooldown obtained from Redridge Mountains quest The latter two items share a cooldown.
Teammate buffs Needless to day, encourage your guys to provide you with, and whenever the opportunity arises.
Also try and fight near shaman totems like and whenever possible.
Thanks for reading and I hope you have gained some new knowledge about the level 19 rogue twink in WoW: Classic : If you wow hunter best in slot 5 4 spot any errors, or have an opinion to voice then by all means leave a reply below.
Mine will be a Night Elf.
In my opinion that high agility base stat will really make a big difference at level 19 i would even rank it an "S" :P 1 year ago Mine will be a Night Elf.
In my opinion that high agility base stat will really make a big difference at level 19 i would even rank it an "S" :P With base agility of 28 starting as Night Elf you will have an extra.
If you want to check out race and class combination side by side looking at base stats like this, you can.
The can then show you what the differences actually entail in real bonuses.
Very good guide, but you either forgot to mention or are not aware of the passive +5 stealth bonus that is provided by Shadowmeld of Night Elves while stealthed or prowling.
Which in combination with the Night Elves great base stats make it S tier in my opinion.
Source: '' 6 Apply Aura: Unknown Aura 154 Value: 5'' '' 6 Apply Aura: Unknown Aura 154 Value: 5'' '' 6 Apply Aura: Unknown Aura 154 Value: 3'' This makes the Shadowmeld passive as good as having 2 ranks in ''Master of Deception'' as for every 5 points of stealth increase your stealth acts as if you are one level higher than your target.
Of course even if you disagree with the tier increase which is fine, opinions are opinions I do think this part of the passive should be noted.
Which in combination with the Night Elves great base stats make it S tier in my opinion.
A couple corrections, fishing tournament happens on Sunday afternoons and you don't get the hat or boots by winning the tournament they are just rare fish you catch, you don't need to win.
Thanks, updated Great guide bud!
Added it to the resource section for my 19's Guide!
Also for enchants for pants I notice you put only armor kit but not Libram +100 hp?
It says that you should use the arena master trinket until you have 12 for AGM.
This is not possible since Arena Master requires level 35.
Only the complete Arena Grand Master has no level requirement.
Okay a lot to unpack and correct here: Sap is an incapacitate and not an immobilize.
Rogues at 19 do not best roulette scene blind.
The image of the rogue is not BiS.
There are other helm options.
You can not mail the libram enchants.
There are other neck options.
Talbar's 3 stam is better than Serpent's 60 armor unless your over 1800hp assuming 80%dmg taken is physical.
Talbar quest line is not xp heavy since you do it at lvl15.
Sentry cloak has 4agi, not 3.
Miner's Cape with just 3stam lol wtf?
No you would get Engineers or Firebane which both have 5stam.
And yes, nothing at all would be better than wearing that white item.
You can also get wrangler's of attack power +10ap Never use gloves of the fang or deviate gloves.
You can also use Red Whelp gloves.
Just get 7agi gloves prior to AQ Deviate Scale belt is 2g at most on AH.
No excuse to not have them if your making a 19 twink.
You enchant pants with 100hp just like you did with the helm.
Oh wow, kudos for mentioning foot pads of the fang!
But BiS for horde is TrailBlazers boots.
You can also get Grizzled boots on horde and both factions can get Draftsman boots.
Seal of Wrynn doesn't upgrade until 1.
For trinket you should also use Minor Recombobulator.
Shadow fang is his MH.
Ass blade is not BiS OH it's a common misconception.
Cruel Barb is the BiS OH.
And Cruel Bard is also better than check this out WSG weps and way easier to get.
Crusader is trash for rogue at 19.
You should be using Lifestealing on shadowfang for general purpose and also have a 2nd shadowfang with fiery for bursting.
Ranged weeps are fine but you really should be using thrown.
Good you got horde races correct, and btw you need to be female.
Dwarf is trash at 19, really good at 29+ though.
Nelf is also good for the base agi and the sap into immediate shadowmeld.
Human is decent but need to be female.
Na eviscerate isn't very good, always always go 2 point slice and dice 1st.
Dagger rogue blows dick.
Ambush ONLY if your target is sitting for the guaranteed crit.
If your ambush doesn't crit then you would have done more dmg with garrote.
Frost not ice deflector requires lvl20.
But good on you for mentioning flame check this out, but not so good you didnt do your homework, Flame deflector does not require engineering to use.
Ornate spyglass doesn't increase view distance like eyes of the beast.
It literally just zooms your camera in.
Big ups for noticing the mortar for gnomes!
First Aid is not accurate.
It maximizes at lvl225 for 19s which means you can use max rank Heavy Runecloth Bandages.
Okay overall decent however inaccurate.
If you want to see the authority of 19s visit my YouTube channel Watch "Taft Hardington" on YouTube 6 months ago Good you got horde races correct, and btw you need to be female.
I didn't, however, see an explanation with gender or a rogue guide which I was looking forward to reading.
I also noticed you like the +15 agility only on OH and was curious why?
Additionally why you think the Assassins Blade is not the best OH weapon?
Loved your comments though.
Also wondering if you've looked into the "Hakkari Shroud" and the chest plate as other updates?
Naxx shoulder enchants didn't make items soulbound, at least not in TBC, so late game BiS will best gambling on fremont Serpent's Shoulders with Might of the Scourge if they work the same was they did.

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